Walmart Robbery Suspect Puts Stolen Goods On eBay

Spokane Valley, WA – A man who allegedly robbed an area Walmart reportedly put the stolen goods up for sale on eBay.

Authorities explained the individual who they believe robbed the retailer put the stolen items up for grabs on the auction website shortly after the crime took place. According to Property Mentor, the man offered the lifted Apple electronics on eBay at incredibly cheap prices. He reportedly announced the sale on his Facebook page.

Unfortunately for the suspect, security cameras in at least two Walmart locations captured the man’s actions on video. The images were reportedly clear enough for police to identify the man in question.

The Walmart security footage shows the man breaking the display case before helping himself to the items inside. Once he snatched everything he could, the suspect fled the scene of the crime.

Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy Craig Chamberlin told KXLY:

“Somebody to take the time to take some type of object, break open the display with these Apple products, take them and then flee the store and brandish a weapon at the employees, that’s a very dangerous individual.”

Shortly after pictures of the suspect began making the rounds, authorities said they began receiving a number of leads from woman the individual had dated in the past. Since he apparently didn’t leave these relationships on good terms, the women had no problem giving his name to police.

Police are currently asking anyone with information regarding the suspect’s whereabouts to contact the Spokane County Sheriff’s office.

This isn’t the only robbery to take place at a Walmart in recent days. According to the Idaho Press, a man used physical force to take cash away from an employee last Wednesday. Although video of the suspect has been released, the company is asking for help in identifying the person responsible for the crime.

What do you think about the robbery suspect who put stolen goods up for sale on eBay?

[Image by Wikimedia Commons]