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Super Bowl XLVII: 10 Prop Bets For Sunday’s Game [Video]

What color Gatorade will be poured on coach Harbaugh? How long will it take for Alicia Keys to sing the National Anthem? These very important questions will be answered today during Super Bowl XLVII and if you bet correctly you could end up winning a little money.

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest gambling days in the United States. And yes, people are betting on a lot more than just the winner of the game. People will make bets today on everything from the coin toss to the final score.

Here are some of the best prop bets for Super Bowl XLVII.

1. Length of the National Anthem.

  • Over 2 minutes, 10 seconds (+110)
  • Under 2 minutes, 10 seconds (-150)

Before the game begins Alicia Keys will step up to the mic and sing the National Anthem. Will she drag out the notes for emotional emphasis? According to MLive, Beyonce’s lip-synced National Anthem last month lasted two minutes and 19 seconds. Kelly Clarkson, who sang the song last year, finished in under two minutes.

You can also bet on Alicia Keys getting booed. But don’t. Because it’s not going to happen.

2. The coin toss.

It’s a 50/50 shot. If you know nothing about football and don’t really care about the game, this is the bet for you.

3. How many times will “Harbaugh” be said during the game?

There will be two Harbaugh’s on the sidelines today. It is the first time in Super Bowl history that two head coach brothers have met at the Super Bowl and the media has been having a field day with the story line. Vegas currently has the over – under at 22 1/2. They’ll probably hit that in the first quarter.

4. Will Jay-Z perform at the halftime show.

The Baltimore Ravens and the SF 49ers may have worked all year for today’s game but everyone knows this is Beyonce’s Super Bowl. The question is: Will her all-star husband join her on stage?

  • Yes (-105)
  • No (-135)

5. Will Beyonce wear her hair straight or curly?

There’s plenty of speculation surrounding Beyonce’s half time performance. Will she have a wardrobe malfunction? Will she wear her hair straight? What color top will be she wearing? Non-sports fans will have plenty to bet on when Beyonce steps up on stage.

  • Straight (5/7)
  • Curly/Crimped (1/1)

6. What color will the Gatorade be?

One coach Harbaugh is bound to get hit with a bucket of Gatorade at the end of today’s game. Will it be yellow? Green? The safe money is on water but where’s the excitement in that?

  • Yellow – 1/1
  • Clear/water – 9/4
  • Orange – 15/4
  • Red – 13/2
  • Green – 7/1
  • Blue – 15/2

7. How long will the postgame hug between Jim and John Harbaugh last?

We have two brothers playing in the Super Bowl this year so the post-game hug could be a long one. But will it be longer than 7.5 seconds?

8. How many people will watch the game?

The Super Bowl draws a massive TV audience. Last year’s game was the largest in history with 110 million viewers. Will Super Bowl XLVII beat that number? The over – under is currently at 111 million.

Side bet: How many tweets per second will be sent during the game. Last year, tweets per second peeked at about 10,000. The over – under this year is 17,000.

9. Who will be thanked first by the Super Bowl MVP?

We all know that the MVP this year will thank God, his teammates, his coach and his family. But who is he going to thank first?

  • Teammates – 8/5
  • God – 5/2
  • Coach – 12/1
  • Family – 15/1
  • Owner – 20/1
  • No one – 3/2

10. Will Jack or Jackie Harbaugh be wearing any team colors?

The parents of Jim and John Harbaugh will be at today’s game but who will they be rooting for? Will they be wearing any Ravens or 49ers memorabilia?

  • Yes (2/1)
  • No (1/3)

You can see more Super Bowl prop bets here or check out the video below.