Missing Florida Brothers Found

Kidnapped Brothers Found In Florida, Police Decline To File Charges For Now

Two young brothers, kidnapped from their Florida home earlier this week, were found Tuesday and reunited with their mother.

The young boys were taken from their North Miami home on Monday evening while their mother was running an errand. Five-year-old Daren Bonilla and his three-year-old brother Rey were in the care of a babysitter when the incident occurred.

An article by ABC News writes that police found the missing boys in a car with an unidentified female. Police have stated that the 23-year-old woman, who has been referred to only as “Gloria”, removed the children from their home without prior consent from their mother.

Once the kidnapped boys were located, the woman was taken into custody and transported to a North Miami police station. Neal Cueveas, a spokesperson for the police department, spoke about the capture and the condition of the children:

“The children have been found. We stopped the person who had them, who we were were looking for. The boys are both in very good shape.”

Police have indicated that “Gloria” is an acquaintance of Charmen Bonilla, mother of the missing brothers. After entering the Bonilla home on Monday night, the alleged kidnapper told the babysitter she had permission to take the boys with her.

According to a report by Local 10, the woman was questioned by authorities before being released from custody. While charges have not been filed against the alleged kidnapper, North Miami police are continuing to investigate the incident and may bring charges against the woman at a later date.

Grateful to have the boys back home, Charmen Bonilla spoke of how her children were treated by “Gloria” during the ordeal:

“I thank God my kids are home safe in one piece. (She) treated them well, well dressed, they were fed. The kids were in good condition, you know, they were not found dirty or nothing, very clean. She thought that was the right thing she was doing. That’s what she says.”

What do you think of Florida police declining to file charges against the woman found with the kidnapped brothers?