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Tiffani Thiessen Gets Surprised By Mr. Belding, A Lemur [Video]

tiffani thiessen

When Tiffani Thiessen agreed to co-host Today she had no idea what she was getting herself into. The former star of Saved By The Bell had to face her old principal, Mr. Belding, and a feisty lemur today on the morning show.

Dennis Haskin (Mr. Belding) recently said that he was up for a Saved By The Bell reunion. Thiessen, however, has been a little reluctant to rejoin her former cast mates.

The actress is currently enjoying a nice career with a co-starring role on the show White Collar and doesn’t seem to eager to revisit her high school days.

Thiessen hasn’t said anything bad about her former cast mates but she doesn’t look too happy to see Mr. Belding when he walks out on stage. (You can watch Kelly Kapowski reunite with Mr. Belding below.)

But the surprises didn’t stop with the Saved By The Bell reunion. Later in the show, Thiessen had to play around with a few exotic animals. Thiessen held a Burmese python and met a North American Groundhog. It was the black and white lemur, however, that really stole the show.

Here’s the video of the lemur crawling all over Kelly Kapowski.

Here’s the video of Tiffani Thiessen and Dennis Haskins reuniting.

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28 Responses to “Tiffani Thiessen Gets Surprised By Mr. Belding, A Lemur [Video]”

  1. Charles Freihofer

    Who was the moron that wrote this? It's Principal not principle.

  2. Anonymous


  3. Levi Hamilton

    "Haskins" is also misspelled in the second paragraph.
    Someone must have been in a hurry!

  4. Brendan Scott

    Agreed I thought she had this look on her face that said "oh god not this creep".

  5. Sean Liggett

    u know… when you put an advertisement in front of the video, I just leave…………… or mute…………….. or go to another tab for the duration of the video……. it just makes me hate whatever u are selling.

  6. Anonymous

    Do you mean Elizabeth Berkley? She didn't play Kelly, she played Jessie.

  7. Max Moore

    tresix Um…she is still a WORKING actress on the show White Collar…on USA which is good might I add. She plays a wife of a Special Agent by the name of Elizabeth Burke.

  8. Mark Adams

    yeah I agree. She looked really pissed that she got set up since everyone wants to do the reunion show except her.

  9. Tanya Dorothy Beaule

    I do think its ignorant to call her kelly Kapowski.. its been years it kind of pigeon holds her. I do think she should do the saved by the bell reunion because its part of her history she was good at playing that part it takes nothing from her plus.. as corny of a show as it was it was a good show. you didn't have to worry when your kids watched it.. it had alot of morals not like the crap they make nowadays.. anyway that's my 2 cents..

  10. Janet Marie Cooper

    Andy WANKer — You better check again, genius!!! Take a look at the number of fans on the USA "White Collar" boards!!!! And if you're not watching it, you're missing one of the best shows on TV!!!! TAT plays Elizabeth ("El") Burke, wife of FBI Special Agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay)…Matt Bomer plays conman/art thief/master forger/former convict/criminal consultant Neal Caffrey, who helps bust other criminals with Peter…If he proves he can be reformed, in four years he will be a free man…It's based on the real-life conman Frank Abagnale,played by Leonardo DiCaprio in "Catch Me If You Can"…

  11. Anonymous

    You know… there is a small add on that can be used to block these ads on every site you visit. It's called Ad-Block Plus.

  12. Thomas P Lotspeich

    I wish I was that lemur, I'd crawl all over Thiessen all day!

  13. Courtenay Crane Cross

    Charles (see below)…my sentiments exactly. I know the writers who put this stuff out have to be under 8 years old or illiterate. EVERY 3rd grader knows their LEADER is a princiPAL. Honestly. Hire literate people you guys.

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