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Josh Groban Maybe Dated Katy Perry, Definitely Broke Up With January Jones

Josh Groban's love life

Vocalist Josh Groban discussed his dating life in a recent interview, talking about his failed relationship with actress January Jones and refusing to confirm rumors that he once dated singer Katy Perry.

Int he February issue of Details, the 31-year-old singer talked about his relationship with Jones, saying, “We dated for about two and a half years, and we were madly in love.”

“It was definitely my longest relationship. I’d love to get into another serious relationship. I am a real romantic at heart,” Groban admitted.

Recent rumors have suggested that Groban and Katy Perry were once a thing, as well. Perry is currently shacked-up with musician John Mayer, and Groban said that he is merely “very good friends” with Perry after they “hit it off because we’re both goofballs.”

When asked if he ever dated the pop sensation, Groban balked. “No, not really. … We might have skated on the line of dating.” When asked if they ever kissed, Groban chose to neither confirm nor deny.

Groban also said that he hasn’t had much luck with non-famous women, either. “I was on a date once, and the girl came over and was looking for music to play. We were having a glass of wine, and she played rough mixes of my new record and started dancing to it. I was like, ‘Don’t do that. Groupie alert, groupie alert!'” he joked. “I can’t get turned on by my own music.”

But Groban is staying plenty busy, having released his sixth studio album All That Echoes on February 5. MSN reports that Groban also appears in the upcoming comedy Coffee Town.

“I play a disgruntled barista who’s in a rock band and is angry at his customers. It’s almost like ‘Clerks’ in a coffee shop — we f— with each other, drawing penises on coffee cups or whatever,” Groban says of his role. “They put the douchiest tattoos on me, like flames coming up one arm, plus a goatee, eyeliner and a studded leather bracelet.”

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3 Responses to “Josh Groban Maybe Dated Katy Perry, Definitely Broke Up With January Jones”

  1. Denise Whitmire

    Josh, your voice is an amazing gift from God. I believe that because it has an unnatural beauty and sense of peace about it. I raised my son in the Lord and he is the same age as you. I have watched as the natural world has had too much of an affect on him. It saddens my heart to "hear" (or read) or see that you are, apparently, also quite affected by the popular and accepted ways of this society. I absolutely love the fact that you say you are "goofy'" (or a "goofball"). I can see that God has quite a sense of humor as well and doesn't expect (or want) us to be be solemn all the time, but, at the same time, humor does not have to be distasteful. I want better for you, Josh. I almost didn't write this because I thought, "Well, who am I to say this to a perfect stranger?" But I decided to do it, anyway, because somehow I do care so for you. Maybe it is because you are my son's age, but I think it has more to do with what your beautiful voice does to my spirit when you sing. (My Grandma used to use a phrase referring to how she felt about her favorite singer.. She'd say: "He can soak his socks in my coffee anytime!" Sounds gross, but it just meant to say that she loved his voice that much. Now, that's what I ALWAYS say when someone asks me if I like your voice! (I could sure use that "blushing emoticon" right now!)). I know I'm not not your Mom, but I do hope that you wil.
    l take these words to heart and consider what a gift you have and how responsible we are to be when God has given us much.
    May God Continually Bless You Josh, Sincerely, Denise W.

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