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Artie Lange: NFL Needs A Gay Jackie Robinson

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The NFL isn’t the most gay friendly place in the world and according to radio host Artie Lange, that isn’t going to change until there’s a gay Jackie Robinson.

Lange found himself at the center of a homophobic controversy when he interviewed San Francisco 49ers player Chris Culliver about how he felt playing side by side with homosexual players. In case you missed it, Culliver said that gays wouldn’t be welcome in his locker room.

Many people found the comment shocking but Lange said that he wasn’t surprised. According to the shock jock, 99% of the NFL feels the same was Culliver.

Lange told TMZ:

“I think unfortunately what Culliver said reflects what 99 % of the league thinks.”

Lange said that the NFL needs a player like Jackie Robinson in order to break the “homosexual barrier.”

Lange said:

“What’s gonna have to happen is a real star player … a Jackie Robinson type … a real star player is gonna have to come out WHILE HE’S PLAYING … and other people will follow.”

The NFL does have a few players who openly support the LGBT community. But having a few straight allies in the NFL isn’t the same as having a star player who also happens to be homosexual.

What do you think? Does the NFL need a gay Jackie Robinson?

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9 Responses to “Artie Lange: NFL Needs A Gay Jackie Robinson”

  1. Charles Conrad

    I've got a grand idea…just play the game and keep your bedroom preferences to yourself, whatever they are! I watch football for the GAME, not to learn who is sleeping with who. If I want to know that, I can log onto TMZ or read The National Inquirer. We don't need this junk in the NFL.

  2. Anonymous

    It would really be nice if a day went by without the gay agenda or Beyonce taking up valuable news space.

  3. Jason Bales

    It's a big deal because it's made a big deal. It's made a big deal by denying rights that every human being should have. So tell you what, give gays equal rights and you won't have to worry about it getting "shoved in your face" as much. Pretty simple solution really.

  4. Charles Conrad

    REALITY is that most men don't want to change clothes next to or hang out with other gay men. You can call it what you want to, but that is just the reality of life. Most men find homosexuality disgusting on a human level. That might seem biased to you, but that is the truth. Expecting everyone to change their natural instinct is selfish. The black men had a real complaint in the old days because they were persecuted just for skin color, something they were born with. To most people, the born gay reasoning is just an excuse. People have all sorts of sexual tendencies, it is our choice what we do with them.

    Why don't they start a gay football league? Seriously, I mean it. There are gay Olympics, gay bars, gay magazines, gay dating sites…What is preventing them from beginning gay sports leagues? Then you would not have to worry about feeling uncomfortable in the locker rooms, or making someone else feel that way. Just get some ownership….Hollywood is full of rich gays or gay rights supporters. Get some corporate sponsors, too. It would not be an easy task, but why can't it be done? The lucrative salaries won't be there right away, but if it's all about the money, then why complain? They gay NFL players are getting paid…they just don't come out. Personally, we don't need to know who is sleeping with who. Football fans want to watch football…PERIOD!! We care about touchdowns, QB sacks, tackles, etc…we don't care what they are doing in the bedroom…and don't want to know.

  5. Jason Bales

    I see no problem with the gay sports league myself either, but it's only a small portion of the problem as it doesn't really solve anything as it still leads to division in society. When you feel like you are being persecuted everywhere there's a sort of despiration that can arise to be taken seriously. They feel more like they have something to prove just to be respected like everyone else. It also leads to the "I'm going to MAKE you see me" mentality, thinking if you can't deny they exist you'll have to treat them like human beings. I see the complaint all the time "Well why do we need a gay this and/or that?" It's because, just like other groups who have come before them, they've been backed into a corner and are being forced to fight on a daily basis because people think they know what's "natural" and what "most people think" when those things may or may not actually be what they think they are. If they were treated with a little more respect they might not feel the need to call out a parade every time a celebrity came out, be it an actor, writer, or sports star. A little more respect can't be a bad thing, and maybe then people wouldn't feel the need to tear other people's worlds apart because thier world is torn apart by other people on a regular basis.

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