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USPS Cuts Delivery On Saturdays

United States Postal Service

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has decided to cut delivery on Saturdays.

Since the post office lost $16 billion over the course of 2012, officials are looking for ways to cut back on annual costs. According to CBS News, postmaster general Patrick R. Donahoe will officially announce the news on Wednesday.

This means that first-class mail will no longer be delivered on Saturdays. When the change goes into effect on August 1, it will end a 150-year tradition.

Former government watchdog David Walker is on a panel that is seeking to reform the postal service. He said the removal of Saturday delivery is just a band aid for a deeper problem.

He explained:

“[The measure] won’t come close to solving the postal service’s problem. It’s got to look at more fundamental changes in its infrastructure, its compensation costs, its retirement obligations, and also what it does and who does its business.”

The Associated Press reports that seven out of 10 Americans support the decision by the USPS to cut delivery on Saturday.

Donahoe said in a statement:

“The Postal Service is advancing an important new approach to delivery that reflects the strong growth of our package business and responds to the financial realities resulting from America’s changing mailing habits. We developed this approach by working with our customers to understand their delivery needs and by identifying creative ways to generate significant cost savings.

“The American public understands the financial challenges of the Postal Service and supports these steps as a responsible and reasonable approach to improving our financial situation. The Postal Service has a responsibility to take the steps necessary to return to long-term financial stability and ensure the continued affordability of the US Mail.”

People are being given a six month window in order to prepare themselves for the end of Saturday mail delivery. When all is said and done, the USPS stands to save around $2 billion.

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49 Responses to “USPS Cuts Delivery On Saturdays”

  1. Donald A Noury


  2. Anonymous

    Why don't they try giving back a few of these holidays that nobody else gets off. I mean they get every holiday off even the stupid ones.That's a lot of money they can save , but you never here this even when it could help there jobs.Why must they have so many paid holidays paid, give a few back, show us the American people that you care about your jobs.

  3. Tommy Dinwiddie

    being a retired postal employee, the problem with the postal service is they have to many in management that are getting high salaries for basically doing little or nothing. this has been the problem for decades. management gets bonuses at year's end. they changed it several years ago to "pay for performance" which is the same thing by a different name. we did they deserve a year end bonus when they are getting high salaries when the ones doing the work don't. it is not competition that is destroying the postal service , but it is mismanagement. this is typical for a government agency.

  4. Anonymous

    How about NOT putting the 2Billion a year in savings toward healthcare and pensions for retirees? Pensions are looooooong gone from the private sector. And, since the American Citizens are essentially paying for this, why not get rid of it? No one deserves a pension or future healthcare on the public dime.

  5. Bruce Howell

    postmaster general Patrick R. Donahoe salary Annual Base Salary: $245,000 – Maximum Tenure: 8 years.

  6. David Howell

    Plain and simple the USPS overpays their employees. This is no reflection on the employee. To many holiday's, benefits are to generuos, and retirement exhuberent. They would have been bankrupt and out of buisness years ago if they were a private buisness.

  7. James Thompson

    Why didn't they stop trash day Tuesday its junk mail day where I live.

  8. Bruce Howell

    The government could put a price cap on fuel prices, that seems to be a real good idea to me. It would help out our whole economy everwhere.

  9. Anonymous

    I have been told by postal employees that the delivery can be smoother and a lot less cost if all boxes were at curb side and not on the houses. Why can't this be done?

  10. Anonymous

    I have been told the cost would be alot less if all boxes were at curb side and taken off the porch delivery.

  11. David J Sellig

    The Post Office should give up totally ther service sucks and they don't stand behind there services It took a important letter I sent to Social Scurity that I sent Certified so I spend like 6 bucks to travel 2 miles accross town and it took 16 days foe its first attemp to deliver when I complain I got no answer they as much said o well we don't garentee anything Well I no longer use the post office I ether hand deliver it e-mail it or if I have to I use UPS or federal Express Fuck the U S Government there to busy teklling us when we can piss and shit then running the goverment.

  12. Carol Smith

    How are people who work Monday -Friday suppose to pickup packages that the USPS doesn't leave on their door step. I think the UPS and FEDEX will be getting more business.

  13. Denise Wasson Trawick

    I beg to differ! I work a 63 hr route and only get paid the MAXIMUM of 48 hrs! I care immensely about my customers, the American people. No disrespect, but you really don't know what' going on.

  14. Baruch Zeichner

    The republicans passed into law that the USPS must prepay it's pension fund a full 75 years in advance. That is why this is happening. The intention is to break the post office and the union so that mail can all be privatized. This is another completely dishonest move by the republicans, and the democrats are allowing it to go down. Pathetic. Both parties complicit in contining to undermine the country.

  15. Baruch Zeichner

    Actually if you do the research you will find that what I posted is accurate. I get first class mail every day. This really is about the absurd pension law.

  16. Denise Wasson Trawick

    I said…to speak of. I understand what you are saying about the pension, yet our sales are the ONLY way we stay afloat. I do my research 10-12 hours a day 5 days a week. I am briefed daily on my job, thank you.

  17. John Dixon

    Why don't they take a look at their employs that don't work and get ride of them and the Union. Then maybe they can get some people that will work. Insted you have one person doing their job and another right beside them slacking because the Union will not allow the post office to fire them. That is a load of crock.

  18. MaryJo Dorothea-Plump

    the post office is off the same holidays that schools and banks are closed. the mailcarriers that walk there routes work the hardest. they have to walk in the cold, rain, snow and heat, go up and down stairs and even run away from dogs. but management that sit on their butts inside all day make 6 figure salaries that doesn't sound right. I would love to see some of the managers walk one loop in the snow.

  19. Denise Wasson Trawick

    Do you even know whom you just disrespected with that comment? I think not because this was obviously all about YOU. I deliver meds to elderly people, thank God,( we are going to keep parcel delivery on Sat., so they won't be without) yet you brought up ONLY your needs and want. Typical. America going to hell in a hand basket. You can't bring me down with you. I still think that the folks whom depend on the Postal Service, and aren't computer genius' deserve the best service availed to them.

  20. Denise Wasson Trawick

    I can't help but to reiterate how much it means to folks to get a card or letter in which they can hold in their hands, maybe even put it in a scrap book or show it to friends and family. Enough of American tradition is fading and you come off as a person whom has evolved into a part of this non-caring society in which I refuse to become a part of. (please don't try me on ending my sentence with a preposition. We'll be here all night).

  21. Denise Wasson Trawick

    So….. when I leave your parcel at the curb, albeit I scanned this parcel "delivered"", can I be certain that I did all I could do to ensure that your parcel was properly delivered?? I am not required to leave ANY parcel at ANY time ANY where unless you are there to accept it. We take steps which are sometimes (MOST TIMES) against policy just to appease our customers. The joke of "going postal" is an insult to us. I, for one, absolutely love my job and all of the quirks that come with it. I never had a chance to serve yet trust me, it's war out there! Hahahaha

  22. Natalie Nolte Nelson

    Peter, I know you think that e-mail, fedex and ups do fine, but next time you have to mail something through ups it's gonna cost you a lot more than 46 cents.

  23. Terrel Yonda

    I remember when mail was delivered twice a day! and on Sundays during the Christmas Season!

  24. Michael Varda

    David Howell…Career rural carrier employees are not paid hourly. We are paid a yearly salary. We are required to work as many as 312 days a year for that salary which includes 10 holidays. The postal service doesn't provide holiday pay to rural carriers. It's built in to our pay. Substitute carriers don't get any paid holidays and have no benefits. My retirement will be 1% of my yearly salary based on 5 years average high salary. So lets says my highest salary is 60,000 over 30 years. I get 30% or 18000 per year. Can you live on 1500 per month the rest of your life? Trust me when I say rural carriers are the most cost effective employee for the post office because they already know how much they're going to pay me when the year starts.

  25. Michael Varda

    The holiday pay for career rural carriers is built into our salary. Think of your employer telling you that you get paid holidays. But when you get your check there's a percentage missing every week. That's so they can pay you holiday pay. Welcome to the rural carrier pay scale.

  26. Denise Wasson Trawick

    Thank you, Michael! We love what we do! Some days I'm at the Post Office 12 hrs and still not finished. I will come in early to get a jump start on the next day yet I won't get paid for it. I could request assistance being my route is overburdened but we don't have enough subs. This would make them double up on routes and I don't want to put that on others.It's an extremely physical job but we do it because the customer expects it.

  27. Noreen Burkett

    As in all professions/jobs, the ones at the top of the pile take, take and take more, while the ones near the bottom do all the work. Perhaps if they look at what these people are making, they would lower their pay. I have always said that if the Big 3 cut from the top, there would be many, many workers who would still have their jobs. Instead of cutting off the public, cut the egos and pay from those who are doing nothing at the top.

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