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Freshman Suspended Over Gun Photo On School-Issued Computer

Freshman Suspended Over Gun Photo On School-Issued Computer

A freshman was suspended over a gun photo after officials at his high school noticed that the background picture for his computer showed an AK-47 on top of a flag.

Daniel McLaine Jr. is a freshman at Arizona’s Poston Butte High School, and said he was the one who put the gun picture on his school-issued computer. When a teacher noticed the desktop, the freshman was suspended over the gun photo.

McLaine said he found the photo on the internet and the gun doesn’t belong to him.

School policy had dictated that students were prohibited from “sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures,” and cannot access, send, create or forward pictures that are considered “harassing, threatening, or illegal.” The school argued that the freshman broke these rules since he put the gun photo on school property.

The freshman who got suspended over the gun photo disagrees, ABC 15 reported.

“This gun wallpaper does not show anything that’s violent. It’s not showing anybody getting shot in any way,” McLaine said. “It’s just a picture of a gun. It’s nothing — nobody getting shot, nobody getting it pointed at them, it’s nothing.”

School officials noted that a tense atmosphere surrounding guns has made officials more sensitive to incidents like this.

Dana Hawman, a spokesperson for the Florence Unified School District, said in a statement:

“Although we cannot specifically discuss student discipline, we can certainly agree that violence in schools is a sensitive and timely issue. Students, parents and staff are on edge, and the daily news delivers more reasons for caution. All of us must work together to protect our kids and to cultivate an environment that is conducive to learning.”

The boy’s father, Daniel McLaine Sr., said he disagrees with the three-day suspension and said his son should have at least had a warning first.

The freshman suspended over the gun photo at least caught one break, the Daily Caller reported. After his father talked with school officials, the suspension was reduced.

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91 Responses to “Freshman Suspended Over Gun Photo On School-Issued Computer”

  1. Edwin Johnston

    wow would he have been suspended for showing a screw driver on a flag! Inaminent objects..get over it your lib pieces of knee jerk reaction democrats!

  2. Jim Suhr

    In other news today a school somewhere suspended a student who was using a picture of Obama as a background. It's another inanimate object that doesn't actually do anything, but in the wrong hands can be used for a great deal of damage.

  3. Kat Welty

    The school officials admitted that they are being sensitive yet still suspended the boy. This is absolutely ridiculous! "Offensive pictures" is very vague and was probably meant toward those of the sexual nature, additionally, he neither created, sent or forwarded this picture.

  4. Emily Bee

    so wait, does that mean obama shouldn't be president anymore? I mean the white hose released a picture of him shooting a gun. doesn't that make him a hypocrite?

  5. Kat Welty

    Obama didn't suspend the kid, the school did. Obama doesn't make the rules for school districts nor does he micro-manage schools across the country. But I get what you are saying.

  6. Nanook North

    That's liberals for you, so tolerant of other points of view!

  7. Brandon Edwards

    I'm sorry, but you're an idiot. This has nothing to do with being gay, or straight.

  8. John Mclane

    Good God! Suspended over a PHOTO of a gun! These government/state institutions are trying to manipulate & progandate anything to do with guns. What ever happened to THE RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH NO MATTER WHAT THEIR SCHOOL POLICY SAYS. No wonder kids are taking guns to school.The teachers look for any reason/excuse not to teach! Teachers as authoritive figures are good at pointing the finger and blaming others so teachers look smart and others stupid. yup! make a picture bad! make a student look stupid rather than educate them! and get self publicity!

  9. Frank Dean

    a school asked the parents of a deaf 3-year-old to change his name, as his signing gesture violated schools gun policy.

  10. Steven Moreland

    Right, because conservatives are SO tolerant of other points of view. Get real.

  11. Jamie Jerface

    lol, I was using "2 TERMZ" as my background on a school computer (a photoshopped photo of Obama in the style of rapper 2 Chainz" and nobody seemed to mind. I did get a few stares, though, lol.

  12. Brooks Hubbard

    Actually in most school handbooks, concerning internet usage on a school computer, you can't look up images like this because it involves a weapon. Plus you might look like a commie with a AK-47 laying on top of a Russian flag.

  13. Lee Thetford

    Steven Moreland -both sides have faults to say one or the other is perfect is to display your own ignorance, Nanook North simply stated a humorous example of what probably would have been true if the school officials had been conservatives, he never said anything in regards to tolerance.

  14. Anonymous

    Does this school go through all the history books and magazines in their library and black/censor out pictures of guns? This school sounds like something from a bad movie where the teachers are shown to be totalitarian tyrants. Kind of a mirror of the way things are at the national level.

  15. Ronnie Robertson

    Another bunch of sensitive dumb #### leading a school, I don't blame anyone for homeschooling.

  16. Josh Wymore

    a fat right winger playing the blame game on Liberals, that's new.

  17. Josh Wymore

    Wow, you're an intolerant piece of shit, this article had nothing to do with gays, or anything you just mentioned, you must make your fat dead parents proud.

  18. Michael Hartnett

    School rules are school rules. It's been this way since pre-9/11. Guess what? You can't wear beer T-shirts or clothing with swear words on it or exposed underwear. You can't use their computers to surf the web for porn, guns, alcohol, cigarettes, chatroulette or skype.Ebay, craigslist or otherwise. Wow, schools have student rules and regulations! Who would've thought.

  19. Anonymous

    It's very early for me and I can't think of the right words, but I hope you guys get the gist of what I'm about to type.

    I can understand how a teenager having a gun as their wallpaper can make parents, students, and faculty feel uneasy. What I don't understand is how suspending the kid solves anything. If that kid has issues, in 3 days he'll be back on campus with those same issues–perhaps, even back with a vengeance.

    What the school should do instead is require 3 days of mandatory counseling with the school counselor for all kids who are suspected of being troubled. If the child is determined to still be at risk after the 3 days with the school counselor, then the school should require that the kid's parents get him or her outside counseling before the kid could be allowed back on school grounds.

    The kid's new counselor would be required to sign off daily, weekly, or monthly (depending on the recommendation of the school counselor) on whether the child should continue to be allowed on school grounds. The school counselor will continue to be updated on the kid's progress. The kid's privacy will not be violated because this will be overseen by the school counselor and school officials would only be notified if the kid is deemed to be a threat.

    The school should provide information about low and no cost counseling within the community to parents who can't afford it. And also work with aprents to resolve potential transportation and scheduling issues some parents might have.

    Anyway, suspension doesn't solve anything is my point. A well thought out plan needs to be in place for the sake of our children.

  20. Pat Hill

    Say what you want, if you haven't read the school code of conduct then you must not understand school boundaries. Any moron would know that schools prohibit any absurd photos on their computer. Even if the teacher would have allow it, they do monitor every class computer especially for virus check up. The idea that people in here who actually think this violates the first amendment may not realize how idiotic that sounds when the purpose of school is to learn and not post pictures up on your facebook during class. So excuse me for sounding moral about this because everyone who jump to early conclusion forgot to think before posting statements. I guess there is a lack of education or concern for education on here.

  21. Tommy Huntington

    Aren't there pictures of guns in school books? What other pictures are not allowed? Do you forfiet your first amendment rights at the door to the school?

  22. Zayin Wells

    I actually think the school had grounds to ban this picture. I am a pro-gun person, but I would deem this picture as violent, the flag represents a state or "cause", and the assault rifle represents militant action, along with a sharp bayonet representing bloodshed. I agree with the administration, just not the punishment.

  23. Aaron Cyrus

    wasn't on facebook. was on the school desktop. if its a computer class. Kid's have to earn how to use em.

  24. Mark Beckerini

    Really?…What leads you to believe this boy is troubled? He certainly hasn't made any overtures of a violent nature. He hasn't threatened anyone. This kid doesn't need any counseling. All that happened is that a 15yr old boy loaded a photo onto a school laptop that his school administrators disapprove of. In this climate of anti-gun hysteria, he probably should have thought about the ramifications a little more. However, most 15yr old boys don't do that. Most 15yr old boys don't think at all! The computer belongs to the school and inasmuch, they have the right to determine what can or can't be loaded on it. No question or argument there. What would have been ideal was, when the teacher saw the photo, he or she should have required him to remove it, with maybe an essay on why such a photo isn't allowed. Maybe some after school time as well. Then that be the end of it. But no…the brainless "0 tolerance policy" that school districts have implemented don't allow for common sense. So, the boy broke a rule and was punished with suspension but, as it turns out, the suspension was reduced. However, I think any suspension for a photo is more than a bit harsh, and he certainly doesn't need counseling! There does need to be a punishment but it needs to fit the offense.

  25. Robert Shores

    That's the biggest bunch of bullshat I've seen lately.
    A picture is worth more than a childs kick him out of school for 3 days, and what has been acomplished by it NOTHING.The School District and Dana Hawman are a bunch of idiots.GUN issue? If a student really did something wrong, Beat their Ass send them back to class and call their parents and tell them also.It All boils down to Political Bullshit.

  26. Jill G. Privette

    Suspension doesn't solve anything, and neither does counseling. Why do people think that forcing someone to go to counseling, when they are not choosing to do so on their own, is going to actually help anyone? Counseling only helps if the person decides to go on his own, not when he is made to go sit in a room with a person that they don't know and don't trust. How would that ever help anybody? Imagine yourself being forced to go to counseling. Do you really think you will be listening to anything they are saying? And why should someone be forced to go to counseling over a stupid picture? All this is boiling down to us all losing our right to free speech and all of our other freedoms given to us by our constitution and by God himself, since he gave us all free will. How can a school or the government take that away from us? It is not their right to do so. Our constitutional freedom and God-given free will trumps their so-called right to take this away from us all. IMHO

  27. Kelly Yoder Goodson

    I personally don't see a problem with it, and I am saying that as a mother of 2. With the violence issues happening now schools and other public services have to enforce zero tolerance. It is where we are at in our lives.

  28. Ron Noble

    in the wake of recent school shootings and events he should have been suspended.

  29. Ron Noble

    seriously???? a bit homophobic you think??…. your a closet fag huh??

  30. Jeff Sarmiento

    Since when did the second amendment become offensive? Oh yeah liberals, make things offensive that we do not like.

  31. Joseph Thorpe

    Kat Welty tell that to the banks the Micro -manager Obama is leaning on to not give gun manufacturers backing,any longer.

  32. Anonymous

    Steven Moreland
    Certainly more tolerant than Liberals. I used to consider my self liberal untill it became obvious that the word liberal and the practice of Liberalism are two different things entirely. Liberalism and the affiliation to the Democratic party is more and more becoming Orwellian in nature.

  33. Anonymous

    Yes I agree, however they could have started with simply asking him to remove it and gone from there. Don't ya think?

  34. Anonymous

    Yes I agree, however they could have started with simply asking him to remove it and gone from there. Don't ya think?

  35. Anonymous

    Maybe not yet but I'm sure they will soon enough. 1984 is a little late but it's coming folks!

  36. Richard Theodore Bromley III

    fags and queers kill everyday spreading aids ……they get rights….but honest gun owners are evil….uh huh yeah right…

  37. Bob Appleton

    Kat. The educational system is fraught with Progressives. They aspire to the Second "Cuming" in D.C. I'd like to know what the lewd shirt or spaghetti strap rules are for that school. Hypocrites all.

  38. Bob Appleton

    Hey Nanook. Is it true that the Liberals pay the true natives of Alaska a monthly entitlement so they can buy booze and crash on the sidewalks in Anchorage? Damn right. You should be ashamed of that treatment by your tolerant party.

  39. Anonymous

    Immediate suspension? No. Warning? No. Asking the student to explain the image's place in history and elaborating on the educational value of his picture? YES! Isn't the job and mission of educators to educate? Stimulate the mind? Sigh, as others have commented, the image of an underfolding AKSU on a flag, is neither pornographic, violent, or infringing on someone elses civil rights. Even after the image was discovered on the school issued laptop, as was reported, a more tactful and impartial approach should have been adhered to by the educator whom discovered the image. Once again, our tax dollars at work!

  40. Steffen Cent

    How freaken stupid, are we going to go through all the books and pictures in schools, join the real world and stop playing god and acting like you know more than anyone else, can you can read minds? this country has gone mad. It's a PICTURE. stop following what that monkey in Washington has created, he is a illegal from Africa , born and raised there and knows nothing a bought American culture, he his an idiot. more people die in car accidents in day than have been shot in the past 10 years. Do you want to ban cars? wake up, get a education, do some research, and get your head out of your ass's, put down the cell phone and texting and see what is really going on.

  41. Spencer Gribbins

    Pat Hill… I learned about the first amendment in school and this is a violation of his right to express his second amendment. These are rights that some in this country would give up this is absurd to the point of idiocy he had no gun or other weapon on school grounds and yet his best weapon his mind is being turned against him for someone Else's agenda!!! This is not a learning place now but an indoctrination plant!

  42. George William Claxton

    The people running Poston Butte High School, and the school district, have violated their own policies in that the boy did not threaten anyone, harass anyone or do anything illegal. They could have resolved the problem by asking him to take the image off of the school's property and put it on his home computer.

  43. Joseph W Surrette Jr

    So our schools are punishing our kids for exercising the very rights they are supposed to be teaching them about. I guess they learn about their rights but then we teach them they cant exercise them? I think two guys kissing is offensive, but I am not sayn put them in jail, Smoking where I have to breath is offensive to some so lets jail those folks too. Oh and people who speed, follow too close, and change lanes without signaling, also fat people who take up too much space! oh wait that last one was me…

  44. Michael Woods

    Common sense would dictate just telling him to remove it, but then there wouldn't be any drama from the correction police! Another generation and we will be totally dummied down to obediant non thinkers!!

  45. Martin White

    What part of the code of conduct did he break? Using the general term "offensive" sure as hell doesn't cover anything while covering everything. A Republican can find a picture of Obama offensive, an enviromentalist can find a picture of an oil rig offensive, a liberal can find a picture of Mitt Romney offensive, and apparently, morons can find a picture of a gun resting on a flag offensive, but it's the only one that will get you suspended. And reading you calling others uneducated is a treat, since you make all these incorrect assumptions, like it was on Facebook, and that he did it while in class.

  46. Anonymous

    What's the school afraid that he'll do? Pull the gun out of the screen, and shoot people with it?

  47. Dave Jackson

    In a related story two 3rd graders arrested for playing hangman.

  48. Dan Mcclaine

    PAT HILL, so what your sayingis that no student should be allowed to see a photo of a gun if that is so well there goes the american history so you believe its ok for a school to make up rules as they go you have much to learn about the 1st amendment freedom of expression freedom of speech what if the gun was on a t shirt riddle me that pat man

  49. Dee Jum

    I think we need to find our own BACKBONE! The crap that these kids have to go thru in school, no wonder we have a bunch of sissy kids now a days. We need to get back to where the parents start acting like parents and stop complaining about every little thing that might offend their child or others! We need to stop being WHIMPS! "Sticks and stones may break my bones but NAMES will never hurt me." When did that saying become wrong? The government has nothing to do with us becoming whimps we do! Let's change the way we grew up 40 and 50 years ago cause it was the worst llife ever said no one! No wonder were an embarassment to everyone around the world we have become a Nation of WHIMPS!

  50. Anonymous

    This is why? alot of kids get into trouble today? When is the violence going to stop, I can understand why that student got suspended from school, and not arrested because the gun was not his? but however when does this stop, kids are suposed to be in school to learn not to prove to themselves that they have guns and safty precautions.

  51. Vicki Cooper

    Why didn't the school simply ask him to remove the wallpaper? Immediate suspension is ridiculous! Don't people talk to each other anymore? Apparently not – stupid!

  52. Cheryl Fuscellaro

    Ron, I agree with you. I read in this article that the freshman and all the other students who are assigned a school computer have already received their "warning". How many "warnings" do they need? I personally feel some kids are doing so called 'innocent' behavior just to see what they can get away with—–they try (I feel) to push the buttons of administrators/law enforcement. They post 'innocent and meaningless' photos, then when addressed on the issue, their response is how innocent their actions were. Our society has of the last decade or so,made us very sensitive of our daily life and I for one am glad……awareness is important and rules need to be followed!

  53. Timothy Nichols

    If we keep teaching children to be intolerant should we be surprised when they act intolerant as adults?

  54. Sherrie Rardin

    Have all of the students who have pictures of rappers, alternative lifestyle couples, curse words, religious symbols of ANY kind (not just Christian ones) and political statements or figures of ANY genre been suspended also? The wording of their rule is vague and subject to interpretation as to what is offensive.

  55. Sherrie Rardin

    Pat, I agree in part. No student should be posting anything on FB during school hours but that is not what this article was about. If it was on FB the school would have had no say in what was on his page at all. It was his school home page avatar. So, since it was on that, yes they do get to regulate what goes there. My point previously still stands. Have ALL students who have pictures of rappers, alternative lifestyle couples, curse words, religious symbols of ANY kind (not just Christian ones) and political statements or figures of ANY genre been suspended also? The wording of their rule is vague and subject to interpretation as to what is offensive. "Offensive messages or pictures" is too vague to stand up.

  56. Sherrie Rardin

    Kelly, would you be okay with your child being suspended then for a picture of two guys holding hands or a rapper or a statement about a political party or person? Because that is what this language leaves open. It is too vague to be enforceable. And, especially since this appears to be a first offense, he should have been given a warning and asked to remove it before being suspended. Upon appeal this will be overturned I am sure.

  57. Chris Ciriello

    They should Sue the school for violating his First Amendment Rights.

  58. Nanook North

    Funny who some assume my party affiliation because I was critical of "liberals." I'm no fan of "conservatives" either. Both parties are leading us down an increasingly slippery slope toward becoming a second rate power.

  59. Nanook North

    Josh Wymore So that's how you "liberals" debate? Insult them because you have no real argument and make assumptions about things you couldn't possibly know? Thanks for giving me a great example of the "tolerance" of liberals.

  60. Pat Hill

    Okay, I may misjudge that it was Facebook but any person with common sense would realize to never use the school computer as their personal computer regardless how it offends someone right. The school has to right to protect their property as an individual who owns a gun has the right to protect their property. I read each post, those schools that allow it don't really care until it becomes an issue with a teacher. The problem is that it is not a democrat nor a republican debate. It's rather that the student broke the school policy. The school could have remove the photos but they decided that the proper action is to suspend the student based on the measure of how many absurd photos was on the school property computer. Besides the student has a personal computer at home why not do it there. Tax payers and the government pay for those properties not the student. The intend for the computers in school is for learning purposes and not for personal use. Therefore, nor does this reflect the bias or cop out of it affecting the student amendment but to prevent damages towards school property.

  61. Kelly Yoder Goodson

    I agree with what you are saying. There is too much censorship these days, but with that said it could be taken as a warning sign about the individual who used it. After so many tragedies in schools in recent times they have taken the stand it is better to be safe than sorry. I would imagine at that age they received a student handbook that should have covered do's and don'ts.

  62. Kelly Yoder Goodson

    Sherrie Rardin
    I agree with what you are saying. There is too much censorship these days, but with that said it could be taken as a warning sign about the individual who used it. After so many tragedies in schools in recent times they have taken the stand it is better to be safe than sorry. I would imagine at that age they received a student handbook that should have covered do's and don'ts.
    Reply · Like · 2 seconds ago

  63. Pat Hill

    @Sherrie Rardin, I agree that the school is vague on the issue and needs to do more to be fair as of what is offensive. You don't want to be one sided on this issue but to be balance. It's unfair that one student suffers while others who doing that exact same thing don't suffer from it.

  64. Shaheen Nobar

    I don't have a formal opinion on the gun. As a Yugoslavian (now 'Bosnian') I am a bit shocked at the flag of the SFRY.. Maybe the principle just doesn't like Cold War era Communist propaganda c; lol Actually now that I think about it why would you do that at a school.. That kid's just doesn't think things through.

  65. Alex Walters

    Holy Shit………..What a total bunch of morons….This whole group (most of them anyway) Don't have a clue what is to be an American. Most of you feel he was wrong. Some feel he deserved suspension. Others talk about free speech.

    The bottom line is how the government has endoctrinated their agenda in to our educatonal system. I first served 6 years in the USMC and came out on the Gi Bill and went to college (The whole reason for joining the military to help with school ) I already earned my Associates degree through the Military, and was a college graduate, I studied sociology, and governmental studies. I went back for my B.A. and studied Computer Science, Political Science and Educational Administration, just to have this knowledge under my belt toward my degree.
    In my last year I studied Economics, Business management and Psychology. I've worked in both the Government and private sectors for 30+ years and have recently retired. No I'm not patting myself on the back or bragging at all. I'm just giving you a brief resume in to my past before I start dumping on this crowd.

    So, I see how most of you feel, why you want to be heard, and how you express your opinions. Some good, some bad. But what you fail to realize is the covert actions of the Government at work from the top down, right to the local school levels.
    So I'll try to explain. First, years ago the government wanted a way to push a plan on to the next generation that would eventually lead this country. They tried many different tactics but non really worked. Why?,
    Becuase children still had "Home and Family Values" taught to them by mom's who were at home and dad's who spent the time actually "RAISING" their children to be good citizens by example. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and Brownies. The list goes on and on.
    The Government needed a way to intercede between the children and their parents if they were ever going to influence this younger generation. During and after the Vietnam war the government and the industrial giants who make money off of war saw a newer more peaceful generation. This was a huge threat to the war mongers, and political people who felt threatened about the money in their grubby little hands. (The only time the USA has ever been out of debt has been during war times..Check the facts).

    So, in order to create a divide between the children and the mom's and dad's was to increase the cost of living to a point where both parents had to work to maintain the level of comfort and income necessary to keep up with the "Jone's. Now with both mom and dad working full time jobs the children were vulnerable to political influence and the agenda of the government. Remember this is the Post Kennedy Era. The Cold War era. So remember our government saw these peace loving people as a threat to government and military leaders powers.

    They started teaching radical views of U.S. History, political science and the factual history of the world through the entire schools systems we now have today. The NEA (National Education Assoc) was the back door for the White House and the military.

    (Flash back…..How many of you people today remember military reccruiters coming to your schools with big tanks you could get in and look at? Or films about big ships with Big guns and macho tough guys in camo playing solider. Remember "Be all that you can be, in the Army", or The Few the Proud , The Marines? "
    Remember those. Do you see them at schools today? No…Really? Why not. Because their agenda and plan worked! It worked so well that they no longer needed the federal draft or selective service. You still have to register for the draft when you turn 18 but that's not going to happen again, is it? Well let's hope not.)

    Anyway, the government wanted good little children to always trust the Government and what they were doing. After all they knew what was best for you (snicker here). They took care of the poor, they provided food stamps for those without food, they made Welfare for the folks that couldn't work. America was a great place! Little by little they clipped and chipped away at your freedoms. But because your children were part of the new government agenda, they had nohting to worry about. That is until the stock market crashed once more. The bottom fell out of the housing industry and the Real Estate bubble finally went pop! Everything that couldn't or wouldn't, see happened.
    The Government started to worry because American Citizens whole life investments for retirements just flat out disappeared. Gone, Billions in Life savings for those near retirement saw all their dreams go down the toilet. But the "new generation" was starting to run the country. The government's fist born. What became of the older people's money? When is congress going to act to protect us? they didn't did they?
    They let your mom's and dads fall through the economic cracks of society. These poor people who worked their entire lives who lost everything are the ones now working at Wal-Mart as door greeters, or at McDonalds and Buger King just to pay for their RX's and to eat. Why, because Social Security got robbed. You see the politicans knew they could not to the billions of dollars in SS money because under federal law it belongs to the PEOPLE of the USA, not the government.

    But they found away around that. They borrowed the money instead as a loan, and wrote "IOU's to the Social Security system. But they never paid it back. Why does no one seem to care? Easy the Government's new baby, the indoctrinated little children are now in control and running the country. Good little government children…..

    The point to be made here is this: Children today in the USA have a lower standard of education and morals because no one is teaching them any, or helping them at home. Exactly what the Government wanted all along. But now they are hearing from many people who say why are our kids not as smart as others in the world. Oops, we forgot about comparisons? Wel, l we just have to make them work harder to get good grades. That as all that was said, and it was left like that.

  66. Alex Walters

    continued from previous comment.

    ( Example, I went to McDonalds the other day and placed an order. The cash register all of a sudden locked up and The girl ringing up my order told me it was $4.35. I handed her a $5.00 bill and she looked at me and said "don't you have the exact change?" I said no, I'm sorry I don't. She had to get a dammed calculator to make the correct change back to me! I said you need to give me $0.65 cents back. She said I have to be sure. I said did you take math in school? She looked at me and said I already graduated from High School in a really snotty voice. I said how? she got really pissed with me that I could make change in my head and she couldn't.)
    Yet these same people in government will do nothing to fix the problems. Prime example.
    The 1960's were the years of civil rights marches, and the voices of great men like Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, and Bobby Kennedy just to name a few, who called for all of us to be equal in our civil rights.
    Where are they now?

    They're friking dead! Every single one of them!

    So is Gandi and many others.
    Why? They were non-comformists and went against big business and Government.

    It's funny I served with every color of men and women in the Marine Corp. When your in a fox hole with 17 other Marines all of different cultures, races, creeds and faiths, the one thing you learn is no one is exempt everyone is your brother or sister in the Corp!

    It will be 50 years this coming November since JFK was killed in Dallas. You'd think in 50 years of progress we would put aside all of our bigotry and realize we are all children of God, no matter who he or she happens to be. But government does not want us to be that way. As long as we are divided somehow or in some way, it keeps the focus off of them.

    The shootings that have happened lately, Did you ever think that you would see so many in such a short period of time? Isn't anyone else seeing the big picture here? Why all of a sudden right after Obama is elected we have mass shootings and now a gun ban starting to roll across this country? Doesn't anyone see that this is totalyl strange all of them happening in and 8 week period of time? Even Jimmy the Greek in Las Vagas would tell you the odds are totally against this happening. It defies the laws of chance, unless it was staged or planned in advance somehow?

    Ahhh. the Government…. Ok I see now.. it's all just part of the master plan to take away another one of our protected rights….nothing to worry about. The Government is in control….Everything is fine…..

  67. Alex Walters

    Con't from previous thread.

    Obama said it himself, and thought no one heard him say it, but by total accident History has recorded this moment in time when he left his wireless mic on and he said "America citizens are just Stupid! They'll do just about anything you tell them." Perhaps he is right.

    I'm just glad to be part of the last genration who remembers what freedom was. Those days are long gone now.
    If you protest anything at all in public, your put on the FBi's terrorist watch list. Go down to the white house with a few thousand friends and do a protest of some kind. You'l not only get driven away, you'll get arrested and have your DNA on file along with your fingerprints on file the rest of your life.

    Welcome to the NWO and the new United States of Obama.
    in closing I'll only ask one simple question. They say we got Osoma Bin Ladien. So did we win the war?
    Who surrendered? Why are will still in Afganastan if he is dead. Why do we have to wait any longer for our Brave troops to come home? Isn't the war on terrorism over yet? Between Bush Jr and Obama you'd think we'd won the war.
    Why are we still over there. What you should do is move these soldiers to South Korea and put them all side by side on the border where Ole Kim Long Dong can see them. Maybe he'll think twice about sending anymore rockets up or make threats to the people of S.K.

    The most intellegent thing I ever heard came from an old movie called "The day the Earth Stood Still".
    an old black and white film from the 1950's Starring Michael Rene.

    In the end of the movie, Klatu (Michael Rene) looked at everyone and said.
    "In any socitey there are laws, and those who enforce those laws are policemen. We belive in the same things. But
    we created a race of robots to travel through out the universe making sure no one brakes those laws.
    We gave them ABSOLUTE power over us. ANY act of agression is met with total eniolation. Therefore, we live in peace and persue more profitable enterprises. It's not a perfect system but it works.
    Your petty wars and squabbles here on eartg do not concern us. But you have been experiementing is a rude form of atomic energy which is a threat to all of us. If you choose to continue down this path the earth will be turned in to a burned out cinder. The choice is yours Join us and live in peace or face abliteration.
    We will be waiting for your answer."

    Perhaps that is what we need to do here. As advanced as we are technologiclly, we are but infants in the cosmos.
    Perhaps it's time we grew up……..

    ( Also, please forgive any mispellings, or gramatical errors. English and spelling we never my strongest subjects.)
    God bless all of us.

  68. Alex Walters

    I don't know why this system says I'm 21?
    That was a very long time ago but if they think I look 21.
    Hell I'll take it?

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