White House Programmers

White House Job Ad: Coders Needed For Project Of ‘National Significance’

The White House is looking for a few good programmers. President Obama’s administration just posted round two of the White House’s Presidential Innovation Fellows Program.

The program is meant to attract a select handful of innovators from various fields. The goal is to “help develop innovation solutions in areas of national significance.”

Posted on the White House’s blog, round two of the Fellow programs includes various project. Among those projects are an open data initiatives and an eBay type platform for small businesses, which will solicit bids on government contracts.

The following Fellows project will include building an “industrial Internet” and the pre-positioning of critical technology infrastructure in case of a natural disaster.

US Chief Technology Officer Todd Park and US Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel write:

“We are looking for incredibly talented, entrepreneurial people from a diverse array of backgrounds and with a wide range of experiences.”

The post adds:

“Many of the Fellowship roles require coding and other tech skills, but not all do. We are also looking for gifted and accomplished change agents with skills in user experience design, product management, project management, business development, operations reengineering, and more. In a nutshell, we are looking for people who can help make big things happen rapidly to advance the public good.”

While a majority of the jobs are listed in the technology field, the White House is also seeking non-tech workers for its fellowship program.

You can apply for the program by visiting the official fellowship page at whitehouse.gov/InnovationFellows.