Super Bowl 2013: Jacoby Jones 109 Yard Longest Kickoff Return

Super Bowl 2013: Jacoby Jones 109 Yard Longest Kickoff Return

Super Bowl 2013 is now marked by Jacoby Jones and his 109 yard record for the NFL’s longest kickoff return. With the score hanging at 28 to 6 in favor of the Ravens, the 49-ers might as well turn off the rest of the lights in the stadium and go hide from the wrath of hooligan fans.

Jacoby Jones is not a newcomer to the longest kickoff return. As CBS reported, back in October Jacoby Jones didn’t appear to be touched by any Cowboys as he galloped for a 108-yard touchdown.

The longest kickoff return NFL record used to be 108 yards, and Jacoby Jones shared this distinction with Ellis Hobbs of the New England Patriots and Randall Cobb of the Green Bay Packers. The previous longest return NFL record was made by Antonio Cromartie of the San Diego Chargers who returned a missed field goal 109 yards against the Minnesota Vikings on November 4, 2007. So, in addition to solely owning the record of the longest kickoff return, Jacoby Jones has also tied the categorical record for longest returns.

According to the Pro Football Hall of Fame official website, Jacoby Jones previously had this to say about his longest kickoff return in NFL history:

“You know when you get that itch? I wanted to scratch it. So I took it.”

I have not seen an up to date interview with Jacoby Jones in the midst of the stadium lights snafu, but I’m sure he would have had something similar to say.

UPDATE: The NFL has officially decided that Jacoby Jones did not make 109 yards but instead only 108 yards. So while he’s not making a completely new record it still can be said that he’s the first to tie the record twice.

SB Nation must have had some precognition since they had this to say right before the lights went out in the Super Bowl stadium:

“Barring some kind of miracle, it looks like we’re heading for our first “Super Bore” since the Buccaneers dismantled the Raiders.”

Since Muhammad Ali is apparently a Ravens fan, I’m sure he was pumping his fists in the air as Jacoby Jones made the longest kickoff return NFL record. What are you thoughts on Super Bowl 2013 so far?