Seth Rogen Paul Rudd Super Bowl commercial

Super Bowl Sunday Commercials: Korean Firms Try To Score [Video]

For Super Bowl 47, about 40 companies bought commercial air time, coughing up a total of approximately $300 million. A 30-second ad costs each company about $3.8 million for air time. Most of them are for US-based businesses, but South Korean companies have apparently made a big push for dominance in Super Bowl ads.

Contrary to all the so-called experts, the game appears to a blowout in favor of the Baltimore Ravens (or maybe not), so perhaps you’re finding yourself paying more attention to the commercials.

Forbes, which earlier today article that Korean firms are going to be everywhere during the NFL Championship game, provides the specifics of Korea’s strong presence during the Super Bowl broadcast:

“Samsung will have an ad for mobile devices featuring Hollywood stars Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd.

“Kia will school us on where babies come from and show us a kick-ass female robot. She will probably be very sexy.

“Hyundai will air three different ads, including a Sonata Turbo racing a butt-cracking motor cyclist and one set to a Quiet Riot metal head throwback from the early 80s, ‘Bang Your Head’. “

Rapper Psy of “Gangnam Style” fame has also cut an ad for Wonderful Pistachios.

The two-minute Seth Rogen-Paul Rudd “next big thing” Samsung commercial also features Bod Odenkirk (corrupt lawyer Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad) and LeBron James and was directed by Jon Favreau.

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? Do you find them more interesting than the actual game?

Watch the Samsung and Kia Super Bowl 47 ads: