Kanye West

Beyonce, Florence And Frank Ocean To Appear On Kanye West’s New Album ‘Rich Black American’

Is Kanye West about to pull another collaboration album on us? It looks like he just might for his new album. The album, which is reportedly and appropriately titled “Rich Black American”, is said to have many collaborations.

So who is Kanye West planning on making music with this time around? Well, according to a screen cap grabbed from Music News Feeds, Kanye has set tracks with Frank Ocean, Pusha T, Beyonce, Florence Welch, and Big Sean. Perhaps the most surprising collaboration comes in the form of the booming vocals of Florench Welch. The English musician has been on vocal rest in the form of a hiatus after she “felt something snap” during a performance in July.

Those who are surprised about Kanye West’s eclectic collaborations, shouldn’t be. West’s last solo album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” was a genre bending release that came with critical praise, and some confusion, as the hip hop artist shared his album with folk singer Bon Iver, Nicki Minaj, John Legend and Rick Ross. Themetacritic score of Kanye West’s last album scored a powerful 94 out of 100, which was based on 45 critical reviews.

About West’s new album “Rich Black American” Music News Feeds reports:

“The internet is going nucking futs right now after a screenshot from an iTunes page appeared, showing not only the album name of Kanye West’s next release, but also the track listing, some guest artists and a ball-park release date of 2013 – which may be vague, but still more than we’ve ever previously known about the album. Though it hasn’t been confirmed, Rich Black American sounds like the sort of album name Yeeze would be using these days, not to mention that it fits in perfectly with the naming motifs from College Dropout, Late Registration and Graduation.”

Are you excited about Kanye West’s upcoming release?