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Oprah Hit With Lawsuit: OWN Accused Of Sexual Discrimination

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Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network has been hit with a lawsuit by a former employee.

Carolyn Hommel, who was hired as the senior director of scheduling and acquisitions at the network in 2010, filed a lawsuit today claiming that she was the victim of sexual discrimination.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hommel claims that she was replaced when she took medical leave during her pregnancy. Hommel says that her duties were slowly taken away from her and given to a temporary employee. When she returned to the office, Hommel was no longer allowed to attend meetings.

Gossip Cop reports that Hommel was fired about a month after giving birth to her daughter.

Hommel reapplied for a job at the company but the lawsuit claims that her boss, Michael Garner, gave a false performance review to prevent her from getting another job at the OWN Network. The lawsuit claims that Garner’s review “made Hommel’s job duties and responsibilities appear less ‘senior’ and therefore not a candidate for the new vice president position.”

Garner is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

It’s been a rough week for Oprah. In addition to getting hit with a lawsuit by a former employee, Oprah also injured herself while opening birthday presents earlier this week.

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81 Responses to “Oprah Hit With Lawsuit: OWN Accused Of Sexual Discrimination”

  1. Rickie Honn

    That's OPRAH for you—most overpaid sit on a chair and ask questions person in the history of TV///// only in america/.

  2. David Scott Cartledge

    Well, we all know that Oprah's Network was not doing well and that they had to make some changes…and that may have been one of them! It just coimcided with her maternity leave! We all know that Oprah is NOT discriminatory against women on maternity leave and that throughout her national syndicated show, that NUMEROUS women went on maternity leave multiple times! Just giving Oprah a hard time! I understand this woman's feelings, but when it is time for you to be replaced, then sometimes you just have to pack up and go! I am sure that it had NOTHING to do with her taking maternity leave..the temp was just doing a better job than her! I hope this comes to a resolution that satisfies everyone!

  3. Anonymous

    maybe this lady was not a good employee, if you are not good at you job, then you will be replaced.

  4. Pamela Bunting Lewis

    Just stay home with you new baby. They are so precious and the most important person in your life needs to be your child anyway. It will then be Oprah's loss. And, I am sure that Oprah knew nothing about it. Pamela Bunting Lewis 2/2/13.

  5. Scott Jacobson

    Another lazy employee, who needed to be let go, who is now trying to "work the system" via a hungry ambulance chaser. This lady was "NOT" fired because she was doing great work. Think about it…

  6. Conni Lashley

    I think it is about time the high and mighty oprah had to pay a little something. she is not the queen she thinks she is. I am not sure how she got to be so popular…she takes our money and turns it into HER generosity…among other horrible things. I hate her show and her attitude. wish she were off the air and out of our homes for good! I hope this woman and many others get what they can and deserve!

  7. Seth Street


  8. Myeshia Smith

    I am not a huge Oprah fan, and I don't agree with some of her views. However, she is rich because she has worked hard and invested her money well. She is also one of the most generious celebrities around. I don't understand why people would hate her, or envious of her wealth, or wish bad things upon her.

  9. Jake Smith

    Oprah is a great lady who does great things to help people. but she supports Obama and Obama kisses the asses of trial lawyers. this is coming home to roost.

  10. Dennis Huffman

    Hommel reapplied for a job at the company but the lawsuit claims that her boss, Michael Garner, gave a false performance review to prevent her from getting another job at the OWN Network. The lawsuit claims that Garner’s review “made Hommel’s job duties and responsibilities appear less ‘senior’ and therefore not a candidate for the new vice president position.”.

    And that is just exactly the problem with most companies today/nowadays instead of opening up more positions they make it harder to get employment from the excuses that they make about people that they do not like.

  11. Dennis Gannon

    Seems to me that this suit is aimed at the OWN Network and Michael Garner (who may be a jackass, I don't know him), but not so much Oprah herself. Sounds like folks here don't like her because she has a lot of money. So there are plenty of jackasses to go around. She didn't rob anyone, she does what she does better than anyone. If you don't like her, don't watch her. What a bunch of knobs.

  12. Gilbert Jones

    You said a mouth full and all true. that came from trying to please and not hurt the feelings of certain people she has little sklls other than stupid questions to people. Wonder why she did not build a school for boys like she did for HER girls.? Hmmmmm

  13. Renzie TheTwin Wilson

    I heard she was bending over to pick up a birthday gift and hurt her back.

  14. Mitch Schuller

    It's not that she is "overpaid" that's her company, she worked her way to make that money. You think she just sits and someone else pays her? She pays herself.

  15. Tonya Comeau

    Right!!! She a dang 'weather' girl outta Chicago…nothing spectacular!!!

  16. Sam Spencer

    This seems to always eventually happen to people and organizations who hold themselves out as paragons of equality and grace. Maybe Tyler Perry can make a movie out of this, "Madea Gets Sued".

  17. Maricia D. C. Johns

    Damn, maybe Donald Trump should build a school. Oprah sent 100s of people to college

  18. Sherri Kowalski

    Injured herself while opening presents? What did she do..break a nail?

  19. Sherri Kowalski

    I agree. Neither am I much of an Oprah fan. Actually, I am not AT ALL an Oprah fan. But she IS self-made. No one helped her to get where she is. She was dirt poor growing up. And she is very generous with her wealth. I just wish she'd send a little of it my way! :)

  20. Cat Summers

    Oprah and Ellen are so much alike, they BUY people's affections.

  21. Paul Bennion

    Look, Oprah has done so much for unfortunate people…She is mega-rich and any disgruntled former employee at the bequest of an attorney will go after her for any sour grape settlement, hoping Oprah will not wish to go to litigation. For years, America has loved her efforts and marvelous daytime shows…She is a consummate actress and has worked her butsky off getting to where she is…. Behind the scenes, business is business…and complicated. I hope they both can get this resolved.

  22. Patricia Lyon

    how do oprah take your money did you give her any ? the trouble is you are a bunch of racist people .it:s your on fault that you don:t have what she has get a life.

  23. Lisa Mathson

    Personally, I don't think many successful people have gotten to where they are without stepping on someone on the way up……Oprah has done a lot of good to some, but don't really think she is any different than many other people in the world with successful careers and MONEY.

  24. Debbie Ann Klingman

    This law suit will not hold water..her choices in scheduling and her job performance is why she was fired. Oprah'snetwork was failing under her guidence.The "temp" knew how to boost ratings and did a much better job. Had nothing to do wityh her pregnancy.

  25. Kaycee Taylor

    lol! Oprah Winfrey is a profit-sucking leech, who makes deals with companies that she gets either percentages and/or royalties of future sales of products that she endorses (gives away, etc.). She is the most SELFISH B!tch on the face of the planet. I hope Hommer wins her suit against Oprah and OWN, and that this lawsuit opens the floodgates of hundreds, if not thousands, of lawsuits against Oprah Winfrey, and I truly hope Miss Oprah loses it all, and dies ALONE, with no friends or family or fans or money ANYWHERE TO BE FOUND.
    Please note, O-Cult members, that I have ZERO envy of Oprah Winfrey. She may have MONEY and an Academy Award, but I have a CONSCIENCE, and that is something that money CANNOT buy. Nor can manipulating the masses, win.

  26. Kaycee Taylor

    Donald Trump sponsors The Miss America Pageant. HE sends people to college, too. Losing the Miss America Pageant never hurt anyone's opinion of themselves. All the millions, if not billions, of girls whom Oprah Winfrey turns away from an education are devastated. And the girl(s) who got abused by the teacher (et al.) at Miss Oprah's school those girls' lives are damaged forever. Their lives are probably RUINED, at least they are on SOME levels. And to hear or read, their mentor say, "I have done NOTHING WRONG," has got to be The Greatest Insult to their intelligences, and to their hearts. You don't know so many things as you think you do, Maricia.

  27. Kaycee Taylor

    Jackie, you must be admitting to being an animal, since race is about the species to which one belongs. It is generally those who cry racism who are the evil ones.

  28. Kaycee Taylor

    If you are suggesting that Miss Oprah's butt get thrown in prison, heck YEAH — she deserves it! But the scheduling lady? Give her a break! — She just had a baby, and as a human being, she's a much higher life-form than Oprah, the sociopath.

  29. Kaycee Taylor

    Oprah Winfrey deserves to live the rest of her life in the Sahara Desert, COMPLETELY ALONE. She has NEVER been nice to people, having killed her own child when she was a teenager. She's a monster. No good can come of a tyrant.

  30. Katheryne Koelker

    The article says she was hired in 2010; she was fired a month after giving birth to her daughter (no mention of the date of birth).

  31. Joan Rainwater Pillow

    Sue the company….GREAT way to get you name back in the running for the new Vice President position…..NOT.

  32. Fred Arbona

    You sound so moronic, like you resent everything about her. "I hope this woman and many others get what they can and deserve!" Get what they can? This says it all what a twisted-mind leech you are , and its people like you that are the enemy in our society.

  33. Christina Tellez

    Poor Oprah, she had a bad week. She's on a fixed income barely enough money to pay the rent and groceries. Must pay for my medications this week and I don't have enough. I need shoes and a coat it's been so cold. Now that's having a bad week. Oh but I did get my social security check….I wish it were enough so I could have a good month. But poor Oprah had a bad week. Give me a break.

  34. Greg Walter

    well, Oprah won the suit against the cattlemen, this time, she'll be taken down, not that she may be wrong, but to show her, she's not untouchable.

  35. Matt Whitmire

    Conni it sounds like your a extremely jealous and very un-educated, Oprah wants to change the world for the better, she has risked everything she has to help more people and she has earned every dime, she does what she loves and has touched and bettered millions of lives, she is truly connected to the power of God, and I think thats why she is targeted with negativity from people like you who have been overcome by sadness, anger, and fear, and have let negativity overcome them. She wants to help people like you, I'm sure if she saw this strand of comments she would pray for you instead of judge you for your actions. Thats how truly of an amazing woman she is. I myself pray for you that you may be enlightened.

    Much Love,


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