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Duff Goldman Makes Generous Offer To Rebuffed Oregon Same Sex Couple

Chef Duff Goldman, known for his Food Network reality show Ace of Cakes and owner of Charm City Cakes (the focus of the series), has offered to make a wedding cake. He’s made a generous offer to bake a unique Duff creation, free of charge, for the lesbian couple rebuffed by Sweet Cakes by Melissa based in Gresham, Oregon.

The Inquisitr previously reported on the controversy over Sweet Cakes, where co-owner Aaron Klein refused a local lesbian couple a wedding cake for their upcoming nuptials because of his religious convictions. One of the women filed a complaint with the city, and now the business is under investigation for violating laws intended to provide customers full and equal services without discrimination.

Regardless of the polarizing opinions on both sides of this issue, Sweet Cakes business is booming.

Klein, implacably devout to his beliefs, feels he’s been penalized for his religion, and argues his First Amendment rights in the case.

Since the story broke, Sweet Cakes has received a surge of support. Not all contact has been positive, but the business is apparently flourishing in the wake of the discrimination complaint and press coverage.

Duff, who last month assembled the cake for President Obama’s Inaugural Ball, heard the story and realized he could do something.

“There’s injustice involving a cake!”

Charm City Cakes, based in Baltimore, Maryland, has been making cakes for same-sex couples for quite some time. Duff officially announced he’d gladly bake and transport the unnamed couple’s complimentary wedding cake.

Duff hopes to hear back from the couple soon.