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Detroit Basketball Coach Shoots Two Teenagers Outside School

Michigan coach shoots two teenagers

Detroit, MI – A Michigan basketball coach shot two young attackers outside the school building. The 70-year-old Martin Luther King Junior High School coach was walking two of his female players to their cars when the attack and shooting occurred.

The unnamed Detroit basketball coach killed one of the teenage attackers and seriously wounded another, Fox News reports. The two young men were reportedly attempting to rob the elderly coach.

Michael Scott, 16, was shot and killed during the attack at the Detroit school parking lot. One of the young men allegedly pulled a gun on the coach. The Michigan coach reached in his pocket for his own weapon and fired back. The other alleged attacker was seriously injured.

Priscilla Scott, the mother of the alleged teen robber told My Fox Detroit that her son did not own a gun. Both of the young robbery suspects once reportedly attended Martin Luther King Junior High School. One of the teenagers had allegedly been expelled from the Michigan school.

The Detroit coach, a reserve police officer, had a concealed carry permit. The injured alleged robber reportedly remains at the Detroit Receiving Hospital in serious condition. The incident happened around 7:30 pm, Click On Detroit reports.

Another elderly Detroit resident also reportedly used a legally owned gun to shoot a man attempting a robbery last week. In 2002, a gun survey indicated that firearm ownership had increased among folks 65 and older. Older Americans are also reportedly signing up for gun training classes in larger numbers recently.

Does the attempted robbery of the Detroit coach indicate that carrying a gun for personal safety is a wise choice?

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12 Responses to “Detroit Basketball Coach Shoots Two Teenagers Outside School”

  1. Kevin Krzyzanski

    His name was Michael Scott. Clearly, Steve Carrell is white.

  2. Terry Tempel

    This is a real shame…..the coach should have killed both perps. I'm amazed the mother didn't say "he was such a good boy!" Give the coach a medal and reward.

  3. Anonymous

    Why is there a photo of a white guy's hand with a gun? Nice job media, setting up racial drama. How pathetic! There is enough wrong with this wold. I agree that this was self defense. You don't want to get shot, don't rob people. Mama didn't teach them much I guess.

  4. Anonymous

    Justice was served immediately. The way of the old West. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  5. Anonymous

    Well of course her son doesn't "Own" a gun. He probably stole it from someone. As for the second kid, the coach should have used the philosphy of "attackers will be shot…….survivors will be shot AGAIN".

  6. Chuck Shirk

    Lets see if he gets the George Zimmerman treatment. Where is the Rev Sharpton and could these young men make our president think if he had a son??? White or black shouldn't everyone be treated equally?

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