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Will Ferrell Vs. Bar Refaeli: Super Bowl Ads Compete For Hottest Kiss [Video]

There’s been a lot of talk about Bar Refaeli’s Super Bowl ad. The commercial, which features the beautiful model making out with the less beautiful Jesse Heiman, reportedly took 45 takes, made Heiman a “sex symbol,” and was so hot that it was nearly banned from the Super Bowl.

But thanks to Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee Super Bowl ad it may have not been Super Bowl Sunday’s hottest kiss.

Ferrell’s Super Bowl ad hasn’t received as much attention as the Go Daddy ad because the SNL alum’s commercial only aired in a few small markets.

According to the NY Daily News, the super sexy Old Milwaukee ad was shown in Sherman, Texas, Ardmore, Oklahoma and Glendive, Montana. But thanks to the internet, everyone can see the glory of Ferrell’s bus makeout session.

Bar Refaeli and Jesse Heiman VS Will Ferrell and anonymous bus passenger.

So who had Super Bowl Sunday’s hottest kiss?

Based on some extremely scientific formulas, Bar Refaeli’s ad gets five points for starring Bar Refaeli, 10 points for making Jesse Heiman a sex symbol and another 10 points for reaching a 10 million person audience. The ad loses five points, however, for giving nerds around the world hope.

Go Daddy score: 20 points.

Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee ad gets 10 points for Will Ferrell’s mustache and five points for Ferrell’s anonymous make out partner. The Old Milwaukee ad gets an additional 10 points for not featuring Danica Patrick.

Old Milwaukee score: 25 points.

What do you think? Who had Super Bowl Sunday’s hottest kiss?