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Grandma Accidentally Gives Toddler Water Bottle Full Of Cleaning Fluid

Toddler Water Bottle Death

A grandmother in Merced County, California accidentally killed her 2-your-old grandson after giving him a water bottle that contained cleaning fluid.

Authorities have determined that the grandmother did not intentionally provide the cleaning fluid to the toddler but instead thought the bottle was full of water.

The accident occurred on Friday afternoon. The boy was playing around his grandparents’ automotive shop when his grandma found the bottle on the floorboard of her husband’s truck.

Instead of water, the bottle contained a powerful cleaning solution used to clean aluminum rims.

After drinking from the bottle, the boy began to choke and convulse. According to the Merced Sun-Star, the grandfather realized what the grandmother had given to the toddler and immediately called 911. Before emergency services could arrive, the grandparents rushed their grandson to the hospital.

The small child, identified as Jack Shearer, was pronounced dead upon arrival.

An official autopsy is expected for Tuesday; however, authorities do not plan to change their initial findings.

Detectives tell the Daily Mail that the case was a “tragic accident.”

Do you think the grandma should be charged with the toddler’s death after providing him with a water bottle from the back of a truck bed?

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7 Responses to “Grandma Accidentally Gives Toddler Water Bottle Full Of Cleaning Fluid”

  1. Nancy Snell Campanelli

    No. It was an very unfortunate mistake, and there's no doubt this elderly couple will forever feel the guilt and pain. I wouldn't be surprised if this guilt doesn't, literally, shorten what's left of their lives. Grandmom is paying enough. God Bless them both.

  2. Denise Wilson

    Do we think Gramma should be charged? Not even. I'm very sad for this family, poor gramma is probably so devastated and guilt ridden she's punishing herself more any courtroom ever could. As for the bottle it takes 10 seconds to label it or anything for that matter if there is something other then what's supposed to be in it.

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