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De Niro Tears Up While Discussing Mental Illness With Katie Couric [Video]

De Niro Tears Up While Discussing Mental Illness With Katie Couric [Video]

Robert De Niro teared up during an interview on the latest edition of the Katie Couric show. The Taxi Driver actor, who was speaking about his new movie, Silver Linings Playbook, became emotional when asked about the themes of mental illness in the film.

The Oscar-nominated movie focuses on a bi-polar man from Philadelphia named Pat Solitano, played by Bradley Cooper. In the story, Solitano is sent away to a mental institution for eight months following a violent incident. He later returns home to live with his father, played by De Niro, who suffers from mild OCD issues.

During the interview on Katie, director David O. Russell revealed he has a son with mood disorder issues. He told Couric:

“I’ve had a son who has a mood disorder, which means someone that can have moods that can pull them down the drain and send them home to a tornado in moments.”

Like Russell, De Niro has a real life son who suffers from mood disorders. And, when Couric asked the 69-year-old actor whether he felt more responsibility towards a film he was personally invested in, the tears suddenly flowed.

After briefly covering his face and breaking down, De Niro recovered to say he relates to Russell’s struggles:

“I don’t like to get emotional, but I know exactly what [David] goes through.”

Silver Linings Playbook has bagged eight Academy Award nominations including Cooper for Best Actor, Jennifer Lawrence for Best Actress, and Robert De Niro for Best Supporting Actor. David O. Russell has also been nominated for Best Director, while the movie is in the race for the Best Picture award.

You can watch Robert De Niro’s emotional appearance on Katie below:

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3 Responses to “De Niro Tears Up While Discussing Mental Illness With Katie Couric [Video]”

  1. Dennis Oleary

    that because bipolar is real, films are not, i know people with this an it suckz, that's why when something is more real to life it hits home with any strangers, i will be seen this for sure since I know this, as it hits home for me too, to see if its accurate.being bipolar is no joke , an the more people realize this an learns to comfort them, the world wood be a better place to live in, I deal with depression on a daily basis so I know what they go through, next time you come accros a person with this , plz have a heart their try n to live too.

  2. Marie Ann EstherVentura Ferencz

    God Bless You Dennis… I think most ALL family's have members or ourselves who suffer from an organic brain illness…I worked in a Psych V A Hospital as a nurse…. I saw many degrees of mental illness. Its most heart breaking as parents to watch a child suffer… all illnesses. Yet there is something extra heartbreaking about a mental illness. its the FACT that as much as this society is so called 'progressed'. There is still much stigma attached…. AND that my fellow Americans is more than pathetic.

  3. Marie Ann EstherVentura Ferencz

    So sad…. as a parent, to watch your child, whether they be young or adults suffer is one of this life's cruelest trials. I have worked as a nurse in a V A Psych Hospital. It was sad and taught me so much on the dignity that those who suffer from organic brain diseases' deserve..When I say Organic I mean its within the brain as much as heart disease is in the heart.. Sadly, in this PROGRESSIVE society we live in, there is still much stigma attached..the ad w.Glenn Close and her sister and multitudes at Central Station was EXCELLENT. I so wish that was a permanent ad. To say I know what Di Niro feels would be so…as I do….There are millions and millions out here….parents coping and crying…and others who through no fault of their own are sick.THEY are the real victims. YET I have come to believe that God has a chosen place for those who suffer as this. ITS in His home where ALL WILL BE AWARDED as to carrying their crosses… These diseases, BiPolar, Depression, etc take sometimes a very long time to give MANAGEMENT. As the diseases are NOT CURED as such, but managed, and as such changes their life and careers.. These illnesses cannot be cured BUT they can be to give the person a chance at a normal life….'That Helpless Hopeless' feeling the sufferer experiences is very real….Prayers always for ALL who suffer. BTW, God never w/any intent places any human child of HIS in this situation.NEVER. The BRAIN is an organ just as the heart, pancreas, bowels, bladder…etc. These organs can become ill w/diseases and are quite acceptable in society…..the same needs to be for those who suffer from the brains various ills. God Bless Mr. Di Niro and his son.

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