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Artie Lange: NFL Needs A Gay Jackie Robinson

The NFL isn’t the most gay friendly place in the world and according to radio host Artie Lange, that isn’t going to change until there’s a gay Jackie Robinson.

Lange found himself at the center of a homophobic controversy when he interviewed San Francisco 49ers player Chris Culliver about how he felt playing side by side with homosexual players. In case you missed it, Culliver said that gays wouldn’t be welcome in his locker room.

Many people found the comment shocking but Lange said that he wasn’t surprised. According to the shock jock, 99% of the NFL feels the same was Culliver.

Lange told TMZ:

“I think unfortunately what Culliver said reflects what 99 % of the league thinks.”

Lange said that the NFL needs a player like Jackie Robinson in order to break the “homosexual barrier.”

Lange said:

“What’s gonna have to happen is a real star player … a Jackie Robinson type … a real star player is gonna have to come out WHILE HE’S PLAYING … and other people will follow.”

The NFL does have a few players who openly support the LGBT community. But having a few straight allies in the NFL isn’t the same as having a star player who also happens to be homosexual.

What do you think? Does the NFL need a gay Jackie Robinson?