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World’s Smallest Car Gets ‘Top Gear’ Test Drive [Video]

Jeremy Clarkson took the world’s smallest car out for a test drive on Top Gear recently and found that there are plenty of advantages of driving a minuscule vehicle. Unfortunately, there are also potholes.

Clarkson designed the p45, which he claims is the world’s smallest car, to be completely street legal in the UK. It has headlights, turn signals, mirrors and a licence plate. It also kind of looks like a space suit. And judging by the way Clarkson screams in the video, it may also be considered a death trap.

Clarkson said:

“For local commuting my car is flawless. But what if you want to go farther up field?”

Clarkson shows that there are plenty of benefits to driving the world’s smallest car. It’s easy to maneuver, you can split lanes, and you can fill up the 1.7 liter gas tank while your still sitting in the vehicle.

Like Clarkson said, it’s a great local commuter. But when the P45 is taken on larger roads … well, things change pretty quickly. The two stroke 100cc engine can only push the car up to about 20 mph, it could be squashed like a bug by trucks on the highway and there’s always the fact that you look like a fool.

But despite the car’s setbacks, Clarkson believes that the P45 is the car of the future.

Clarkson says:

“Ladies and gentlemen — this is incredible, you are witnessing the birth of the future.”

Here’s the video from Top Gear.