Super Bowl Blackout

Super Bowl Blackout Won’t Stop Future New Orleans Hosted Championships

Super Bowl XVLII’s 34-minute blackout on Sunday will not affect New Orleans’ chances of hosting another Super Bowl in the future.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said on Monday that the league would love to host its biggest and most important event in New Orleans again. According to Goodell:

“I fully expect that we will be back here for Super Bowls. And I hope we will be back. We want to be back.”

Officials in New Orleans note that the power outage was caused by an “abnormality” in the Superdome’s power system.

Goodell assures fans that had the power outage not been fixed soon that officials had the go ahead to flip on an emergency backup system at the stadium.

The NFL commissioner says of the blackout:

“This is clearly something that can be fixed, and it’s clearly something that we can prepare for, and we will.”

Roger Goodell continues:

“We knew they have an interest in future Super Bowls, and we look forward to evaluating that. Going forward, I don’t think this will have any impact at all on what I think will be remembered for one of the greatest Super Bowl weeks.”

The blackout marked the first time New Orleans had hosted the Super Bowl since 2002.

Sure, the Super Bowl 47 blackout wasn’t ideal, but power outages happen.

In the meantime, the blackout did allow both Oreo and Tide Detergent to launch super quick blackout ads that both went viral. Those ads once again proved how the internet can be a free and more effective way to deliver commercials compared to multi-million dollar Super Bowl ads.