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Reddit Users Raise Almost $19,000 For Atlanta Metro Mall Security Guard

Reddit users moved by an Atlanta Metro Mall security guard’s plight are raising thousands of dollars to better equip the man for work. Darien Long will soon have plenty of new tools to keep unruly shoppers at bay. After a video of Long using a taser gun on an irate Georgia woman went viral, viewers sprang into action.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Long is both the security guard and site manager of the Atlanta Metro Mall. Two women gave Long a hard time while he was trying to keep the group from re-entering the urban mall. As the women screamed at the guard and their young children shouted gay slurs, Long appeared to maintain his patience.

During the Atlanta Metro Mall video one woman appears to become physical with Long, prompting him to pull his taser gun. He routinely wears a bullet proof vest and a video camera to maintain safety at the inner-city shopping center.

Although this one video reached viral status, Long stated that such occurrences are not rare at the Atlanta mall, The Blaze, notes. Darien Long’s other videos have not garnered a lot more attention after the viral tasing video.

Reddit users have raised nearly $19,000 to buy Long better security equipment. Members of the online social network are calling Long a “kick a*s mall cop.” The Atlanta Metro Mall cop has developed a loyal fan following online. The fundraising campaign does not end for another 25 days. Once the donations have been collected they will be given directly to Darien Long.

Why do you think there is such a crime and unruly behavior problem at the Atlanta Metro Mall?

WARNING: The Video Contains Graphic Language.

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[Images Via Crowdtilt and The Blaze]