Demi Lovato confined to crutches

Demi Lovato Confined To Crutches After Falling

Demi Lovato was confined to crutches after injuring her right leg this past weekend.

The 20-year-old X Factor judge broke her leg at the sober living establishment where she has been residing, apparently after her roommate cleaned the hardwood floors with Pledge, according to one tweet. She tweeted pictures of herself reaching for her crutches and another of her leg in a black cast.

For over a year, the “Give Your Heart a Break” singer has been renting a room in a sober house in Los Angeles in order to remain healthy. She previously did a stint in rehab and was released in January 2011.

Lovato has struggled with eating disorders and self-mutilation in addition to being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Last July, the former Disney starlet revealed that she used to cut herself because she felt if she “didn’t do something physical to match the way [she] felt inside, [she] would explode.”

Now, Lovato is taking better care of herself and her health, which has included taking a break from a hectic schedule. The Sonny with a Chance star has resolved to stay on the straight and narrow by staying away from negative people. She said:

“I’m now taking better care of myself. I don’t let my schedule determine who I am. I don’t fly around the world constantly. I don’t work 24/7. You need to be careful of who you hang out with, people you listen to. They can lead you down the wrong path, they can give you the wrong kind of direction. Try to stay away from the temptation.”

Lovato was in good spirits despite her tumble, however, even tweeting a picture of Marilyn Monroe with the caption, “WERK Marilyn… WERK!!!!!”

We wish Demi Lovato a speedy recovery.