General Hospital

Jack Wagner Will Return To ‘General Hospital’ Next Week

Actor Jack Wagner will return to soap opera General Hospital after being away from the series for nearly two decades.

Wagner will once again portray secret agent Frisco Jones on the long-running daytime drama. According to Access Hollywood, the actor left the soap roughly 18 years ago. Although many thought the character was gone for good, Wagner is reportedly all set to make his return.

The actor explained:

“I think, in life, we never can anticipate where it’s going to take us, so to be back here and to be working with Kristina [Wagner], my ex-wife, who’s just so beautiful and wonderful, and to have so many of the core characters back from the ‘80s, when ‘General Hospital’ was so huge — [it’s] been awesome. I’m really happy. I’m glad I came back.”

As for Frisco Jones, Wagner had a long chat with the producers about how the character’s return would be handled.

He said:

“When I talked to Frank [Valentini], the [executive] producer, and we decided that Frisco would come back it’s like, ‘Is he coming back [with the] ‘out of the Turkish prison look,’ with a little gruffy beard and Harrison Ford in ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark,’ or, is going to be more Michael Douglas ‘Wall Street’? So he said, ‘Let’s make it Turkish prison.’ So, I’ve cleaned up since I’ve been back.’ “

According to the Examiner, Jack Wagner is set to return to General Hospital on February 4. One week later, Genie Francis will return to the soap as Laura Spencer. All of this reportedly ties in to the show’s 50th anniversary this April.

Needless to say, countless General Hospital fans are excited about Wagner’s highly-anticipated return to the drama.

Are you a fan of Jack Wagner? Are you looking forward to his return to General Hospital next week?