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Major Applewhite Had Affair With Student Trainer At 2009 Fiesta Bowl

Major Applewhite Had Affair With Student Trainer At 2009 Fiesta Bowl

Major Applewhite had an affair with a student trainer while his Texas Longhorns were competing at the 2009 Fiesta Bowl, reports this weekend revealed.

Applewhite, an assistant football coach for Texas, acknowledged the affair and Texas announced that his pay was frozen for a year and he was forced to undergo counseling. The assistant coach was also warned that further incidents would result in more serious consequences, WFAA noted.

Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds released a statement on the incident, saying that Major Applewhite admitted his conduct after the school initiated an inquiry.

Dodds said:

“Major fully accepted his discipline, including counseling. We have high standards for behavior and expect our staff and coaches to adhere to them in all aspects of their lives. I believe that the appropriate discipline was taken in this case.”

After news broke of the affair, Major Applewhite also released a statement on the incident:

“Several years ago, I made a regretful decision resulting in behavior that was totally inappropriate. It was a one-time occurrence and was a personal matter. Shortly after it occurred, I discussed the situation with DeLoss Dodds. I was upfront and took full responsibility for my actions. This is and was resolved four years ago with the University. Through counsel I have worked with my wife and the incident is behind us. I am regretful for my mistake and humbled by this experience. I am deeply sorry for the embarrassment it has caused my friends, family, and the University. I appreciate all of them. I’ve learned and grown from this and look forward to my work at Texas.”

Major Applewhite offered no further details and has not spoken publicly about the affair.

The Major Applewhite affair is not the first incidence of a Texas coach engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a student. Women’s track coach Bey Kearney resigned in January as the school was in the process of firing her for a 2002 affair with one of her athletes.

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  1. Alan Dale

    Wow….now having sex with legal adults gets you in trouble…consenual ones even….WOW….we are a really fucked up nation, huh?

  2. Theresa Silipino-Morgan

    We are also a sexist nation. He gets to keep his job and Bey Kearney gets fired? Check one off for the old boy network.

  3. George Farrington

    In Texas, apparently it still matters if you are a black lesbian instead of a white male sporting a heterosexual vagina-finder. I bet he owns guns and voted for Romney, how about you?

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