Montana Miracle Stain: Super Bowl 2013 Funniest Commercial?

Montana Miracle Stain: Super Bowl 2013 Funniest Commercial?

The Montana miracle stain provoked quite a chuckle compared to many of the Super Bowl 2013 commercials. Of course, when compared to the mostly dour Budweiser Super Bowl commercials the offering from Tide seemed a warm welcome.

The Montana miracle stain ad features Joe Montana in Tide’s Super Bowl commercial, although the legendary 49ers NFL player does not actually show up in person. In the ad one guy drops some food on his white Montana Jersey while watching a game and, just like the shroud of Turin, San Franciso’s deity appears.

Soon after comes the press conference, news stories and everyone making a huge deal out of it. The guy gets rich, opening up Montana Land, only to find his coveted 49ers Montana jersey missing, tossed into the wash by his “loving” wife. Turns out that the stain guy’s wife is a Raven’s fan and she used Tide to wipe out the Montana miracle stain.

The Examiner thinks the Montana miracle stain video just show how women actually operate:

“The Tide commercial was very funny and does explain how many of us women work. But after men see that ad, the female species may have to up their game just a bit since our secrets have now been revealed. Shame on Tide for blowing our cover and explaining to men how we operate. Now women everywhere are going to have to think creatively and figure out how to get away with everything we do.”

The NFL football fans on Twitter are using the miracle stain as a source of mirth:

What did you think of the Montana Miracle Stain Super Bowl 2013 commercial?