Tim Tebow Was 'Forced' On Owner Woody Johnson, New Jets GM Says

Tebow Trade Rumors: Jets Hoping To Trade Tebow For Draft Pick

Tim Tebow’s days as a New York Jet are pretty much over. The latest rumor is that the Jets are hoping to trade the underused quarterback at the start of the new league year for a mid to late round draft pick.

The Jets could release Tebow in order to free up some space under the salary cap but according to ESPN’s Adam Schaefter the Jets are still hoping to trade Tebow for something. The Jets quarterback, however, isn’t bringing in many offers.

CBS reports that there are a number of reasons for teams to be hesitant about trading for Tebow. He’s been widely criticized for his skills in the quarterback position, he will bring a media circus with him wherever he goes, and he’s out of practice. The Jets only used him during 73 offensive plays int he 2012 season.

Tebow’s stock is pretty low at the moment but the Jets are still hoping to trade him at the start of next year.

ESPN writes:

“The first day the Jets would be able to trade Tebow would be Tuesday, March 12, and they want to see if there’s any other team out there willing to surrender a mid- to late-round draft pick for the quarterback who helped the Denver Broncos win a playoff game last season.”

Former Packers executive Andrew Brandt doesn’t think that the Jets are going to have an easy time making a trade.

SB Nation also says that a trade will be a hard sell for the Jets. Tebow isn’t going to be in New York next year and the NFL knows that. Any team that’s interested in signing a hybrid quarterback / tight end / punt protector / water boy will wait the Jets out until Tebow is released.