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Super Bowl 2013 Budweiser Commercials: Where’s The Clydesdales?

Super Bowl 2013 Budweiser Commercials: Where's The Clydesdales?

COMMENTARY | The Super Bowl 2013 Budweiser commercials have been… interesting so far. Taking a much darker tone, this year’s crop of Super Bowl commercials from Anheuser-Busch are featuring voodoo men and serious-acting rich people partying away in mansions.

So far these Budweiser Super Bowl commercials have been anything but sexy or funny. The one featuring a voodoo man was mostly creepy although the voodoo dolls at the end added a lighthearted moment. But where are the signature Budweiser Clydesdale commercials?

Super Bowl 2013 will be featuring a newly born baby Clydesdale that is only about two weeks old. Using #clydesdales, Budweiser also is asking Twitter followers of @Budweiserand Facebook friends to help name the foal.

According to WCNC, Jeff Knapper, general manager of Clydesdale operations for Budweiser Warm Spring Ranch, says that Chicago, Spunky Brewster, Homie, Tribute, Memory and Boomerang are some of the names suggested so far:

“This newest member of the Budweiser Clydesdale family was 7 days old on the day this part of the Super Bowl commercial was filmed. A star was truly born on Jan. 16.”

The requirements for becoming a Budweiser clydesdales are very strict. According to the Daily Mail, clydesdales that don’t meet these requirements are sold for $5,000 a piece:

“We have very, very stringent requirements to be a Budweiser Clydesdale. They must have a white blaze, a black mane and tail… and four white, stocking feet.”

People on Twitter are using #SuperBowl47 as the major hashtag of the night.

What do you think about the Super Bowl 2013 commercials from Budweiser? What would you name the baby Clydesdale?

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38 Responses to “Super Bowl 2013 Budweiser Commercials: Where’s The Clydesdales?”

  1. Lorraine Stuart

    What a wonderful commercial and ending. Animals never forget.

  2. Karen Takah

    That was the best commercial by far! Name suggestions for cute foal – 'Bud for Life', 'Buds Forever' or 'Bud & Me'.

  3. Lou Rogers

    Damn, I'm not sure who the MORON is that writes this stuff, but with all the crap goin on in the world and the only thing U'v got to write & cry about is th way there wasn't enough Clydesdales in their commercial, then U need to get a LIFE. I thought it was very passionate & gave Us a small insight on the feelings that "DO GO WITH" bringing up a possible Clydesdale inductee…U heartless Bastard…

  4. Becky Link

    I loved this commercial. It made me cry. I feel if we do not have a Clydsdale horse at the Super Bowl something is missing.

  5. Roe Faraone

    I have watched this at least 20 times and cry every time! There is nothing quite as touching as the love of a person and an animal and vica verse. Thank you for reminding me how deep that bond runs.

  6. Lauri Gerald

    I agree, that series of commercials are the best & that "Farmer" commercial was no slouch…….the wasn't bad either, Yeah Ravens!

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