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Oksana Baiul Sues NBC For $5 Million, Claiming Likeness Used Without Her Permission

Oksana Bauil Sues NBC For $5 Million, Claiming Likeness Was Used Without Her Permission

Oksana Baiul has sued NBC Universal and the producer of a television skating program claiming that her name and likeness were used to advertise a show that she never signed on for.

The suit against NBC Universal and Disson Skating LLC claims that they offered Baiul a deal to perform in two shows that would later air on the network. She turned it down without receiving a contract or signing a promotional deal, The Associated Press reported.

But Baiul says that the show used her name and likeness anyway for advertisements on two radio websites. Her name also appeared in a press release for the show, Oksana Baiul claims in her lawsuit.

Because she never showed up, Baiul said she was wrongly labelled as a “no show,” and this mark on her reputation made it more difficult to get work.

This is not the first time Oksana Baiul sues to protect her reputation. The Ukranian skater recently brought a suit against the William Morris Endeavor talent agency claiming that the company took advantage of her poor English skills to swindle her out of millions of dollars. Baiul, who signed on to WME at age 16, claimed that the agency owed her money that it was withholding.

Baiul discovered the discrepancies at WME in 2001, when she hired Carlo Farina to manager her finances. Farina discovered the alleged accounting and collection discrepancies, allowing Oksana to collect $9.5 million. She still believes there is more missing, the lawsuit claims.

In the most recent legal action, Oksana Baiul sues NBC seeking $5 million in damages.

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12 Responses to “Oksana Baiul Sues NBC For $5 Million, Claiming Likeness Used Without Her Permission”

  1. Anonymous

    $5 million – right…. Are you out of your mind, girl? Now, this will really cause damage to your reputation, claiming this incredible amount of money for this Of course, if she never signed a contract, it is not allowed to do promotion with her name or pretend that she has anything to do with it. But $5 million? Get a proper job, girl and work for your money!

  2. Lonnie Moyer

    Point #1, why do corporations continue to use people's likenesses without their permission when they know they are going to get caught? Point #2, when was the last time she has a reputation OR career? I don't think this really hurt either.

  3. Anonymous

    Idiot wants to sue everyone that helped her become famous. Idiot will no long er get any work. Way to go, idiot.

  4. Jessie James

    now how many girls do you know actually work? all they want is a rich husband, to support them. I personally think if you a woman wants to be a stay home mommy, fine, but your going to lose certain rights.

  5. Terry Kott

    Excellent work Oksana! Never let them tarnish your good reputation, steal from you, or slander or defame you. Hit them for everything they've got.

  6. Jessie James

    nice vocabulary, i'm guessing you didn't know you're an idiot since you don't know you can't use someones likeness to promote things, without their permission.

  7. Terry Kott

    Excellent work Oksana. You have to be aggressive now days to prevent people from tarnishing your good reputation, your good name and business, and when they slander or defame you. Hit them for everything they've got.

  8. Leigh Shannon Casey

    Oksana Baiul has had numerous troubles through the years. She probably needs the money to pay for her troubles. I think she should probably go back to the Ukraine and see how much better her living conditions will be…get a life Oksana.

  9. Terry Kott

    Obviously you've never had your good name or business tarnished. You know, the name and business by which you support your family, and community….! She should sue those who tarnish these things for everything they've got. It's the only way to shut them up… : Is to hit them in their pockets.

  10. Terry Kott

    The internet is not the place to hold a tribunal. None of us will ever know all the facts, ergo we will never have a full or true picture of what is going on in Oksana's life. We can only pray and ask God to give everybody wisdom in handling this situation. And when it is over I pray that everybody forgives those who have wronged them.

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