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Betty White Sexier At 91, She Jokes

betty white sexier at 91

Betty White is sexier at 91, the Golden Girls star has joked, but it’s undeniable that has she’s gotten older, the actress best known as Rose on the senior citizen sitcom has certainly found that the best is yet to come.

Betty White is, at 91, the only surviving Golden Girl, having been pre-deceased by Rue McClanahan, Estelle Getty and Bea Arthur. It’s been three decades since Golden Girls ruled the airwaves, but its legacy is long-lasting, and Betty is not only sharper than ever — she has attained mega-star status in pop culture as well.

White hasn’t aged all that visibly in the last three decades, and the sassy star says she’s enjoying all the perks that come along with fame and fortune in her golden years. She also quips that her 90s haven’t tampered her sex appeal — and that some perks come along with approaching the three-digit mark:

“Best thing about being in your ’90s is you’re spoiled rotten … Everybody spoils you like mad and they treat you with such respect because you’re old. Little do they know, you haven’t changed. You haven’t changed in [the brain]. You’re just 90 every place else.”

Betty White continues:

“Now that I’m 91, as opposed to being 90, I’m much wiser. I’m much more aware and I’m much sexier.”

Ate a recent fete to celebrate White’s 91st birthday, former President Bill Clinton was on hand to toast the comedy queen. And he had some high words of praise for the actress, along with some gentle ribbing:

“In a time when our nation is still bitterly divided, it’s important to have a leader who’s won the respect and affection of our nation in the way that Betty has … After all, she’s gained praise all the way from President Obama to George Dubya.”

Betty White Lifeline Project

“Of course I’m talking about Presidents Barack Obama and George Washington.”

What’s your favorite Betty White moment from her long history of entertaining?

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23 Responses to “Betty White Sexier At 91, She Jokes”

  1. Earl Van Winkle

    Betty White looks better than most these young women in Hollywood. And she is pretty and does not look fake. And not always saying she does this or that to stay young. She is natural and she is who she is and that makes her beautiful inside and out. And hasn"t changed over the years. Amazing! God has sure blessed her to have health wealth and fame. She is very fortunate and can tell she appreciates her longivity. Would be great to live that long and be so young looking and good health too. So happy for her and believe she will make to 100 or more. Wowwee Betty White. Iam 70 and so far so good. And Husband is 82. We both are in pretty dorn good shape.. YEA.

  2. Donald Clark

    Betty is so sweet.She still looks great and her mind is so SHARP.Did you notice her as she walked on.She sure don't walk old at all! She walks better than I do and I'm 64.God Bless Her Lovely Heart.

  3. Sally Buttshaw

    she is still the best comedian around today, the 3 women on Hot In Cleveland are just sidekicks to the real star, and I am sure they are very aware of that.

  4. Arlene Labella

    A very happy birthday Betty and I wish you many more. I have watched all your shows, my favorite being the Golden Girls, that show will live in my heart forever just as you will. God is with you for all the love and kindness you give to people and animals, you are indeed a warm and loving person whom no one will ever forget. Happy Birthday!

  5. Judy Crocker

    I disagree. Betty White is a Vulgar old crow, and I don't find that exciting or sexy… just crass and sad. She could be a real lady at 91, but instead likes to subject her audience to dirty jokes, and vulgar innuendo. I wouldn't be proud of leaving a legacy like that.

  6. Becki Swantner Heusel

    Let's see how you feel once you've hit 91. And Betty IS a real lady who just happens to have a different sense of humor than you do. How ladylike to call ANYONE a "vulgar old crow."

  7. Sandra Clay

    Judy I agree with you! The legacy is what matters. And what I'm about to say isn't popular with the "world." If she doesn't repent and ask Jesus into her heart she will go to hell. I am not judging her, her own words do. Jesus said no unclean thing will enter into heaven. She is a pretty woman for her age. And maybe the Lord is giving her time to repent! Who knows. And I probably wont be back to this page so haters need not reply! In Christ love, Sandy

  8. Anonymous

    Sandra Clay For someone claiming not to judge, you seem pretty judgmental.

  9. Anonymous

    you sound like a sorry bitter bitch. Do bitter people like you make it to 91?

  10. John Nicoletti

    Repent for what.? Sandra. Being a talented, and decent human being, who takes pride in entertaining the public.? Good grief, what has the lady done, that she needs to repent.?

  11. Brooke Moreno

    Ouch Judy, a "vulgar old crow"……? That sounds a bit harsh. Betty has dedicated her life to bettering the lives of defenseless animals, so I think she should be applauded for that, and since she's 91, maybe you could cut her some slack on the rest. And Sandra, somehow I'm not feeling "in Christ love" after reading your judgmental comment about Betty needing to repent else she will go to hell. I love holier then thou people who feel they can tell everyone else what God and Jesus will do….must be wonderful to have your own private line to the Almighty. Why not treat everyone with simple kindness, set a good example in how you lead Your life, and leave all the judging to God… that would be Christlike.

  12. Judy Crocker

    By the age of 91, any REAL lady would know that "receiving attention" by spewing filthy jokes and dirty talk is crass and vulgar. I do realize that many people love to hear dirty jokes and vulgar innuendos, and to each his own. We are ALL entitled to our opinion. If I live to see 91, I will still hold to my opinion, and filthy language and dirty jokes will never be a part of this "lady's" vocabulary. Life is hard enough, and full of "rank" and "raw" happenings … I choose to surround myself with positive people, who have the ability to use good vocabulary and spread encouragement and joy.

  13. Mary Perkins

    I agree! In my head, I am still 40 years old. Not twice that age. God gave me this gift, and I won't abuse it, I will use it. I wake up early every morning and think what a glorious day this is. I will make the best of the day, smile every chance I get, and do my best to make someone else catch my enthusiasm for life. I wish this for every aging person. You have to participate to, and not sit back and mope. There is joy for everyone. Look for yours.

  14. Cyndie Etu Haviland

    Betty White looks great for 91 although she has nothing on my Mom who is 90 (except she has a lot more money & fame) and I admire her talent. However, I don't see why we have to make everything about SEX nowadays. In my opinion, it is very silly and degrading to her. At 91, I'm sorry but she is not sexy. And that's OK, she is elegant and isn't that enough?

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