Flying SUV crashes through windshield

Flying SUV Head-On Collision [Watch Scary Dash Cam Video]

In one of the scariest dash-camera videos you’ll probably ever see, an SUV somehow flew through air and crashed head-on into an oncoming car.

This horrific airborne SUV incident apparently happened in Korea (not Russia for a change) on January 30.

Make sure to turn the volume down before you watch this video (see below) of the SUV launching over the center median and crashing directly into the oncoming vehicle’s windshield.

According to KTLA, “The flying car appears to come out of nowhere, landing directly on top of oncoming traffic. No word yet on what caused the crash, or the extent of the injuries.”

A Reddit user posts that “I read (with no sources) that one lady is in hospital still alive …Worst part for me the girl’s voice at the end screaming Omma, Korean for Mom.”

Although there are a lot of horrific and frightening car crash videos posted to YouTube, have you ever seen anything quite like this?

Watch the video of the flying SUV suddenly coming out of nowhere and smashing into another vehicle’s windshield as the accident is recorded by a dashboard camera: