Caleb Moore Cause of Death

Caleb Moore: Coroner Releases Details About Snowmobile Death

Caleb Moore passed away on Thursday morning after suffering severe brain damage. Following his death, the Pitkin County coroner in Colorado released details about the X Games star’s death.

In a press release, Deputy coroner Eric Hansen ruled the death accidental and noted that “physiological support was provided throughout the day until organ donations could be completed.”

Moore’s official time of death was listed at 9:30 am mountain time.

Caleb Moore crashed his snowmobile on January 24 in the X Games Aspen. Moore was attempting a backflip in the snowmobile freestyle final, and, upon failure of the trick, his 450-pound snowmobile rolled over his body.

Moore originally walked off the course but was diagnosed with a concussion and rushed to St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction following complications from his accident. Moore was soon after diagnosed with a heart contusion and underwent emergency surgery on January 25.

On Sunday, Caleb Moore was diagnosed with a “brain complication” and listed in “critical condition.”

Moore’s death is the first in the history of the X Games, which debuted in 1997.

ESPN, owner of the X Games, announced this week that it would conduct a full safety review of its extreme sporting events.

Caleb Moore’s family has received more than $50,000 to pay for his medical expenses. Money for the Snowmobiler’s medical expenses was raised online through a Give Forward fund. Moore’s friend, and Australian snowmobiler Jackson Strong is auctioning his 2012 Polaris in honor of Moore.

Caleb Moore’s sponsor Rockstar Energy Drinks is also covering medical and funeral costs for the Moore family.

An official autopsy has not yet been released.