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Rob Gronkowski Makes Wrestling Debut During Las Vegas Party [Video]

Rob Gronkowski Out Of Playoffs

Rob Gronkowski’s NFL career was put on hold last month when he broke his left forearm before the AFC Championship Game. Thankfully, Gronkowski has found another athletic outlet: Wrestling.

Gronkowski made his wrestling debut this weekend during a drunken night out in Las Vegas.

No, the NFL tight end hasn’t joined the WWE. Instead, he had a couple of drinks while partying in Las Vegas after the Super Bowl and ended up doing a Jake “The Snake” Roberts impersonation by giving one of his buddies a DDT on stage.

A DDT, for those who aren’t familiar with the work of Jake The Snake, involves an inverted headlock, an upside down body, and a two big bodies slamming hard against the mat. Need a better description? Just watch Gronkowski’s wrestling moves below.

Gronkowski should probably resting his injury during the off-season so that he’s ready to rejoin the Patriots for the 2013 season. But, you know, who can pass up the opportunity to give a buddy a DDT in front of a bunch of people?

In Gronkowski’s defense, he was wearing some sort of protective sleeve on his injured arm and there’s no doubt that he had a doctor’s note approving wrestling moves in his pocket.

Here’s the video of Rob “The Snake” Gronkowski from TMZ.

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  1. Anonymous

    roids, hgh and alcohol equal wwe fool impersonates NFL fool impersonating WWE crackhead fool, what a shame. Extacsy…he was on something more than alcohol n roids. Coke…. I would release him….tight ends are all over the place, and not on drugs.

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