Playstation 4

Sony PS4 May Not Arrive In The UK Until 2014

Although gamers in the US and Japan might get their hands on the PS4 later this year, Sony’s new console may not arrive in the UK until 2014.

The company is reportedly set to unveil the new console on February 20. While no release dates for the machine have been announced as of this writing, Expert Reviews explains that gamers living in Europe may get the PS4 later than everyone else.

The same anonymous source that hinted at a possible delay also revealed Sony’s plans for the console’s release here in the US. Speaking to the folks at Edge, the individual stated the company intends to drop the machine onto retail shelves in time for the holiday season.

Also included in the conversation was information regarding some of the PS4’s new features. In addition to featuring built-in motion controls, the system is also rumored to come with a touch-screen interface not unlike the one packaged with the Nintendo Wii U.

According to MCV, the revamped Playstation 4 controller will feature a “Share” button that will allow players to upload a plethora of information to various social media sites. In addition to posting screenshots, gamers can share up to 15 minutes worth of gameplay video that is recorded by the console itself.

Also getting a fresh coat of paint is the Playstation Eye. The device will reportedly get an upgrade when the machine debuts later this year. The Eye will continue to be compatible with the Playstation Move.

None of this information has been confirmed by Sony as of this writing. Chances are the company will keep most of the juicy details regarding its new console under lock and key until the unveiling on February 20 at a New York press screening.

Are you looking forward to the Sony PS4? Will you pick up the new system when it arrives this Christmas?