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Jodi Arias Admits That She Killed Boyfriend, Says It Was Self Defense

Jodi Arias to testify Travis Alexander masturbated to photos of young boys

Jodi Arias admitted in court today that she killed her boyfriend Travis Alexander in June of 2008.

Arias, who made a surprise appearance on the witness stand today, said that Alexander attacked her and that she simple defended herself.

After being asked by defense attorney, Kirk Nurmi, if she killed Travis Alexander, Arias responded:

“Yes… The simple answer is that he attacked me and I defended myself.”

According to Sky News, Arias originally denied that she was at the scene of the crime. Arias said today that she initially told police that she was not involved with the murder because she planned on killing herself to avoid the trial.

Arias said:

“At the time, I had plans to commit suicide. So I was extremely confident that no jury would convict me because I didn’t expect any of you to be here… I planned to be dead.”

Fox News reports that Arias and Alexander reportedly dated for about five months after meeting at a conference in Las Vegas. They ended their relationship but continued to see each other for sex.

Prosecutors argue that Arias was a jealous girlfriend who ended up stalking and eventually killing Alexander. The defense argues that Alexander was a liar and cheat and that he attacked Arias the night he was killed.

The trial, which began in jury, has involved several explicit photos. The jurors were shown photos taken on the day of the murder showing Arias and Alexander in the nude. The photos were used to place Arias at the scene, but they’ve also caused a media frenzy around the case.

In addition to the explicit photos, a camera found at the scene also contained images of the dead body. Defense attorneys have not explained why Arias allegedly tried to clean the scene, what happened to the murder weapons, or why she allegedly took pictures of the body.

Are you surprised that Jodi Arias took the stand today to admit killing her boyfriend? Do you think it was in self defense?

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13 Responses to “Jodi Arias Admits That She Killed Boyfriend, Says It Was Self Defense”

  1. Cynthia Rouse

    This woman killed this nice, bright, successful young man in a jealous rage because she could not get what she wanted from him. There seems to be a particularly virulent form of narcisscism prevalent in the young; which leads to evil deeds. You cannot destroy people just because they have betrayed(real or perceived) you in some way. You have to move on. You have to find creative ways around challenges. A healthy self regard for oneself is necessary to succeed in life. People like Ms. Arias are dangerous and malignant in their narcisscism, to the point that anything that does not fulfill them in some way; if they can't be used, they are destroyed.

  2. Cynthia Rouse

    Al Alford

    I have worked with people like this; unfortunately.

  3. Cynthia Rouse

    I also think that Ms. Arias was emotionally damaged by promiscuity; which is a vastly different experience for women, than it is for men. Young women need to be morse choosy and discerning with men. If you are a desirable young woman giving it up to every hot guy out there; just being used, and discarded while deluding yourself with dreams of love, that toxic bubble is going to burst. It is so sad and destructive. Zipless sex has consequences, especially when a woman is used like a toilet; over and over again, until something horrible like this happens. She killed Mr. Alexander, every guy who ever betrayed her( too many to count) and herself. She is done.

  4. Marisa DiFalco

    Here's the thing, of course Travis Alexander had a lot of exs. This Mormon religion encouraged the single people in their church to go to "Wards" as soon as they were 18 for the soul purpose to meet other Mormons and date. They wanted them to meet, date, and marry (in the religion.) This guy was almost thirty. Did she think their weren't others? She was a willing horny participant. She was a booty call. I bet they were never "girlfriend and boyfriend" or "exclusive." It doesn't take a genius to see he didn't want anyone to know about her except for a few people. She read into it too much. He was breaking the rules by having any kind of sex according to their religion, and he did like it, but to excess? How is this abuse? If in HER MIND she thought they were a couple, it isn't his fault her thinking is faulty.

  5. Karen J McBryde

    Cynthia? Nice, bright, successful young man? You say that as though nice, bright and successful young men can't be abusive behind closed doors… Remember Ted Bundy? I am not saying Jodi is NOT GUILTY, but to say that he is nice, bright, successful doesn't mean he wasn't abusive to her, or that she wasn't trying to defend herself. It always amazes me how people can pre-judge when all of the facts are still out. Just saying..

  6. Bon Srolichi

    cynthia rouse u are a fucking cunt how can u say this piece of shit motherfucker that watched child porn is a nice bright young man go die and fuckin burn whore if she did kill him I'm proud of her and wonder why she didn't do it sooner.

  7. Marisa DiFalco

    Supposed someone taped you in bed with your lover? What would we hear? I am not a prude, nor a slut, but I wouldn't want anyone to hear what I say or have said with someone I love. Fantasies, everyone has them or they are lying. She introduced him to a lot of this because he was inexperienced. It kills me that the jury can't see the WHOLE picture. The videos, the comments of the people who knew him, the tire slashing, etc. I am concerned that they aren't telling a lot of her stalking episodes. I just hope that what they are hearing is enough to give her, at least, life without parole. She is dangerous and should NEVER be aloud to walk among us. She is possessive and sick. I don't think that there is any rehabilitation for such a severe socio path as she is. I am sick to my stomach with the thought of listening to the experts next week. I feel they will be reporting on abused people and their reactions, etc. to things, not to the lies this bitched has told them and others. Please, if there is any justice for human-kind and most of all, Travis! We have heard of the gross negligence of other juries, especially the high-profile ones (O.J. and Casey Anthony) and it has angered the majority of people who hope that those who do such gross murders are held accountable. This could happen again. Anything less than first degree will set her free. Do you know that if she gets second degree, she could be out in 6 years? That, to my understanding, is the min. years she would have to serve (she has almost 5 in.) Even if she could be rehabilitated, which is highly unlikely, that isn't enough time. Even though this is a high profile case and all over the television, there are millions of people who know nothing of her. Would you want a family member of yours to date or be with her? I now have such hatred for her. I now agree with the death penalty for her, and, until cross, I only wanted life without parole for her, but not anymore. Her lies have sealed her fate with me, all of her actions, and planning that is OBVIOUS, and should be to the jury, has changed my opinion from life without parole to death. She talks down and lectures the jury, her hand signals, sometimes, show that she is dismissing them, there has never been tears at the RIGHT times, she has never said she was sorry, and there are many more, but the worst thing, I feel, she has said was to refer to Travis murder as him 'passing away.' How insulting to him and his poor family. After seeing the video of him describing the hold up where a gun was put to his head, after hearing him say about that incident something like, 'this is how' his life 'ends' and to know, he was aware of what was happening to him as she kept stabbing and slashing him, I get sick to my stomach.

    All of her lies make her look bad, not scared of being caught, helping Travis' reputation, etc. Die, Jodi, die. Too bad, as they pump the drugs into your arm, you will still feel justified by what you did in your FOG! And if I have learned anything from her actions and performance on the stand, she will have final words. PIG.

  8. Debbie Vilage

    Wish the jurors would ask her that after she is being chased for her life, that she knew for sure the gun was in that closet. Totally premeditated murder. I really hope the jurors see through the lies.

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