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Halo 3 For PC May Be Coming to Steam

Halo 3 may be coming to PC and Steam

Halo 3 may be heading to PC soon according to the Steam Database, alongside a slew of other titles.

A NeoGAF user using xPaw‘s Steam Database search originally spotted Halo 3 among a myriad of new entries in the Steam registry. This indicates the game will soon be making its way onto Steam.

According to IGN, this doesn’t absolutely mean that all of the games listed are coming to Steam. Valve is rumored to be adding Steam Community hubs for non-Steam games, though this would be quite unusual for the company and Halo 3, with the blockbuster game not being a PC title yet.

Halo 3 developer Bungee, in a report by The Inquisitr, has been discussing building the world of “Destiny”, which may be a new battleground for the Halo series.

It should be noted that some of these entries are quite old (Halo, Halo 2). The search tool itself is new, meaning the information has only just been discovered, and may have been there for some time. In general, the list of games said to be added may just be rumor and speculation.

The Halo games are questionable. Microsoft could finally bring Halo 3 to PC, though the profits would be at a definite low considering the release of Halo 4 last November. Also, Halo 2 recently closed its multiplayer servers, which means it may not be profitable to transfer them to Steam.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Valve has created the Steam Box, which brings PC gaming to a wider audience.

PC Gamer reports that CDR has released a blog post about the reliability of these recent entries:

“There are lots of errors in the Steam Database, some bigger than others, and this might just be one of them. Is it a placeholder and is Halo 3 actually on it’s way to Steam? Or is it just another Steam Hub page that one of the publishers made for name-reserveration’s sake?”

Do you think Halo 3 is on its way to PC and Steam, or is it just another pipe dream?

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6 Responses to “Halo 3 For PC May Be Coming to Steam”

  1. Michael Jacobs

    please let halo 3 be realeased on pc it would be soooo cool cause I cant aford an xbox but I love halo and want to play halo 3 cause I have halo 2 pc.

  2. Peter John Cortana

    so am I, Ireally want to play it on pc, already played 1 and 2 on pc ~just wauting for 3.

  3. Shanu Patel

    I can play halo 3 x1000 times on pc , so please consider it to port on pc.

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