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Kevin Garnett Trade Could Be On As Clippers Move To Sign Celtics Star

Kevin Garnett Trade Could Be On As Clippers Move To Sign Celtics Star

A Kevin Garnett trade could soon become a reality, according to a new Sporting News report.

The veteran Boston Celtics star has reportedly caught the attention of the Los Angeles Clippers, who are looking for an experienced head to guide them through the playoff jungle. Sean Deveney at Sporting News says the team has approached the Celtics about acquiring the 36-year-old, with Caron Butler and Eric Bledsoe set to go in the other direction. Deveney writes:

“Interest in Garnett is seen as proof the Clippers believe they can be a championship contender in the NBA’s Western Conference.”

As chance would have it, the Clippers will face the Celtics in Boston this weekend, meaning Garnett could face his potential future teammates on Sunday night.

A Kevin Garnett trade would face at least one significant obstacle: The veteran center has a no-trade clause in his contract, and would have to agree to waive it if any deal was to happen.

Acquiring Garnett would be a major boon for the Clippers. The center, who has 18 NBA seasons’ worth of experience to call upon, remains an impressively fit individual. He has started all 46 of Boston’s games this season, averaging 14.9 points and 7.3 rebounds per game, with 50.5 percent shooting from the field. He was NBA MVP in 2003-04 and Defensive Player of the Year in 2007-08.

Crucially, Garnett also has huge playoff experience. The Clippers were cruelly exposed during last year’s playoffs, with many pundits arguing the San Antonio Spurs took advantage of the Clips’ limited playoff experience.

He could also help rescue the Clippers’ recent form: The team is currently 34-14 in the Western Conference standings, but has dropped five of its last seven games.

However, not everybody is convinced that a Kevin Garnett trade to the Clippers would be sensible. Bleacher Report‘s Michael Lingberg writes:

“[A Kevin Garnett trade] is certainly an intriguing prospect. It would certainly signal the Clippers’ desire to win right now, and Garnett would make them an even more dangerous contender than they already are.

“But would it be a good idea for Los Angeles to trade away Eric Bledsoe who is their only truly promising young player? Would it be smart to trade the future away for a man who might not be a Clipper past next season?

“This wouldn’t make much sense for Boston, either. Bledsoe is a starting-caliber point guard, but would be stuck behind Rajon Rondo next season.”

What would you make of a Kevin Garnett trade from Boston to L.A.? Would both sides really benefit?

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23 Responses to “Kevin Garnett Trade Could Be On As Clippers Move To Sign Celtics Star”

  1. Anonymous

    clippers….don't be dummies….pass on this guy… he's soft….won't blend in with your other guys….please pass..

  2. Purgatory Blues

    "Obstacle"? What are they kidding? KG lives in the off season in Los Angeles. If this trade actually happens, he is GONE.

  3. Craig Franzblau

    Why would anyone want a 37 year old player who is known to be dirty and a high contract? Dumb dumb dumb…. dumb!

  4. Anonymous

    Dumb rumour, dumb trade for both teams. With Billups and Paul hurt and Crawford semi-hurt, Clippers need guards, not bigs. If they trade Bledsoe, who's going to run point…Vinnie Del Negro? Grant Hill, a forward, is playing backup point because they're at the end of their bench. If Odom, Butler, and Bled would just step it up a bit (the way the Celts have since Rondo was hurt), the Clippers willl be fine until Paul heals up.

  5. Greg Post

    This rumor absolutely makes me sick! KG needs to retire in Boston. They resigned him in Boston for his experience, leadership and intensity not to mention he's been playing pretty well this year. Also KG is like a coach on the court and he is great for grooming the younger players on the team. I swear after all the seasons of supposed impending Rondo trades and then we end up doing this the Celtics will officially be on my shit list!

  6. Gary Pepin

    KG isn't going any where period. This would be a horrible trade for the Celtics, seeing as they need BIGS and not more guards and a STIFF SF.

  7. Pariss K. London

    @smawaff, you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about, nobody win the NBA MVP and defensive player of the yr and is considered soft!!!! you're f n soft shut the f up idiot

  8. Pariss K. London

    NO Trade clause means, no trade, Garnett will retire a celtic, plus he don't want to play for them he is very loyal to the boston organization!

  9. Lance Reinhardt

    LOL an asshole maybe but Soft your nuts. KG is as tough as they come.

  10. Joseph Williams

    36 yr old who is still getting it done craig he may not be the player he used to be as father time gets everyone but he is still a good player

  11. Anonymous

    this actually makes sense for the Clippers to up the caliber of their half court game for the play-offs.

  12. Greg Post

    KG has a lot of pride, and rightfully so, if he feels disrespected by the Celtics why not go to a top championship contender?? I know he wants to retire in Boston, but he also wants the Celtics to feel the same.

  13. Robert Gadling Jr.

    Garnett lives in LA during the off season. He lived there even when he played for the Timberwolves. If this trade comes up, he is definitely gone.

  14. Ryan M Voss

    There's no updated articles, but in 2011 he was still listed as the home owner in Orono, MN, and he also has/had a house in Malibu, CA and Concord, MA

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