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Lil Wayne: I Don’t Watch Nicki Minaj On ‘American Idol’

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Lil Wayne may be one of Nicki Minaj’s biggest fans but he still hasn’t tuned in to watch his protege on American Idol.

One of the main draws to this season of American Idol is the new talent in the judging chairs. Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey have numerous public spats and Lil Wayne said that he wasn’t really interested in tuning in to watch the cat fight.

Wayne said:

“Actually, I’ve never watched it … When I talk to her she’s always tells me, `You don’t wanna watch that, you’re not going to be into it.’ She knows me … It’s kind of like a cat fight where they be going back and forth type of thing, I’m not into all that.”

But that doesn’t mean that Wayne isn’t a fan of Minaj or the show. Nicki said last month that Lil Wayne actually pushed her to do American Idol.

Minaj said that she was very nervous about joining such a popular show but that she was convinced after she talked to Lil Wayne.

Minaj said:

“I asked a lot of people I really cared about if I should do it and the last person that I asked was Lil Wayne. He said ‘Absolutely do it’ and that was my last thing where I found peace with it, so I did it, I signed on the dotted line.”

Are you surprised that Lil Wayne hasn’t seen Nicki Minaj on American Idol?

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13 Responses to “Lil Wayne: I Don’t Watch Nicki Minaj On ‘American Idol’”

  1. Victoria Duffy

    Actually, she's been more positive and popular on the show than the HAS BEEN, Mariah. Yes, Mariah can sing, yes she is a legend, but she is waaaay too full of herself. She might have paid her dues on levels that Nicki hasn't, but Mariah is and always will be a stuck up bitch.

  2. India Hamilton

    The only reason Nicki Minaj is even on the show is because American Idol was failing at ratings so they needed someone who's in the eye of attention (-__-), which is obviously her. They didn't care who can sing, who can dance, who can skip or can jump, they wanted somebody who was going to lure in more viewers. And the sad part about it is Nicki and Mariah nick-picking with each other is the only thing the show has going for itself.

  3. Nicole Marcellus Green

    Who cares? Idol is BS. I could care less about this show. No one except for the two white girls were pushed and have careers…where in the hell did the rest of the winners go?

  4. Angelo Junior

    Lil Wayne has a clone…proof is check out the Friday picture by Jordan on feb 1st at his hometown for trukfit wear and notice his face is not the same with this photo on feb 2 with him and niki. the tattoos are different WTF…the show is the last thing I'm worried about next to this. and niki is possessed by legion. she is gone.

  5. Anonymous

    Chris Daughtry is a awesome rock star, he came out the best throughout the show

  6. Tawanda Harris

    And what polls have you been looking at…Nicki Minaj has no business judging other people's talent, she is a clown and will be a distraction because of all those stupid outfits she's going to wear!! If Mariah is stuck up, which I don't think she is, she has earned the right to be stuck up!!

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