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49ers Gay Rights Ad Pulled By ‘It Gets Better’ Campaign [Video]

sf 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers were the first NFL team to tape a gay rights ad for the It Gets Better campaign. Unfortunately, they are also the first NFL team to get their ad pulled by the organization.

Why? Well, the 49ers haven’t been saying the nicest things about the gay community lately. Defensive back Chris Culliver said recently that a gay football player would not be welcome in an NFL locker room. (He later apologized for his comments.)

To make things worse, linebacker Ahmad Brooks and tackle Isaac Sopoaga apparently forgot that they made a pro gay rights video. Brooks and Sopoaga had their memories jogged when they were shown the “It Gets Better” video but both players denied knowing that they had made the video to promote gay rights. Brooks and Sopoaga said they thought that they were making an anti-bullying ad.

And maybe that’s true. One of the goals of the “It Gets Better” is to stop bullying against LGBT youths. But why were they so defensive? Why were they offended at the thought of making a pro gay rights video?

Brooks and Sopoaga didn’t want their name associated with the Gay Rights Campaign and now it looks like the gay rights organization doesn’t want anything to do with the San Francisco 49ers.

The 49ers video may no longer be available on the It Gets Better website but you can still see it on Youtube.

Did the “It Gets Better” campaign make the right call by pulling the 49ers gay rights ad?

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382 Responses to “49ers Gay Rights Ad Pulled By ‘It Gets Better’ Campaign [Video]”

  1. Nathan Hyland

    It'll be so funny when Culliver comes out of the closet. The only people that hate gay people are gay people that don't want to accept their gayness…

  2. Mike Sue Marruffo

    Sounds like you are a wonderful person. Phhhfff…dickhead.

  3. Nathan Hyland

    Why? You're saying that if two people of the same sex fuck each other then that influences your sexuality? How close are you to being gay? I'm straight no matter how many gay people get it on. I have no reason to hate on them. You are probably a stupid religious person that believes in fairy tales too…

  4. Gary Olson

    This ad wasn't pulled. They are playing it in full on this website.

  5. Anonymous

    NFL shouldn't be promoting homosexuality is ok. It's bad social behavior, I don't want my kids seeing that. Chris Culliver only spoke the truth no straight guy wants homosexual in the locker room with them, that's crazy. Homosexuality is bad social behavior and we should not say it's ok.

  6. Shatorie Stanford

    Have you ever seen any animal species of the same sex reproduce? NO! Lions, Tigers and Bears do not engage in same sex acts to reproduce. NO ANIMALS DO! It is against the laws of nature to be homosexual… Why does society want us to apologize for people making choices that are against nature? Homosexuals cannot reproduce….ANYTHING! Stop making excuses for people who CHOOSE to go against NATURE. Being homosexual is un-natural and I am not going to apologize for the negative consequences that comes along with that lifestyle. I am not sorry for any human being who chooses to be homosexual, transgender, or bisexual. I am not ashamed to be heterosexual and I am not going to apologize for it.

  7. Diego Rosenberg

    Ask a zoologist and you'll get a different answer.

    Is being ignorant a choice or are you born that way?

  8. Erin Hannon

    Thanks for agreeing! All these comments were beginning to be annoying. Haha, but then I remembered that we're winning! Gay marriage will be legal everywhere before we know it! :)

  9. Anonymous

    To all you haters out there, what we need in your minds, is a bunch of mad, white men running around spewing ignorant falsehoods and trying to scare people to believe that they should live like you. Well how's that working out for you republicans going down the drain feel? Makes me feel good, real good.

  10. Nathan Hyland

    You're fucking moron. There all kinds of gay animals in nature… You can't tell your pooper from a hole in the ground you silly cunt.

  11. Anonymous

    Discrimination is ugly and so are many of these "role models". Where have they been? How can they be so blind, uncaring, and uneducated? Let's try to learn & remember we live in a diverse world.

  12. Carol McGaughey

    Actually there are some species that do and there are many animals that engage in homosexual sex. Most animals are not monogamous. Do you really want people to do what animals do??? You can be who you want. Homosexuality is not a choice, neither is heterosexuality. With all the caps in your message, like Culliver, I think thou doth protest too much.

  13. Nathan Hyland

    The dumbest fucks ever argue for the sake of their kids. Why don't you parent them instead of waiting for society to do it you fucking dipshit? Your parenting skills must suck balls. It's the same reason weed is illegal. People can't parent their kids so they want society to do it for them. Fuck your kids…

  14. Nathan Hyland

    So are you afraid to answer the question too? Why? You're saying that if two people of the same sex fuck each other then that influences your sexuality? How close are you to being gay? I'm straight no matter how many gay people get it on. I have no reason to hate on them. You are probably a stupid religious person that believes in fairy tales too…

  15. Adrian G. Vargas

    some people believe it is unnatural for to races mix …the superior race is denigrated by mixing with the inferior, less evolved baboon like race

  16. Jon-Enee Merriex

    It is a proven fact that monkeys, dolphins, elephants, wolves, tigers, bears, penguins and more seek same sex relationships in the wild and in captivity – even though they cannot procreate. Also, your statement means that you must be a repressed gay because you are CHOOSING to be straight. IF you are NOT CHOOSING a straight lifestyle then gays are not CHOOSING a gay lifestyle.

  17. Garry Thomas


  18. Nathan Hyland

    God is a figment of your silly imagination. Can god create a rock that's too heavy for him to lift? If yes, he's not god. If no, he's not god. A perfect being is a catch 22. You're a fucking idiot 😉

  19. Mike Nettles

    All practicing homosexuals who don't exercise impulse control and freely choose to engage in homosexual behavior will burn in hell. Truth.

  20. Marshall Oldaker

    If you gay people want to go to Heaven to be with Jesus you may want to read the Bible to see what it says about immoral sex. I will pray for you people I hope you go straight. to see Jesus in the END. MARSHALL OLDAKER

  21. Marshall Oldaker

    If you gay people want to go to Heaven to be with Jesus you may want to read the Bible to see what it says about immoral sex. I will pray for you people I hope you go straight. to see Jesus in the END. MARSHALL OLDAKER

  22. Nathan Hyland

    Princess Love – You are so stupid! What gives you the right to tell people how to live their lives? Is it your silly religious beliefs?! There is no god you dumb cunt…

  23. Anonymous

    That is great…..this gay rights group has to mislead pro football players to do a public service ad for them. Why do they feel it is necessary to promote gay rights in every aspect of our lives. It is getting pretty old and tiresome!

  24. Shatorie Stanford

    You have not argued the contrary…all you are talking about is homosexual acts. You are not expounding on reproduction! Lets keep it real and let me drop some science on you…How did you get here? A man and a woman produced you. Two women didnt engage in sex to create you nor two men. So dont point out the obvious and something that you can distort scientifically with shots or pills or injections or anything that is not natural….point blank: HOMOSEXUALITY is unnatural…if this wasnt the case…why does homosexuality have to be defended why do people have to apologize for someone who makes the choice to be gay? or any of the LGBT…The all CAPS? please get over it… Stop making excuses for going against the Truth….Fact of the matter is human civilization evolved from a man and a woman having sex to produce another man or woman…anything else…is uncivilized and unnatural…thats it…why argue against TRUTH?

  25. Nathan Hyland

    Shatorie Stanford Who gives a fuck about reproduction?! You are COMPLETELY wrong! There's all kinds of homosexuality in nature. You don't know what the fuck you're talking about. What if I wanted to bring back slavery? What if I thought you were meant to be my wench?! We practiced slavery for longer than we haven't. Does that make it right? Why do you care who other people have sex with?

  26. Rachel Auerbach

    It's silly to quote the Bible, which is a book written 3500 years ago by men. The Bible also bans eating pork and lobster, wearing cotton/polyester blends and watching football on Saturdays. Speaking of the Bible, it also says to love thy neighbor. If you're so worried about Heaven, maybe you should focus you're attention on your own behaviors instead of being an ignorant bigot.

  27. Nathan Hyland

    Shatorie Stanford What if I think you look like an ape? Does that make you an ape? No. Just like you thinking homosexuality is wrong doesn't make it wrong…

  28. Anonymous

    They will point to a lower life worm for an example of non male/female reproduction. That's because they equate themselves with that.

  29. Shatorie Stanford

    Funny how if I wasnt "Black" the subject of RACE would not be mentioned…lets stick to the subject matter people which has to do with homosexuality not being NATURAL…you do not get to choose your gender or race…you can suppress everything else…however…once you are born it is a FACT that you are a certain color or a certain gender…not whether you are a lesbian or homosexual newborn….stick to the facts folks…

  30. Anonymous

    Notice how the gays and the Godless have united on this issue! The other member of that troika are the satanists.

  31. Shatorie Stanford

    Lets stop diverting from the subject matter….when speaking consciously people tend to focus on the irrational however…keep it rational and don't bring in some other issue that you are waiting to respond to when that is not the case…What allows a woman to become pregnant without artificial insemination? PEOPLE: HOW DID YOU GET HERE ON EARTH? are there any once test tube babies commenting? clones?

  32. Nathan Hyland

    Shatorie- Your ignorance is profound. Gay people are genetically born gay. Homosexuality isn't just natural, it's common in nature. Hermaphrodites are common in nature. That's a plant with both male and female reproductive organs. You are a complete fucking idiot that doesn't have a clue what you're talking about. You can WANT something to be true, but that doesn't make it so. And you being "black" should make you aware of discrimination. You are a pathetic excuse for a human being. You are also a very stupid cunt…

  33. Anonymous

    actually, two women can procreate now by converting stem cells into sperm. the science is there.

    and before you say it's unnatural to use science to procreate, tell that to the millions of couples that opt for artificial insemination.

    from a scientific standpoint, it is *normal* and *necessary* to have all types of deviations in society, and I use the word deviation without any negative connotation. without genetic mutations, our species would die off rather quickly, and that's a fact. so before you start wishing everyone were the same (ie heterosexual), you had better understand the world we live in, and not the imaginary one in your bible with your "all loving sky fairy."

  34. Nathan Hyland

    Shatorie Stanford – You can capitalize NATURAL all you want. It doesn't change anything. And you do look a lot like an ape…..

  35. Nathan Hyland

    valuqik- You're godless too. We all are. There is no god. You're a dumbass. Why don't you post a picture? Are you one of those religious fucks that's also a fat ass slob?

  36. Lois Olson

    Please explain which animals are homosexual. You say there are many. I don't know of any.

  37. Nathan Hyland

    What about the story of Lot fucking his daughters and making babies with them? Have you read that story? God is totally cool with men fucking their daughters. You are an ignorant sheep….

  38. Rachel Auerbach

    It's silly to quote the Bible, which is a book written 3500 years ago by men. The Bible also bans eating pork and lobster, wearing cotton/polyester blends and watching football on Saturdays. Speaking of the Bible, it also says to love thy neighbor. If you're so worried about Heaven, maybe you should focus you're attention on your own behaviors instead of being an ignorant bigot.

  39. Nathan Hyland

    How about in Deuteronomy where it says rape is okay as long as you marry your victim and pay her father 50 shekels of silver? Do you agree old man?!

  40. Erin Hannon

    Shatorie Stanford The majority of gay people have testified that they were born gay and knew it from a young age. If you don't believe the people that actually experience living life as a gay person, then who do you trust on this topic?

    And as far as it being "unnatural", homosexuality does in fact exist in every species of animal, and has existed for as long as we can record.

    Many sexual acts are not reproductive, and many people aren't even capable of having babies, does that mean nobody should commit those harmless acts or marry someone who is sterile?

    And I highly doubt EVERY time you've had sex you've intended to get pregnant- is that unnatural?

    Maybe you shouldn't attempt to use "facts" when the simple truth is that for some reason homosexuality is an uncomfortable topic for you that makes you defensive, for no rational reason.

  41. Anonymous

    and Shatorie, maybe if you had your way, you might meet a "down-low brotha," assuming you're into black guys. maybe you could get married and even have some children. then one day you wake up and realize you're in a loveless marriage, and now you and your children's lives are all ruined. but hey, at least your husband ain't acting gay.

  42. Anonymous

    Well I wonder why the video got taken down, maybe it's because they players said they didn't want gays on their team?

  43. Brian Boley

    I don't think they hate gay people. I don't think people that do are gay. It's possible they didn't know the psa they were recording. People read too much into things and over react. Like you and your shirtless picture. Do you need the reassurance for your fragile ego that you post pictures without a shirt? I think it's really cool that you do that.

  44. David Varela

    Half are people saying the players are jerks and secretly gay, other half are Jesus freaks bashing gays with their flawed bible logic, a book I guarantee they haven't read in its entirety. Can't we all just get along and watch some good ol' 'murican football like sensible people and not children?

  45. Lois Olson

    Jon-Enee Merriex You say it is a proven fact. WHERE IS YOUR PROOF?

  46. Robert Phoenix

    Here is the deal. We are at a point in our society where people are no longer willing to be told what to think or how to feel, whether it's homosexuality, global warming, vaccines, GMOs, fracking, you name it and shaming or bullying isn't going to work. Then what? Then what will people do in order to make "others" fall in line, acting as the first line of defense in the self-policing society, When that moment comes (and it will) there will be a breakdown of the collective central nervous system and it's about time. Crashing the facade will be the most healthy thing we've ever done.

  47. Nathan Hyland

    Brian Boley – Like you overreacting to my shirtless picture?!! Haha! I'm really sorry that my incredible physique makes you so insecure. Guys like me are the reason that guys like you can't trust your women!

  48. Elias Michael Garcia

    Stanford you're an idiot period end of story. If you really believe that people "choose" to be gay or whatever then you're obviously clueless and non-progressive. This Culliver dude is speaking from fear or just by simply being uneducated. I'm so sick of people using religion as a defense mechanism and the bible as their justification. There are soo many avenues I could go with this but I don't have all night.

  49. Nathan Hyland

    Erin Hannon is brilliant. I wish I could be so kind with my explanations. I don't give a fuck about people's feelings though…

  50. Rachel Auerbach

    It's silly to take the Bible, which is a book written 3500 years ago by men, seriously. The Bible also bans eating pork and lobster, wearing cotton/polyester blends and watching football on Saturdays. Speaking of the Bible, it also says to love thy neighbor. If you're so worried about Heaven, maybe you should focus you're attention on your own behaviors instead of being an ignorant bigot.

  51. Nathan Hyland

    It's sad that it effects you so much! I'm straight and always will be. I hope gay people find happiness. Their sexuality has absolutely no effect on my life. Do you really sit around and worry that gay people might be fucking each other? If so, you are pathetic…

  52. Robert Phoenix

    What I'm getting at Steve is that people have reached a saturation point on having their emotional signals distorted and steered in directions via some form of mass consent or pressure. Many times our thoughts and convictions aren't even our own, but merely programmed into us at a deeply symbolic level, reinforced with intense social pressure. There are classic examples of people that go off the deep end when they struggle to break free of their programming and I am talking in an overt sense. Society too at some point will reach this crisis point, where we confront the policeman in our minds, at which time all sacred cows, all socially agreed upon contracts, all "shoulds" get cross-examined and will likely get ejected from the system like a virus that no longer serves it's purpose.

  53. Maria Charles

    Thank u so much for being such a kind, civilized human being. I guess u really do think about that (gays having sex) that's why you are so very happy with everyone on this page. Have a good night, and God loves you too Nathan, even though you may be gay :)

  54. Jozette Disbrow

    Gays are people too! just because YOUR religion says not to do something doesn't mean the rest of us can't. It says YOU can't. Religion is like a penis. It's fine to have one and it's fine to be proud of it, but please don't whip it out in public and start waving it around… and PLEASE don't try to shove it down People's throat.

  55. Barb Schlitt

    Nathan, Sir,cars,buildings,paintings,ect. all have a designer-builder behind them. The world U and I live in was also created by a Creator, the Lord God who loves u so much,that He created U. U see, God loves us but He hates the sin that both u & I do. He calls us to love Him,& to love one another,but not the sin, I"m not perfect,but Jesus Christ was….He was born sinless,to die for sinners like U & me. Praying for U in love

  56. Alyster Slinger

    Hey Fabolous Nathan…let me try a social experiment I try with other faggots and faggot lovers when they get cute. I hate faggots and everything they stand for so by your liberal piece of shit logic I'm just a homo in hidding? Care to put your money where your mouth is faggot? Let's try that bend your faggot ass over in front of me and we'll see if I 1. Come out of the closet and fuck your faggot ass or 2. Beat you within 1" of your life and feed you 6" of cold steel blade right up your ass. $5 gets you $500 that you or any faggot with bullshit logic will NOT take me up on that little experiment or bet. What say you brave little faggot?

  57. Nathan Hyland

    Brian Boley- I also have a massive cock. I actually used to be a porn star before I went back to school. I could give it to Melissa like she's never had it. All 9 thick inches 😉

  58. Rachel Auerbach

    It's okay for everyone to have their own religion, but all religions are founded on love and acceptance, not hatred and intolerance. People who are part of the LGBT community are just as human as you, and you should treat them with respect. And if respecting someone is too hard for you, then just ignore them. Their life has nothing to do with you.

  59. John Staggs

    Why should we have to be expected to populate an already OVER populated planet? Go ahead and open those legs and pop out a litter of children to pride yourself and your natural ability to procreate…

  60. Anonymous

    Nathan Hyland
    Nate – Why do you guys start calling people names if they have a different view point than yours. I guess I could do that and say because of your insecurity you have to post a shirtless photo of yourself or I can say you are a "punk bitch" that shaves his body hair. Regardless of this ……it still does not remove the fact that most of the ones who advocate tolerance for gay rights have to resort to name calling when anyone has a disagreement with their view point.

  61. Freddie Miller Jr

    Shatorie Stanford these people will tell you the sky isn't blue, it's orange if it means not admitting they are wrong.

  62. John Staggs

    hmmmm, I believe in a CREATOR of the Universe…. the one that created all the other living planets in this vast universe with living creatures on them…. I don't follow the bible because it's been re-written centuries over and over again and I don't think this present day bible reflects all the aspects to be the ULTIMATE dictation to life

  63. Garry Thomas


  64. Nathan Hyland

    Barb Schlitt- According to your silly bible- Isaiah 45:7 says "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things."- So your god created all of the evil, then he is capable of evil.

  65. Laurence Holliman

    So basically, you want us to be slaves to biology? That is the beauty of science…it expands on the natural world and gives us tools and methods that otherwise would limit a lot of infertile couples from having their own biological children. It doesn't take a genius to see that sperm and an egg make a baby, but what you fail to see is that we don't live in your bronze age society and two people don't even have to be on the same continent anymore, let alone in the same bed, to produce a child. I guess if you want to argue natural, you should wash that makeup off and take that perm out…and go live out in nature with the other animals.

  66. Tim Baker

    I understand that african american men that are gay, don't consider themselves to actually be "gay" gay. Just on the "DL" kinda of guy that likes to get with guys on the dl , ya know fool?

  67. Garry Thomas


  68. Nathan Hyland

    Haha you calling me gay doesn't offend me one bit. I'm not, but there's nothing wrong with being gay. Your god is a mere figment of your imagination. You are a weak fool that needs to believe that an imaginary friend is watching over you. Take responsibility for your own life. Quit believing in fairy tales….

  69. Laurence Holliman

    I'm sorry, did someone pull your facebook account over to this article? I'm confused as to how someone can claim that all of this gay talk is making them sick, and yey voluntarily clicking on an article and commenting…and FYI, your god only matters to those that believe in it….but the Flying Spaghetti Monster loves you…even though you may be a bigoted asshead.

  70. Rachel Auerbach

    austinnewhorn, and most of the people who say that gays shouldn't have rights end up calling people faggots and saying they're going to burn for eternity in a fictional hell. How is that any more acceptable?

  71. John Staggs

    Shatorie…… again, why should we have to model ourselves in an OVER POPULATED planet in order to fulfill your life's journey…. go head, open those legs and pop out a litter or children… when the planet runs out of resources all together and humans start eating each other to survive…. I hope they eat you first.

  72. Laurence Holliman

    You see, the problem is that not all of us submit to, believe in, or care what you think your god says. It's not coming from a mean place, just someone who diligently studied his beliefs and realized that I had no reason to believe any of the things in the bible as "God inspired". I don't want your Heaven..I'd rather live the one life I have being happy and honest, not keeping myself in the closet in a miserable existence, just to appease some bible thumping homophobes.

  73. Nathan Hyland

    Freddie- The sky is scientifically blue. There is no scientific god. You are an old, ugly, fat fuck. When was the last time you saw your dick without a mirror?

  74. Nathan Hyland

    austinnewhorn – Haha! I'm really sorry that my incredible physique makes you so insecure. Guys like me are the reason that guys like you can't trust your women! I'm sorry that my beautiful body made you question your sexuality….

  75. Alex Hatlay

    You know, except for the fact that everyone knows the sky is blue and shouldn't think otherwise and end up wrong about it.
    What are we exactly wrong about, Freddie?

  76. Dave King

    I have never been sick of anything like I am sick of hearing about "gay". Just numbingly, projectile vomit sick of it.

  77. Nathan Hyland

    Laurence Holliman – Thank you for your insight. I wish I had the patience you do. People like you will help move this country to a place we can all be proud of…

  78. Elaine Stephens

    Well, I am white not gay, don't hate gays and don't believe the garbage science that it is genetic. Why, because I am a scientist and it doesn't pass the scientific proof test. I believe it is a choice. I have friends who are gay. They will be the first to tell you that they cannot have children naturally. Duh. My five year son explained it to the moron public school teacher who had him read the book "I have Two Daddies". He bluntly pointed out to the teacher and principal at parent teacher night that it was not biologically possible as you needed an X and a Y chromosome. Yes, my son knew what that meant.

  79. Anonymous

    Rachel Auerbach – Rachel if you read my posting did I say anything about gays not having rights?? I just wonder why the "shirtless brain surgeon" has to start calling people gay and idiots because they express a different view point than his. Where is your tolerance for a traditional view point. It is absolute hypocrisy.

  80. Rachel Auerbach

    Maria, maybe all this "gay talk" will stop when people stop being bigots and start accepting others? "Are all humans human, or are some more human than others?" – Romeo Dallaire

  81. Anonymous

    Nathan Hyland -Nate if I took my shirt off you would be throwing rocks at your photo. You may need to work a little harder on the lower abs. I am just saying!

  82. Elaine Stephens

    You assume that we are A) haters and B) republicans. From that logic we should assume you are A) on the public dole and B) a socialist. BTW I am not a generic hater, I hate specific types and apparently you are trying to be one of them. As for how I vote, I am not an idiot like you appear to be, I actually listen to the person, read between the lines, research their voting history and then vote regardless of party. Yes, I vote republican, and libertarian, and green party and democrat because I don't trust the label. I am not a sheople.

  83. Nathan Hyland

    Elaine Stephens – I have a very extensive vocabulary. I still think that you're a worthless pile of fucking rotten flesh that the cat dragged in and I wouldn't wipe my shit hole with the clothing from your mutilated corpse. Is that vocabulary grown-up enough for your dumb ass?

  84. Rachel Auerbach

    I refuse to tolerate anybody who hates somebody or a group of people because of something they were born with, be it skin color, body type or sexual orientation. I do apologize for misreading your post though — I thought you wrote something about rights, but I was mistaken. And I'm not taking Nathan's side either; I think it's pointless to sit around and call people names when you could be making a valid point instead.

  85. Anonymous

    Rachel Auerbach – No problem………. we have different views on the world and we know where we stand! This is exactly how a we should express our opinions!

  86. David Scott Cartledge

    It is VERY odd for them to say that they thought that this was JUST an anti-bullying video when they SPECIFICALLY SAY "LGBT" and "we are on your side"! Now they are saying that they did not know? WOW!

  87. Shatorie Stanford

    Nathan Hyland: White people have more hair all over their bodies than any black person i have seen in my life…and you call me an ape? what a contradiction….HOMOSEXUALITY= "NOT NATURAL" you must be a FAGG

  88. David Morris

    Let me get this straight…One dummy has an ignorant thought and they are forced to take down their pro gay ad.
    That's so gay……

  89. David Scott Cartledge

    Brian Boley Seriously! They say "To the LGBT community, we are on your side"! LGBT is short for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender…..LGBT! Watch this video again and you will see that they DID know.

  90. Garry Thomas


  91. Shatorie Stanford

    its crazy how this society is so twisted….how can you be racist and you don't even have a race…people tend to comment on things that are not even relevant when they cannot defend their position….how sad….no wonder people are confused about their gender and sexuality…wow…die in vanity…no I shall not.

  92. Anonymous

    Nathan Hyland – You may need to put in a little more cardio work or work a little harder on the construction site to get rid of the lower flab……..I have faith you can do it. Oh……I am sorry I guess I should mention "faith".

  93. Anonymous

    Why does every homophobic male assume that every gay man would be after them?

  94. David Scott Cartledge

    Actually, being gay in the Black and especially the Latino communities are worse in many cases! Yes, MOST white Republicans act this way, but not all and not even all white people period! You do not hear the terms, "On the downlow" coming from the white community. So it is actually the majority of ALL Americans that are prejudiced against gays and Lesbians…not just white people. And about the "downlow" comment, for those who do not knows what that means, that is when a black guy is closeted but meets with guys in secret…or "on the downlow". I agree with a lot that you said, but open that up to ALL people! :)

  95. Nathan Hyland

    Garry Thomas – Sorry but I have no idea what the fuck you're even getting at… Girls like me because I'm built like arnold with a baby face. I can't do anything for you bro….

  96. Nathan Hyland

    austinnewhorn – You don't even have a picture! I'm sorry that I'm everything you wish you could be. Good luck with that my little bitch… Haters can hate all day! I live the life you wish you had!

  97. David Scott Cartledge

    OMG! That statement has been used before over and over and over again! Can you think of a different think to say…and BTW, which are YOU, Garry, Adam or STEVE!!!!

  98. Nathan Hyland

    Garry Thomas – I'm sorry that you're too stupid to understand punctuation and capital letter usage. You, and people like you, are my bitches. You cower like a mouse in my presence because you are so intimidated. I deal with it every day. You are a little bitch….

  99. Nathan Hyland

    Shatorie Stanford – You have pubic hair growing on your fucking head! That black hair is like a fucking brillow pad! You can call me gay all you want. Just cause I don't fuck gorilla bitches like yourself, that doesn't make me gay. I like blonde bitches with human vaginas. Not ape pussies!

  100. Nathan Hyland

    Shatorie Stanford – Hey ape lady- I like white girls with human vaginas. Not gorilla pussy! That doesn't make me gay… I just don't find your ape-like qualities appealing!!!

  101. Nathan Hyland

    Shatorie Stanford – Hey ape lady- I like white girls with human vaginas. Not gorilla pussy! That doesn't make me gay… I just don't find your ape-like qualities appealing!!!

  102. Nathan Hyland

    Shatorie Stanford – Hey ape lady- I like white girls with human vaginas. Not gorilla pussy! That doesn't make me gay… I just don't find your ape-like qualities appealing!!!

  103. Anonymous

    Nathan Hyland -Um…..I sure do. I would love to have a life of a self serving narcissus that works construction. That would be a dream!!!

  104. Nathan Hyland

    Shatorie Stanford – Hey ape lady- I like white girls with human vaginas. Not gorilla pussy! That doesn't make me gay… I just don't find your ape-like qualities appealing!!!

  105. Nathan Hyland

    Shatorie Stanford – Hey ape lady- I like white girls with human vaginas. Not gorilla pussy! That doesn't make me gay… I just don't find your ape-like qualities appealing!!!

  106. Nathan Hyland

    Shatorie Stanford – Hey ape lady- I like white girls with human vaginas. Not gorilla pussy! That doesn't make me gay… I just don't find your ape-like qualities appealing!!!

  107. Nathan Hyland

    Shatorie Stanford – Hey ape lady- I like white girls with human vaginas. Not gorilla pussy! That doesn't make me gay… I just don't find your ape-like qualities appealing!!!

  108. Nate Crawshaw

    Or the majority is constantly being bullied by minorities playing the sexism/racism/etc card? Everything else aside, why do we constantly have to be preached to by different activist groups in every aspect of life. Let the NFL be about football and only football. Thanks. And are people really upset that Chris Culliver doesn't want to shower with a gay guy. My god, 1) its a stupid question and 2) a pretty legit answer.

  109. Anonymous

    Nathan Hyland – All you have to say is that someone is gay or they are idiots. You bore me……good night!

  110. Nathan Hyland

    Nate Crawshaw – I don't give a fuck who he wants to shower with. Why do I have to be preached to by stupid fucks that belive in god? Fuck him. Fuck you.

  111. Nathan Hyland

    HAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAAA!!!! Glad I could discourage you with very little effort. Go to bed. Keep your girl close. She just might be cheating on you with a buff monster like myself 😉

  112. Nathan Hyland

    Elaine Stephens – Please hate me. I couldn't possibly fucking care less. I could grind you up like coffee beans and not think twice about it….

  113. Quixano Gigante

    Shatorie, there are many instances, in all kinds of wildlife, of reproduction among same sex and/or asexual creatures. I recommend you look up parthenogenisis. A great show done by Isabella Rossellin and the Sundance channel, called Green Porn, discusses many examples in the insect and animal world of gender transitions, same sex reproduction and other wonders of life (watch in particular the Noah's Arc episode). It may open your mind. Just when you think you have life figured out and have all the right answers, you may just learn something you didn't know before. And, hopefully it will make you a wiser and more tolerant person in life.

  114. Anonymous

    Why is everyone so reactionary and opinionated, while refusing to hear any opinions of anyone else? Why is the concept of respect basically laughable?

    I kind of hate all of you, right now…

  115. Sarah Apelian

    If the only acceptable love/relationship is one in which there can be reproduction, where does this put old people or people with fertility problems? If you can't have a baby with the person it's wrong to be with them? No. Love is love and loving the same sex is not a decision. I did not wake up one day and say "Wow today would be a really nice day to turn gay" and you did not wake up one day and say "Wow today would be a really nice day to turn straight" because this implies that you have to make a conscious decision in who you fall in love with. Which is quite wrong of you to believe.

  116. DeLaquisha Smith

    “It Gets Better” , er, no it doesn't. Gay is bad and most people know it so deal with it if you want to be out of the closet.

  117. Danilo Granados

    Please Nathan Hyland dont offend the apes :-) ………. and thank you fot clear Elaine Stephens's masturbated mind!

  118. DeLaquisha Smith

    That pic of yours is looks like your advertising to put your 'mud' on some guys 'helmet', yet you do don't show your face? So much for gay pride.

  119. Caity Ockman

    Why has this turned into a debate about what is "Natural" and "Unnatural". You can chose who you want to love and certain things about people are attractive to different people. I once heard a strait identified man say that he was attracted to Androgynous women. Either way, the same parts of the human body react the same way to the same stimulus.
    If we're just going to debate over what's natural and what's not, or what's right and what's not (without a relevant viewpoint that everyone can agree on) we might as well not talk about it because it would just mean that all opinions are relative meaning that no opinion really matters.

  120. Raymond Hilerio

    newlonghorn2003: I have nothing against anyone, but you're right. It is getting tiresome and I have had enough on this particular issue.

  121. Dennis Vest

    Nathan- in this day of Catfishing do you really think anyone trusts a picture online?

  122. Caity Ockman

    Just because things happened in the bible doesn't mean God condoned them. Everyone except jesus sinned, and some sins were pretty big (such as when David killed a man to get his wife), but this doesn't mean that that was the way it was intended to be.

    As for your second post about the rape victims, this was a punishment. Would you like to marry a woman that hated you?

    As for the bible being rewritten, the passages about homosexuality are found mostly in the Torah, in which only 12 words are questionable from the original documents. And if you believe in God, but don't trust his word, how do you know you are believing in the right God?

    Sorry if I offended anyone, these are just a few clarifications that I've heard throughout the years of asking these same questions.

  123. Dennis Vest

    Nathan- would you rather they post a phony shirtless picture 9with no face)? Your hatred is amazing…

  124. Anonymous

    I am getting sick of the gay agenda being pushed on society. The gay community has become the bully. Do what you wish in the privacy of your home, but to say that you should have the right to adopt children when biologically it is not possible seems wrong to me.

    It is instinctive to procreate in order to survive as a species. The lack of that natural desire brings questions to me about the mental health of the underlying individual. I am socially liberal and find racism to be ignorant. This being said, I am tired of the gay community pushing their agenda and I do not consider that to be racist.

    I do not consider "gay rights" in the same category of general civil rights. We are all equal irrelevant of race. Being gay is NOT a race. It is a choice IMO, and a lifestyle. Obviously one with a lot of insecure people in it as they are constantly seeming to have to reaffirm themselves and push their views on others.

    It sickens me that my children have to see this on television and am not keeping quite about it anymore. Just as gay people want the freedom of expression (and boy do they use it) I have a right to my opinion and am not going to allow their bully tactics to keep me from expressing it.

    I completely believe in live and let live. I really don't care what someone's sexual orientation is. Why however should I have to hear about this on the Superbowl? As they say on ESPN, Cumon man.

    Just my thoughts.

  125. Dennis Vest

    And look how wonderful your hero Obama is doing! Gas has risen 13 cents in 2 days (and is expected to hit $4 a gallon). Unemployment continues to go up. In Obama's first term 8.5 million people dropped out of the labor force- just gave up looking b/c things are so bad.

  126. Raymond Hilerio

    Garry Thomas: Where do you get your information about the last days. If you want to preach go to a church. We are talking football not the end of days. Idiot.

  127. Nathan Hyland

    Faith Springs – Two more. Don't. Care. Dennis- I'm not asking you to. Please say it's not me. Please say I stole the pics on my page! That will boost my ego like no other…

  128. Jana Thompson Paster

    newlonghorn – if you want to point out social problems, start with the fact that money is the motivation for almost every decision anyone makes. The San Francisco 49ers are trying to make more money by increasing their fanbase in their home city – one of the highest populations of gay people in the country. There is no way that the players were mislead, their statements included the widely known, used, and accepted term LGBT. If those two are stupid enough to go on TV and pretend to believe in things they don't even know the meaning of, that's their fault. Promoting human rights should never be old or tiresome. I am a married woman with a family, I just happen to have this crazy notion that all people deserve love and respect.

  129. Nathan Hyland

    Dennis Vest – Obama is not my hero. Are you on crack?! What the fuck is wrong with you? This has nothing to do with politics. EVERY politician is a worthless shit bag that I'd enjoy killing…

  130. Natasha Long

    The ignorant young girl who started this thread needs to learn. The fact that she's a minority, and she's forgetting that her ancestors has been persecuted, and denied rights just because on how they look like makes me madder. You know there was a time when a lot of Europeans thought that Africans were not a fully evolved human. And it was very "unnatural" for races to mix with each other. This is even true today. Beyond race, Females were also thought as less superior to men. There was a time when we were not allowed to vote. And that were are too emotional to lead. But as we pushed for equality things have change. And what are you doing? You are persecuting another community of people.

    You're a minority female Shatorie. Like me. So you of all, should understand what it feels like to be denied, and to be suppressed.

  131. Travis Martin

    you are a complete retarded dumbfuck……. homosexuality is NOT a social behavior… a gay man walking down the street naked is BAD social behavior but NOT being gay in the first place.. EDUCATE your dumb ass idiotic mentally retarded self before you continue sticking your nasty ass foot in your nasty ass mouth and while your at it.. STOP FALLING DOWN all over yourself while your at it IDIOT

  132. Travis Martin

    you are a complete retarded dumbfuck……. homosexuality is NOT a social behavior… a gay man walking down the street naked is BAD social behavior but NOT being gay in the first place.. EDUCATE your dumb ass idiotic mentally retarded self before you continue sticking your nasty ass foot in your nasty ass mouth and while your at it.. STOP FALLING DOWN all over yourself while your at it IDIOT

  133. Travis Martin

    last time i checked you retarded idiot, GAY ppl don't fall in love TO REPRODUCE,, why are ppl SO fucking stupid in here… i swear, if ALL you straight ppl would think LESS of gay sex, you might actually LEARN something……

  134. Travis Martin

    last time i checked you retarded idiot, GAY ppl don't fall in love TO REPRODUCE,, why are ppl SO fucking stupid in here… i swear, if ALL you straight ppl would think LESS of gay sex, you might actually LEARN something……

  135. Jay Haskins

    It is one thing to not be homophobic. But them not wanting to be associated with a gay rights campaign is their friggin choice. And they shouldn't be called out for it either. Why would they want their names associated? They're NOT GAY. You should be satisfied that they're not homophobic. They're not obligated to have their names associated with a gay rights campaign. Who the hell are you? The gay community is trippin! It pisses me off! And I an happy as hell that you pulled that ad. I'm sure Brooks and Sopoaga are too. Your loss

  136. Travis Martin

    if you DON"T need gay ppl, then i suggest you STOP watching movies, tv shows, reading books, going to plays, listening to music etc, as a HUGE percentage of gay ppl are the ones CREATING all that shit……BAD ppl are a bad influence on society, NOT gay ppl in general, EDUCATE yourself you dumb ass fool

  137. Travis Martin

    Elaine, you idiot, you'd be surprised how LESS of a minority gay ppl are,,, we just have been LATE to the game and now that we've show up,,, seems many OPPRESSORS are worried they're not as strong as they though….

  138. Travis Martin

    YOU also may want to read the bible were it says NOT to judge, well over 600 times, whereas homosexuality is mentioned 3 times or 4… so before you shoot your dumb ass mouth off,, EDUCATE yourself on judging and how YOU will go to hell for doing so….

  139. Daphne Valentino

    So many antigay posts on this. Are you people for real, it's kind of sad.. you are all worried about others going to heaven but you're making this world into hell. God does not care who is gay and who is not, there are many gay animals in this world ( for all you odd people who thought it would be good to compare the two) And yes, if you believe in Adam and Eve, it is a man and a woman.. TO POPULATE THE EARTH. In a world with so many people, especially closed minded people, why worry about that anymore? Lesbians still have working ovaries, gay men still have sperm, in a world with so much hate, lay off. If people are fortunate enough to find love which is so rare, who in the hell are any of you to tell them where they are going to go after they die? Ultimately, you are going to have to answer for your sins, so worry about your damn self. Bunch of hypocrites.

  140. Travis Martin

    so you've just told ALL The men and women who are not able to have kids, that they're going to hell,, GOOD JOB douchebag…. an lastly,, what will you tell God about your judgemental ways,,, oh wait, he already knows and will turn you over to satan to live in your room w/ a view of the river of fire

  141. Lesley DeCant Casey

    I don't understand why this organization is strictly an LGTB promotional / non profit? Aren't there many teens who need to hear this message that are not targets due to their sexuality? I think the ad is great, minus the LGTB teen insertion. What if a child is watching this on Super Bowl, sees his hero, and thinks "here is an organization that may help me", but changes his/her mind because they are only targeting a very specific group and would said person want to reach out to them & add another potential item to be bullied over? I know LGBT teens need help too but aren't kids kids going through many of the same hardships and dilemmas? As a country we need to stand behind organizations that help these kids but I only suggest they could reach a broader market if it was not pinpointing one group & I think all the players & the 49ers organization would be proud to stand behind a group that was inclusive instead of exclusive

  142. Anonymous

    San Francisco has more gays per capita than any other city in the U.S.A. Is it really a surprise when their fans jump on the bandwagon and support the GAY agenda. Go Giants! XOX

  143. Sarah ProjectPatton

    i would just like to say that people like you (people fall down) are the reason i hated myself growing up. Ever since i can remember i have liked girls. i didnt chose to be that way. i grew up in church, a very conservative church. I love God i love singing and worshipping Him but i dreaded going to church every week just to hear about how i was going to burn in hell. pretending to be straight but knowing deep down that i was the sinner they were talking about. that i would Burn in hell for something i didnt choose to be. I wouldnt wish being gay on anybody. Because it's hard and it can be traumatizing because of PEOPLE LIKE YOU who DONT UNDERSTAND what it means to be a homosexual. That is the only reason guys wouldnt want a gay guy in the locker room, they dont understand. its the only reason people like you consider it a "social behavior". You didnt chose to be straight, i didnt chose to be gay. i would have never CHOSEN to embarrass my family or be kicked out of the church i love. But other peoples lack of understanding and lack of being open-minded chose that for me.

  144. Sarah ProjectPatton

    i would just like to say that people like you (people fall down) are the reason i hated myself growing up. Ever since i can remember i have liked girls. i didnt chose to be that way. i grew up in church, a very conservative church. I love God i love singing and worshipping Him but i dreaded going to church every week just to hear about how i was going to burn in hell. pretending to be straight but knowing deep down that i was the sinner they were talking about. that i would Burn in hell for something i didnt choose to be. I wouldnt wish being gay on anybody. Because it's hard and it can be traumatizing because of PEOPLE LIKE YOU who DONT UNDERSTAND what it means to be a homosexual. That is the only reason guys wouldnt want a gay guy in the locker room, they dont understand. its the only reason people like you consider it a "social behavior". You didnt chose to be straight, i didnt chose to be gay. i would have never CHOSEN to embarrass my family or be kicked out of the church i love. But other peoples lack of understanding and lack of being open-minded chose that for me.

  145. Lesley DeCant Casey

    That is such a blanket statement to make. Many people were raised in ultra conservative households and told gay people were going to hell! This crap argument gets posted everytime someone says something to offend a gay person instead of reaching out and educating or asking why they feel that way. Nothing will ever change with small minded bigots who want to paint everyone with their brush…so if u r in the KKK, do u really dream of being black? Doesn't that sound ignorant…God I pray that people one day will stop assuming how people feel because of a statement they made…its maddening!!!

  146. Christina Sanchez

    what negative consequences are you referring to exactly?

  147. John Scarberry


  148. Fall Falling Leaves

    Okay, why are people so excited about defending LGBT youth from bullying and not the rest of us! Can't they just stand against bullying in general? There are people dying because of it. Bullying in general is wrong and that's what people should be standing against.

  149. Patrick Jackson

    @ Shatorie Stanford, you know it is really messed up when one minority puts down another. As an African-American female who experiences discrimination on a daily basis, you should be ashamed of yourself!!! Just as you don't choose your skin color, gays and lesbians don't choose who they are attracted to. United we stand, divided we fall!!!

  150. Lesley DeCant Casey

    I think what @peoplefalldown is saying is partially valid. A locker room full of naked men & they don't want a gay man with them? It wasn't that long ago that they didn't want women reporters in there for the same reason. I don't think before a big game u should be worrying about if #26 is scoping u out. Being out and proud is great but if u choose a profession as testosterone filled as pro sports then maybe it would be for YOUR best interest to keep your private life private. Is that so crazy? If u r a swinger or have a dream of living in outer space does the team really need to know? Why are we obsessed in this country on everyone being an open book 24/7…I respect privacy and we need to exercise that right a little more often…the world doesn't care!!!

  151. John Scarberry

    Nathan Hyland you are pure evil, you need to be in the data base!!

  152. Thalia Radey

    Elaine – please remember that unless you are a White, Christian Male you too are a member of a "minority" that had to work hard to be treated equally, to have the right to vote, to not be considered the property of their husbands and fathers, to have the right to have custody of their own children, to own property. People are people and everyone deserves the same rights, period. Two consenting adults that want to love one another and have the right to share that love publicly and have the same protections that marriage offers heterosexual couples is not too much to ask for, but minorities-all minorities have had to fight for their right to be treated as equally as the "majority"–you know the white Christian male.

  153. Trace Thuma

    What a hypocrite as a black person whose fellow brothers and sisters had to deal with discrimination. And sexuality has nothing to do with morality. It is a human and animal condition. And your nomadic bible says nothing about sexuality, only prostitution and property.

  154. James Mattson

    Have you seen any animal species (of either sex) take a potato, pump it with chemicals, slice it, fry it in fat, and sell it en masse to millions of their own? NO! NO ANIMALS DO! IT'S AGAINST THE LAWS OF NATURE! Why does society want us to apologize for people making choices that are against nature? Stop making excuses for people who CHOOSE to EAT FRENCH FRIES. Eating french fries is un-natural and I am not going to apologize for the negative consequences that comes along with that lifestyle. I am not sorry for any human being who chooses to eat french fries, curly or otherwise. I am not ashamed that french fries are not in my diet and I am not going to apologize for it.

  155. Ruben Brown

    No ignorance from people like you Pete are what we don't need, it's hate and you know it. You just might be ashamed of your own sexuality stuck in the closet.

  156. Earl Ray Shelton

    It is funny how people that say that are being bullied and mistreated are so quick to bully and mistreat others. Sara Stanford
    has a right to her own beliefs without people calling her names.
    The same people that don't want to be called fag got call her names and the mods do nothing. There is no news for calling her anything wrong.

    This society is mess up and there are a lot of hypocrites who cry wolf but are really the wolves in sheep clothing.

    I believe in God, Jesus and, the Holy Spirit and I understand everyone will not believe this but they have free will.

    In this society, the free will God have given us seems to be take away by people who have other beliefs and control the media.

    If you want to do certain things, that is your choice but to take that choice away from another person is wrong.
    Having a bias opinion does not make it fact.

    Also if you are going to quote bible be careful to complete the right verse and take account everything in context.

    Also don't pretend to think you are holier than God.

    Newsflash you are not.

  157. Ruben Brown

    Culliver looks like a queen himself. He just might be trying to cover himself up by acting hard.

  158. Earl Ray Shelton

    not all of them said LGBT and it was many people saying varies things at different times. Also now that this have become a circus, I am sure they want no part of it.

  159. Brett Forrester

    Nathan Hyland, your a joke! Anyone that thinks the way you do will surely find nothing in the very near future of life. Infact, I know for a fact that you are a insecure baby that can't even figure out what is the truth and what is a lie. I would normaly not post on something such as this, but your comments about my woman or any moman for that matter makes me sick! My Centerfold of a woman would laugh, infact she is right here now laughing in your pathetic face. Not to worry Brian or anyone that was taken back by this punkass puke. If you know letters bungholliow – Nathan> GFYS!

  160. Earl Ray Shelton

    some people are confused arguing with them is kind of pointless. Not everyone eyes are opened some are in their own world and want others to support that that world is real when it is not

  161. Garry Thomas


  162. Brett Forrester

    Ok, and for the final words- The God of this world is Satan and you are about to meet him. All the Sheep out there who think that this world is not going to be judged are gravely mistaken. We are about to witness the most scary for sum and thankful for others, event in human history. To all the outspoken Gay and Lesbians out there who think that, like the communists, we are animals, you are very very wrong. We have minds and must think and act according to many things in this life and one of those things happens to be the bible. If you are a muslum and think you can get away with being gay, Iran has ropes for you to hang from. You must repent and as for forgiveness or just wait and pull the slot machine lever again tomorrow and see what happens. What a joke, a very sad joke. Remember, Satan hates you!

  163. Lesley DeCant Casey

    Hate, hate, hate by all parties!!! What separates humans from animals is to make choices that are culturally acceptable. I think this constant talked about sexuality is disgusting and goes against every moray that a civilized society lives by…I don't care who you love, how you do it, or if u chose or are born that way…keep it between you & your partner!!! Somehow you are more enlightened if you scream from the rooftops your gay? No, you have an agenda & want to vilify anyone who doesn't want to talk about it or if they disagree with your stance! You are NOT a kin to the civil rights movement because you can't hide black but your bedroom IS YOUR BUSINESS & u chose to scream I am gay, MLK never screamed he was black & he was peaceful & only wanted equality as a human! The gay militants want to destroy everything this country holds dear $ that's wrong no matter what brush u paint it with!!

  164. James Mattson

    Please note: Ms. Stanford stated, in her original post, that "when speaking consciously people tend to focus on the irrational". Does this mean that we suddenly become rational when unconscious? And since Ms. Stanford seems hell-bent on discussing rational, NATURAL modes of sexuality, can we safely assume she's unconscious? What a world! I'm blown away. But not really. I have this sneaking suspicion that Ms. Stanford is very stupid, conscious or not.

  165. Wally Wantuck

    Satorie, homosexuality it TOTALLY normal. It is nature's own form of population control. If everybody on Earth was hetero, we would've overpopulated ourselves out of existance a longtime ago!

  166. Josh Robinson

    I don't think Culliver "hates" gay people. Guy is 20 something and on the spot and fucked up. Nobody is allowed to be human anymore? How about we accept he said something stupid and regrets being a dumbass. Kinda like Nathan with his profile pic… I mean by all means bro flaunt it. But the flex is super lame bro. Just sayin…

  167. Wally Wantuck

    Also read what it says about eating shellfish and wearing mixed fabrics. If you're going to take part of the Bible literally, than you have to take the whole book lterally.

  168. Wally Wantuck

    If you do not accept equal rights for gays, then you can't call yourself socially liberal. Do you think it's ok for gay teens to commit suicide because they are ridiculed and assaulted, and often rejected by their own families? Showing that thre are many other gays and lesbians living happy productive lives, and that there are many who do accept them shows troubled gay teens that indeed, it does get better.

  169. Zing Om

    Yes homosexuality exists in the animal kingdom. And nature appriciates the fact that certain people within the gene pool dont reproduce…..if everyone reproduced, there would come a time when the species would go extinct. Therefore nature/God created homosexuality.

  170. Wally Wantuck

    Thanks Daphne, you're right. If the world population should ever need a boost to save it from extinction, I'm sure the gay men and women will step up to the task and do their duty!

  171. Anonymous

    ain't Chris culliver gay I looked it and is said he was seen with gay guys sounds like closet case at least until he retires like the rest of pros do and then they come out.

  172. Zing Om

    God created homosexuality! just as he created heterosexuality….both play a vital role in the drama of creation.

  173. Mike Masters

    BRIAN BOLEY I don't HATE SODOMITES I just think HOMOSEXUALS are IMMORAL & UNNATURAL. I don't believe anyone is born HOMOSEXUAL & it is not naturally found in nature. So you godless homosexual lovers are INTOLERANT & HATEFUL of anyone that thinks as I do Where is all your COMPASSION & TOLERANCE???

  174. Wally Wantuck

    There's a line from "Boys in the Band" that applies to Shatore: "That type refuses to understand that which they do not wish to accept. They reject certain facts."

  175. Mike Masters

    I am tire of having HOMOSEXUALITY STUFFED DOWN MY THROAT. You godless HOMOSEXUALS won't even call lyourselves HOMOSEXUALS or SODOMITES. Why? Are you embarrassed & got to cover it up with the word GAY?

  176. Mike Masters

    All godless immoral demented peverted HOMOSEXUALs & SUPPORTERS are the most HATEFUL INTOLERANT BULLYING TERRORISTS shoving this PERVERTED & DEMENTED lifestyle down everyones throat. You TERRORISE & INTIMIDATE those that JUST DISAGREE. YOU ALL ARE SICK.

  177. Mike Masters

    ALL businesses in San FranSISSYco have to hire a % of homos. How many homos are on the 9ers & who are they? Out them closet 9er homos?

  178. Kaerla Fellows

    If nothing else, the ad should have been kept on the It Gets Better site to show that not every player on the team is a hypocritical, hateful, ignorant, small-souled, mean-minded, only interested in the money creep. The ad should also have been kept up on the site as a reminder to Brooks and Sopoaga that they need to pay attention, research, make sure they understand and agree with projects before agreeing to lend their images to said project. Finally, the ad should be kept up on the site because it's an important ad. San Francisco is important in the LGBT mythos and having our sports teams represented on the It Gets Better site carries a lot of weight. I can't help but feel – whether I'm right or wrong about this – that taking the 49ers' video down is kind of a slap in the face to everyone in and around San Francisco who is part of or at least supports the It Gets Better project and what it stands for. Don't punish San Franciscans for the idiocy of 3 members of a sports team. Let us have our voice, and put the video back up. Let the 49ers management deal with the players.

  179. Jack Duplex

    Homosexual activity is an abomination toward God and is condemned throughout the Holy Bible. Homosexual activity is equated at the same level as humans having sex with animals. God has never tolerated perverted sexual behavior in humans. One may beseech the Lord for forgiveness however they are still held accountable, especially if the behavior continues. Life on earth is short compared to where you will spend eternity.

  180. Mike Masters

    It sounds like HOMOSEXUALS & their supporters are THE MOST CLOSED MINDED INTOLERANT HATEFUL & INTIMIDATING people on Earth. I won't cave to their NAME CALLING, INTIMIDATION & TERRORIST tactics

  181. Robbie Cruz

    nice name shatorie! what ape birthed you? while your learning how to peel the banana the rest of the "humans" are evolving. Shocking right? see those projects you live in? i'm sure homosexuals probably designed it so be grateful!

  182. Mike Masters

    Tommy Jamerson You sound like an INTOLERANT HATEFUL IMMORAL CLOSED MINDED HYPOCRITE that can't back up your falacious accusations so youi INTIMIDATE & NAME CALL. I am president of HOMOPHOBES INTERNATIONAL. HOMOPHOBE=anyone with the balls to not cave into HOMOSEXUAL intimidation bullying & terrorism.

  183. Chad Collins

    you have got to be kidding me with that statement. So if I say I dont like the color black, that secretly means I like it?

  184. Bianca Simone Brown

    It doesn't follow that every person who believes homosexuals should be treated equally is intolerant and hateful, Mike Masters. I feel that everything comes with a price, and that includes spreading hate and intolerance, judging others, and proclaiming that whatever life path I take is the right one, or any life I accept and respect is even preferential. I hope for your sake, Mike, that you learn to open your mind and heart to others who feel and believe differently than you. You're missing out on growing as a person. Brian Boley, I'm confused as to why you even referenced Nathan in a negative way; I think he looks great, plus he's just sharing his opinion.

  185. Anonymous

    Shatorie Stanford "Have you ever seen any animal species of the same sex reproduce? NO! Lions, Tigers and Bears do not engage in same sex acts to reproduce. NO ANIMALS DO!" You just shot down your own point, your saying that all the animals that practice homosexual acts are not doing it ignorantly trying to reproduce, they engage in samesex acts because they simply like it…lol And there are many animal species that practice homosexual pair-bonding etc. And no one asked you to apologize for being straight, so don't I think you were the emotional one :) I'm not an activist, I just hate faulty logic. lol

  186. Cody Barfuss

    Okay I don't understand why all you people are going off about how being gay is wrong just because they can not reproduce. Who gives a rat's ass anyway? We have an overpopulation problem anyway! What if there being more gay people is the natural way for the human race to become smaller so we don't overpopulate the earth and destroy it's resources and environments? And what about old women who went through menopause? They can't reproduce anymore so clearly they are going against nature and we shouldn't put up with it anymore. Should be get rid of all the old ladies in the world just because they can't have children. If your answer is no then you are being a hypocrite. A big one. Also what about people who are born sterile. Most people are born xx (female) or xy (male) and these people can reproduce. There are some people though that are born with xxx or xxy (Klinefelter syndrome) for example and can not have children. Did these people choose to be born sterile? Are you against them adopting? Some of you guys are extremely close minded and against gays adopting and I don't see why. If us straight couples aren't going to take care of the baby we created then why can't some couple who wants to and will love the child do it? Think about it. Who would the child be better off with? As an abortion because the mother doesn't want it or in a foster home because no one wants the kid besides a gay couple who would love that child to death but your close mindedness has made it really hard for gay couples to adopt. To me the answer is clear.

  187. Bob Heidbrink

    Carol McGaughey (angry frustrated lifestyle person obviously) that would be a typical comment coming from you and yours. However your comment that homosexuality is not a choice, implying that you are born with it it or forced on you with no choice or lifetyle conditioning involved, is just a bunch of bull crap rationalization and you know it!! Perhaps a small percentage are born abnormal (and yes I chose that word), due to some strange genetic "misfiring". If not why is 98% of the world hetrosexual (the way god intended)??? A very high percentage of LGBT's are clearly life style "choices". What is the point of your saying "most animals are not monogamous?? WTF neither are humans gay straight or what ever. OBTW Shatorie said animals do not engage in same sex acts to "reproduce" duh! That said I wish you and yours and everyone else in your world peace and happiness.

  188. Vishal Persaud

    Shatorie Stanford So do you think that every man who sinks his dick into you wants to have a baby? Do you think that most men and women alive in the world today have sex to reproduce? I don't think the world has any problems making babies.

  189. Nicky Reissmann

    They support LGBT for the same reason the Susan B. Komen Foundation supports breast cancer and Krispy Kreme sells doughnuts. They saw a need and they filled it. Essentially, you're arguing that LGBT kids are getting too much help. The success of that program is saving lives of all kinds and opening doors for discussion about a lot of things. I understand you wish there was a group that was sending out the 'it gets better' message for everyone else, but they don't have to. They've already taken up a pretty big job. Maybe instead of arguing that this specific group should be doing more for everyone, you should hope that another group of people follow their lead.

  190. Martin Del Angel

    Haha I think it's funny when black people try to go against other individuals. You would think that black people would be the first to stand up for the minority seeing what they went through. So should woman who can't get pregnant stop having sex as well since they can't reproduce…same with men who are infertile. What about condoms? Should that be banned as well? It isn't natural to wrap it up is it? As I always say, GIRL BOO!!! :) Oh and by the way, if I "chose" to be this way, I chose about the age of 7 or so…before I knew what the penis was used for and back when I called genitals private parts. One thing I did choose was to come out when I was 20 years old (what a weight lifted that was!) But one thing I am positive of is that you're choosing to be a…well I won't say. No need for name calling 😉

  191. Erin Hannon

    "I"M GOING TO WRITE IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE I THINK I'M IMPORTANT… LA LA LA HOMOSEXUAL, BLAH, I HAVE BALLS!" – Mike Masters. :) Thanks for that mind blowing sentiment, Mr. Masters. :)

  192. Anonymous

    lol @ the San Francisco 49ers making the gay rights ad just sign your Obituary! lol your team is gay your city is gay! hahahaha! Gays are sick in the head.

  193. George Mosko III

    I don't hate gay people either I'm just tired of having their lifestyle mentioned. I certainly would feel uncomfortable as well with a gay man in my locker room. We are tired of being critized just because we speak against such a sinfull lifestyle…yea I know that word "sin" makes a lot of you nervous….sorry………………………

  194. Anonymous

    Gay people are disgusting, they are sick in the head they should be dealt with not promoted.

  195. Jaime Avila

    Nelson Woodruff . . . being a proud fag is bad social behavior . . it should be a crime but that would call for people to actually take the lips off there ass and bring them off the pedestal

  196. A.j. Meunier

    Carol McGaughey Actually a dog humping another dog does not make it gay. It means its not that smart. A dog will hump someones leg out of stupidity and the fact its horny. A dog will even hump a blanket but that does not make it a blanket lover. When you say you don't have a choice of who you love your saying nothing more than you are mindless and have no choice for yourself. We all have a choice. In life we decide what makes us happy and we stick with that. I'm so sick of the old, "well i was damned with the old gay gene, so looks like i was forced to be gay." I can respect any gay person who says I choose to be gay, but please don't make it sound like a disease. Everyone has the power to choose what they want in life. Not everyone has to accept it except the person involved.

  197. Jaime Avila

    it should be a crime but that would call for people to actually take the lips off there ass and bring them off the pedestal.

    Romans 1:32

  198. Chris Mccrellis-Mitchell

    For the record David Scott Cartledge, only Dante Whitner says anything about LGBT. The other guys players have lines that could possibly in their eyes only have to do with just traditional bullying. Either way, Culliver's comments shouldn't have been made, and he'll be chastised and looked at sideways by those who care, though there's always a chance for redemption. If you've ever watched Morgan (Super Size Me) Spurlock's 30 Days show, you'd see that people can be changed through education on a myriad of issues. Education and acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness. If you think being gay is wrong, just pray or think positive that that person's choice (natural or unnatural to you as it may seem) doesn't adversely affect them or others in the short and long term. Just like you would want people to hope you the best in life and not wish you health issues, money issues, family issues. Wish the same on them. If we were more positive towards each other, and not so negative about things we don't understand or like, we'd be a little better off as a society. I'm not saying people shouldn't have the right to an opinion. Just be open-minded enough to agree to disagree without cavorting to straight trashing of someone's character based on something that doesn't jive with your beliefs, upbringing, etc.

  199. A.j. Meunier

    And no I don't hate anyone; I just can't stand when people claim that they can't decide for themselves what they enjoy in life. That they have no control over what makes themselves happy. Be who you are and stand by it. Just my opinion. Like it or don't like it; I don't really care. Goodnight!

  200. Anonymous

    wait, you are against gay people, and you are commenting on how twisted society is? surely a joke right…?

  201. Kalanji Forever Young

    girl you going against nature by eating up every damn thing. try dieting before you try to talk shit about whats natural. stop making excuses for your unnatural gluttony BITCH!!!!

  202. Jerry Yniguez

    And your a lier to. And that's the truth. You can lie to yourself but don't speak for the rest of us. Oh one last thing. 10% are not gay. Check the gay marrige vote tallies with the poulation of California and 10% is not even in the room.

  203. Guys Against Duck Lips

    So you are saying its a disease? Can you show me the gene that caused this? I have no quarrel with anyone choosing who they want to be to make themselves. Just can't stand when people say that nature forced me to be this way. Grow some balls and be proud to be who you chose to be.

  204. Jerry Yniguez

    With you your whole point is about sex and nothing more. If you took out the sex part, you would be as empty as a vacuum tube. It's the truth!

  205. Dee Lopes

    Nathan, Your not in great shape buddy! Just FYI… I make you look like a little boy in comparison bro but i don't feel the need to show it off. You honestly look like some little fat kid who recently lost all his high school fat haha & now is starting to finally get laid. Here's some free advice, women like confident men, not poser douche bags who feel the need to pose with there shirts off after doing P90X and weight watchers for 3 years. We can see right thru you nathan. Get some help, counseling or what not. Before you reply to my message, remember, we all know where you work…

  206. Dee Lopes

    Nathan; checked out your profile. Your quite the chubby little fuck aren't ya! Hahaha… I feel bad for you, get your eyes checked fat boy. We laugh at fatties like you at my gym. Its sad bro. How old are you? Mid life crisis?? hahahahaha… Geez, i could just clown your fat ass all day. "i'm 245 of pure beef" or some gay shit like that, really, come on. Well your probably a good 19-23% body fat. Your chest lacks any definition and your flexing???? You probably took the pic after working out too which makes you even more pathetic man.

  207. Guys Against Duck Lips

    Because in some locations gay males think its okay to sexually harass straight men. Not all gay people are that way, but perhaps you can see why some give being gay a bad name. I don't think anything bad of anyone, but I do understand for the same reason guys get the bad image from girls because of how they were treated by a handful that they tend to assume all act in that way. To be honest after being treated very badly by people that were gay I learned to hate them. In time, I learned that all people can choose good or evil. I do my best to love everyone. I'm just saying that's where the assumption can come from. I do know several gay men who don't care who you are and what you like they will harass you sexually. Its just the handful giving the rest of the pod the bad name. I have friends who are gay and love them, i may not agree but i still love them.

  208. Dee Lopes

    Funny how many times you posted comments on this gay story don't you think?? Oh boy nathan, your quite the tool man.

  209. Guys Against Duck Lips

    To the people bashing Culliver, he stated his opinion and he should not have to be sorry for that. Forcing him to be different is bullying. If the man feels uncomfortable being in the shower with someone who is gay that's his business. I don't want to shower with gay men. Does that make me evil? Am I a bad person now because I posted this? I don't think so; I try to love everybody. That does not mean I have to feel comfortable with everything.

  210. Justin Benson

    For the most part I don't want my kids watching that bullshit or being exposed to it. Getting harder and harder for a kid to have a innocent childhood without exposing them to excess bs that they really shouldn't be worried about. damn shame having to explain to a kid why a person is gay before having the "sex" talk.

  211. Ambrose Bierce

    It doesn’t apply to men when it comes to gay rights. It is a male ego thing. Many men of a certain ethniticity will say they do not like men of another ethniticity dating women of their race. They are the first to dip their wicks in the other race. I don’t know why this is. However, it doesn’t mean they are gay. Mostly the guys who will come out of the closet are the most violent of the bunch. Most men who do not like men of the other race are the most violent of the bunch. It’s not always the silent ones.

  212. Ambrose Bierce

    It doesn’t apply to men when it comes to gay rights. It is a male ego thing. Many men of a certain ethniticity will say they do not like men of another ethniticity dating women of their race. They are the first to dip their wicks in the other race. I don’t know why this is. However, it doesn’t mean they are gay. Mostly the guys who will come out of the closet are the most violent of the bunch. Most men who do not like men of the other race are the most violent of the bunch. It’s not always the silent ones.

  213. Anonymous

    why do you address gay as "her"? are you married to a dude? lol you look like a pansy tootsieroll to me.

  214. Anonymous

    Hey you stupid gay Liberals it's right to hate gays! we don't like gays! so deal with it!

  215. David Friedman

    Mike Masters, if you do not wish to have homosexuality stuffed down your throat, then you should stay out of those rest area restrooms.

  216. Derek Anderson

    I've never seen other species post comments on the internet. Perhaps you should apologize for dis-obeying the laws of nature by posting your comment. I've also never seen other species adopt written constitutions, manufacture automobiles, create hospitals, go to church, or keep and bear arms. We have plenty of work to do (or more aptly, undo) to regress in conformity with your belief we should do what we see animals do because that is the law of nature.

  217. Derek Anderson

    I've never seen other species post comments on the internet. Perhaps you should apologize for dis-obeying the laws of nature by posting your comment. I've also never seen other species adopt written constitutions, manufacture automobiles, create hospitals, go to church, or keep and bear arms. We have plenty of work to do (or more aptly, undo) to regress in conformity with your belief we should do what we see animals do because that is the law of nature.

  218. Lyle Lafee

    This is getting out of hand, what the hell does being gay or straight, got to do with football. Straight people, just accept the fact there are gay's among us. Gay's you got the right to marry so get on with your live's, that all you are entitled to And to the people who report the new's guess what if this is all you got close your fuc—g doors.

  219. Anonymous

    Whatever, Nathan. You might have more credibility if you didn't hide your face, didn't turn at the perfect angle and put you arm by your side to hide your love handle. I don't know about your girl Brian Boley, but mine isn't into man boobs sucked in lower pot-bellies. I wonder…how many takes before you found the photo you liked the most Nathan?
    Look it's not about hating gay people. What most straight people want is to not have it thrown in their face at every turn……parades, gay billboards, commercials, etc. If it's no big deal why do gays constantly remind us of their gayness? They act like they are so persecuted. Like Nazis came in and rounded them up and put them into camps. If gays would just get over the fact that they are gay, maybe they wouldn't have to hear all the anti-gay comments. I swear half of them became gay just so they could feel like they were a part of something. Some people like to be connected by "oppression" I guess lol.
    Anyway for all you straight folks out there…just forget about their sexuality. Don't make comments, let them live their lives in peace, even if that means seeing them make out in public. Don't treat them differently as a person in the workplace or on the street and maybe…..JUST MAYBE…..we don't have to have their sexuality thrown in our face. Not all of them, but a good portion of gays obviously love the attention so don't give them more reasons, please. Because when you think about it, as long as it doesn't affect you it shouldn't really matter, and the more you bring it up, the more we have hear and see it.
    I don't like my kid seeing it either, but any good parent can educate their child. Not brainwash them, but give them all the information they need to make the proper decisions in life. And if he ended up gay, even though a small part of me would die because I'd like our family name to live on (biologically ,not an adopted child between two gay parents given the family name), hell I'd love him just the same.

  220. Brenda Taylor

    The ignorance in these comments makes me sad for humanity. The rights of all people should be honored. Whether gay or black or female or anything else. If you ever have felt discriminated against in any way, then you get it. If not, wait until discrimination finds you. Hate in any form should be wiped out, period.

  221. Anonymous

    Keep borrowing from China, feels real good to elect a cool black president who got elected by the skin of his teeth and color, not by his record. History wil tell!! BTW I'm for the good of the country, work hard and still believe America can get on track someday!

  222. Derek Anderson

    Steve Miller You make a good argument in general, but using pedophilia as an example of another "behavior" that society may be asked provide equal treatment to is misplaced. A pedophile engages in conduct that lacks consent, and has an imbalance of status and power. A better argument in reverse, is why do (insert denomination here) Christians have to hear about the behavior and beliefs of (insert denomination here)? Pretty soon we will have (insert denomination here) running for office.

    It surprises me greatly that the most important values most anti-gay individuals possess are their religious beliefs, and yet these same people are not attempting to restrict the religious freedom of others to believe, practice and behave contrary to their own beliefs. Lets say you are a Baptist and take the bible as God's word. The very first commandment is to have no other false Gods. Yet most Baptists would defend the right of other sects of Christians, other Jews, Muslims, Mormons, etc., to have their churches, be allowed to marry and procreate, and to be permitted to teach their children beliefs that the Baptist flatly rejects.

    How is it on the the most important value of all, honoring God and following his word, that a majority of religious people turn their backs on God's first commandment and permit false Gods to be not only praised, but to afford those that praise those false Gods legal protection against discrimination?

    Perhaps the founding fathers were onto something when they put religious freedom into the constitution. Perhaps they understood how people's "beliefs" could arouse passion and balkanize the country. Perhaps they understood that not everyone has to have the same set of beliefs, or act on impulses the same way, in order to be afforded the ability to pursue happiness.

  223. Anonymous

    Ok long story short imagine a football player comes out during his time in any nfl team. Now the moment he announces it a giant target just got marked on him. I'm pretty sure no athlete wants to get touched or groped by any other athlete who enjoys it so from the moment a gay nfl player comes out they beter have a stretcher near at all times.

  224. Anonymous

    Actually, I played Basketball for four years in High school and for 3 seasons in College. I was a point guard and my friend and teamate was a shooting guard/small forward. He went about 6'7 and 240lbs. He was openly gay. He came out in the 11th grade, not that anyone didn't already know ( or suspect it at least. We both got recruited by the same school. Signed on and played ball and lived in the same dorm together. NEver not once did I ever think yo myself. I hjope his gayness isnt contagious. Noone I know of ever had an issue with his sexuality in the locker room. We all joked with him openly and he joked right back. BTW he averaged 22pts, 11 rebounds and 3 blocks a game in high school, numbers dropped alittle in college, Was drafted into the NBA in the 4th rd. Never made a start and was out of the nba in 2 years. PLayed in the cba for a while and then in turkey for 8 years. I know very few people who would say something bad to this guys face.. Some people weren't raised to hate. Some of us have an education and can see the measure of a man by his character, not by his sexual orientaion or skin color. This man is also the godparent of all of my children.. Ignorance is alive and well.. You show it with your comments..

  225. Derek Anderson

    God actually made Adam. (Genesis 2) He placed Adam in the Garden of Eden, and thought Adam should not be alone, so "he made every beast in the field and every fowl in the air" (Gen 2). It was only after Adam did not find any of these beasts suitable, that God caused Adam to fall asleep so a rib could be removed to produce Eve. So even in the bible, God's first plan was not Adam and Eve, but Adam and beast or fowl.

    One can ponder why an omniscient God wouldn't simply make Adam and Eve together, knowing that man would reject beast and fowl as suitable mates, but he didn't.

    As far as being fruitful and multiplying, God did not create a city of Adams and Eves. He created just 1 Adam and 1 Eve, giving biblical approval to incest. All of the 1st generation of children of Adam and Eve would necessarily need to procreate with their brothers or sisters or Mom and Dad (depending on which biblical books you accept as Canon) in order for the species to survive.

  226. David Frank

    The mentality of their peers got to them. I thought the idea of them doing a "It Gets Better" video was great. They weren't pushing an "agenda", they were simply addressing an important issue. I'm gay, I've known since I was born there was something different about me. I'm not going to try to change who I am because religious zealots said God himself proclaimed it was an abomination. The Bible, God's word, only makes 3 or 4 vague references to homosexuality. Most Christians won't admit that Jesus, God's son and Earthly spokesman, was actually silent on the matter.

    People like reiterating the "It's not natural" and "It's an abomination" points because they themselves are uncomfortable with homosexuality. Even if God and Jesus themselves came down and told these same devout followers that being gay was ok, they wouldn't listen. I live smack dab in Baptist country, and how many of these same people do you think would give up their Mercedes SUV's or 60" HD TV's because some guy they supposedly believe in but have never actually seen told them to (Matthew 19:21)?

    A lot of things in life aren't natural-in vitro fertilization, vaccinations, cars, clothes, electric power, computers. People do a lot of unnatural things to themselves-drink, smoke, use drugs, pierce themselves, maim themselves horribly for the sake of gratification-where's all the people bitching about how unnatural those things are? LIFE is unnatural-deal with it.

    Just a couple of points I wanted to make. Feel free to disagree. I can cover my ears and go "La la la la" too :)

  227. Keta Price

    Agreed. Culliver is possibly unhappily living a lie, and made a comment out of his ass. How could you possibly feel such a way playing in an openly LGBT city. Something doesn't add up. And as far as the other two not being aware of the ad they were making…BUUULLLLLLLL! I know if I was a biig time Athlete making good money, I'd do everything to protect, therefore when I do ads and promos I would definitely take the initiative to make sure I OVERSTAND all the details first!

  228. Lynn Elwood

    As a christian, I don't hate gays I care about them Some would try to silence me altogether because I believe homosexuality is a sin Where is the tolerance in that?

  229. Bill Dinwiddie

    I like most sports. BUT, it is no wonder that when a sport turns into a showcase for image and greed, sexual immorality will soon raise its ugly face and proclaim itself as glamorous.

  230. Kelly Jostad

    Really? What if it was your kid that was gay? Knowing your views on this subject he /she is already doomed. God would love him/her as His own child buy would you?

  231. Anonymous

    Everyone is making this about whether or not homosexuality is right or wrong, but that wasn't the point of the ad. Who cares how you feel about homosexuality. The point was to STOP BULLYING the people who identify as homosexual. No arguments there. Just because you don't believe in IT DOESN'T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO TREAT THEM DIFFERENTLY. Remember people felt the same way about blacks? Same concept.

  232. Hank Wanky

    "The only people that hate gay people are gay people that don't want to accept their gayness…" Yeah, that's about right. I don't have to accept their gayness or yours. So go put a dick in your mouth and shut up.

  233. Danny Burage

    Nathan Hyland First, there is several things wrong with your comment. God CAN but he cannot. If God were to create a rock infinitely heavy, then it would also have to be infinitely large. WHERE would he lift it. God follows the laws of physics that he created in this realm. God will not create such a thing because he would be contradicting his own laws. God does not make contradictions. Your silly pre-school atheist argument has be debunked. Good day sir.

  234. Dave Leonard

    Nathan, what a load. First, just because someone feels homosexuality is wrong does not equate with those same people hating gays. This is America, where people are entitled to have an opinion, even if it differs from your own. We forget about that freedom here all the time. It seems lately, it is like Bush tried to tell people when they disagreed with him about the war, "If you are not for us, you are against us."

    This is NOT an either you hate gays or you love them issue. This is about a person's right to their own opinion. Feeling that homosexuality is wrong is NOT bullying, it is having an opinion. Going out and taunting, attacking, or otherwise assaulting LGBT is bullying. Let's be clear on definitions, and remember our Voltaire. "Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too." or even "…I detest what you write, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to write.''

  235. Ginny Tucker Cox

    God's Word says "Be fruitful and multiply" homosexuals cannot do that. It also says that "homosexuality is an abomination to HIM so why would He create something to HATE when He is LOVE? Read the story of Sodom and Gomoreah! It is a choice…mindset the devil gives you to be in opposition to the "natural"…then you reap what you sow…bullying suicide etc.
    I do have comapssion on these "confused" people but there is help and His name is JESUS! thank you

  236. Anonymous

    Sadly, looking through the majority of your comments, I've seen what people are really feeling about homosexuality. And I just want to add one thing: I'd like to start, first off, with the damn choice thing, cause I think straight people need to get that crazy, ridiculous idea out of their heads right now. Do you guys really think, after seeing all the horrible things most of you guys had to say, the bullying, the name-calling, the God hates gays, WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU THINK ANYONE WOULD POSSIBLY WANT TO CHOOSE THIS? I mean really. Why would anyone choose that? Gay or straight. Who really wants to go through life being treated this way. Who wants to go through life, being treated basically how the african americans were treated during the civil rights movement. I don't know if you straight guys know it, but YOU ACTUALLY HAD NO SAY IN WHAT SEXUAL ORIENTATION YOU ARE. Just like person can't choose their eye color, or even their skin color. These things are just not up to us. But hey, I'm beginning to see how this world can really be. First their discriminating against black people, now in the next generation, it's about the gay people. I'm sure in the next generations or so, it'll be something completely different. All I know is, when I meet my maker, I will tell him thank you.

  237. Danny McCray

    Shatorie: I am always truly amazed at black people who cast the hate stone in others direction given how hard your ancestors fought for equality! One would think if any demographic would have compassion for another minority groups struggles it would be black people however it appears still many of your people prefer to hate than tolerate. Thankfully not all black people feel as you do!

  238. Ottis Deen

    Mike Masters Preach on ! Im tired of it being pushed on me to ! they better understand that Im stright 8 and I push back very hard !

  239. Moral Idealogue

    I don't believe the compulsion to engage in same sex relations is a choice, however I would agree that it is without question a choice to act upon those desires. I've also read that the act of homosexuality is found throughout the animal kingdom, not for procreative reasons but for either misplaced sexual desire, think of a dog humping someone's leg, and/or to show dominance over another male. Female to female interaction amongst animals is probably the most rare, if at all documented in the wild. As far as the act being unnatural, I actually agree in the sense that there is one characteristic which binds all of life, which is an innate need and desire to propagate one's own species. Whether sexually or asexually all species do it and have an involuntary propensity to do so. Male and female share complementary reproductive organs not by mistake or sheer coincidence, but for a purpose which supercedes our personal feelings. A women may never want to have a child but her body doesn't agree with her wants. It still runs through a natural cycle in preparation of reproduction, it is her bodies "natural" function, whether she likes it or not, as with men. Of course you don't have to have sex for that reason alone, but it's function exist because of the need to propagate. Pleasure makes you want to continue doing it, the more you do it, the more chances you have of getting pregnant, therefore pleasure is proceded by the need to produce life. But we're an advanced species, screw nature, we can trick it, swallow pills to throw off our cycles, or wear protective shields to keep it from happening, all this is done because we know the act itself is a procreative one and of course due to excessive amount of partners we're also subject to viruses and diseases we now have to fend off. The act of homosexuality does not follow the systemic order of things, a man produces sperm, why? To fertalize an egg, where is this egg found? In a woman, not in another man, you can say that the desire is a procreative one which is misplaced. Is this an "immoral" act? You'd have to concede that objective morality exists first before addressing that question. I think it is an act which does not fully utilize the function of our reproductive organs by default.

  240. Victoria Baptist Bellamy

    I am not homophobic. People have a right to their choices. Having homosexual tendencies from birth is real. Because of the imperfections man inherited from their first human parents, physical and mental abnormalities are very real. Sorry to offend others, but the reality is that nature and science (and the Bible) does teach us that man was made for woman and woman for man. The very make-up of our bodies also teach us that. The choice comes in play because we all have a choice in how we act even when our feelings and desires, no matter how strong they are, lead us in a certain direction. It's just easier to give in when we say 'we were born that way,' thereby presumably removing responsibility and accountability from ourselves. There are some who have homosexual tendencies that choose not to act on it for whatever reason. Unfortunately for many heterosexuals, they do not recognize that the Bible places fornication, adultery, etc. on the same level as 'men kept for unnatural purpose and men who lie with men.'- 1 Cor 6:9-10 It also shows that people can change. Conversely, there are those that are attracted to children who make the same argument. It's all about choice and free will. You can give in to your imperfect nature (by Bible standards) or not. At any rate, Christ was clear on this point: "Stop judging that YOU may not be judged…." Matt 7:1

  241. Gerald Thomas

    Nathan Hyland – It's a shirtless picture, but who is it? You claim it's you, but it's just as likely you are the "before" picture in the bodybuilding ads. ANYONE can find a photo like this online and claim it's them. Guys like you are so insecure about their own sexuality – you have to do all this macho posturing because you are so afraid of being labeled queer. You spend all this time sweating in the gym – pumping iron with other guys,spotting another guy on the bench, watching each other flex, measuring each other's biceps, smacking each other on the ass on the football field, snapping towels in the locker room, showering together…. You get drunk on the hunting trip and see who falls asleep first….

  242. Victoria Baptist Bellamy

    Nathan Hyland God is not okay with any of that, neither was Lot. His daughters orchestrated that because after getting him drunk. The laws given were to bring some order to the actions that were already in practice and eventually to put an end to those not in accord with God's standardsl, which included that a man must not sleep with his daughter or other relatives. The purpose of the Law of Moses was to introduce God's standards into human society using one nation as a example to the rest of us.

  243. Victoria Baptist Bellamy

    John Staggs I agree that many modern day Bibles translators have changed the Bible. The most offensive is removing God's name Jehovah (the English translation) from his own book. However, there are many Bibles that follow closely the original manuscripts. I generally use about three different translations of the Bible to be sure.

  244. Moral Idealogue

    Nathan Hyland I don't understand the conclusion of your rock question. How does God not being able to create a rock so heavy he couldn't lift make him not God? Are you trying to assert God's ominpotence is illogical, if so, how do you define omnipotence? I assume you believe your definition is congruent with those that espouse theism, more specifically Judeo-Christian theists, but if that were so then your conclusion would not follow.
    Omnipotence in a Jewish and Christian frame work when it is spoken of God is that "God can do anything that's possible according to his nature." God cannot perform logical absurdities; he can't, for instance, make 1+1=3. Likewise, God cannot make a being greater than himself because he is, by definition, the greates possible being. God is limited in his actions to his nature. (Read Norman Geisler, Richard Swinburne or even Thomas Aquinas on the issue of The omnipotence paradox). So God is limited by his own nature. If God's nature is to only speak truth then he cannot lie, does that make him not God? No, it just means he cannot lie. Can God create a stone so heavy he can't lift, no, why? Because he cannot do something which contradicts his own nature. Not to mention the question, although making grammatical sense, has no intelligible meaning.
    You're ultimately asking is God capable of being incapable, If God is capable of being incapable, it means that He is incapable, because He has the potential to not be able to do something. Conversely, if God is incapable of being incapable, then the two inabilities cancel each other out, making God have the capability to do something. I know that's a bit confusing but it is a coherent observation if you actually think it through. Another not-so-well-thought-out question you could've asked is "if God can do anything and he's eternal, can he kill himself?"
    Just because a incoherent question sounds deep doesn't make it so, it just makes it illogcal.

  245. Gerald Thomas

    Shatorie – You should be proud to be a heterosexual; I am proud to be straight also. However, you are dead wrong when saying animals don't engage in homosex. I will argue to the contrary and back it up with facts – you are the one reacting out of emotion. You have no facts or logic to back your "argument" Homosexuals cannot reproduce …. ANYTHING? What – they can't use a photocopier? I know a number of gays who've had children. Most straight sex is not for reproduction. Do you have sex only for reproduction? Male anal intercourse occurs in orangutans, bonobo chimps, rhesus monkeys, bison, and bighorn sheep. Same sex pairs may raise young, especially in birds. Female Bonobo chimps have lesbian sex. This isn't gay propaganda. It's been observed by qualified researchers many times in the wild. You can search for yourself online (I know you wont, as your mind is tightly closed). You know similar arguments have been made about race mixing, but perhaps you are too young to remember. I'm an old white guy who grew up in Mississippi from the 50s to the 70s. The argument was that you couldn't have black and white kids going to school together – would be disruptive, white girls were going to be gang raped in the classroom, the sky would fall, the communists would take over, etc. Same argument made earlier by the Military – disrupts unit cohesion, blacks didn't have the courage under fire, they weren't smart enough, ad nauseum. I don't seek to change a mind that has rusted shut. I do want to give accurate facts on the matter at hand for those who CAN make up their own minds instead of marching in lockstep with the past

  246. Kiaannaa Marie

    Wally, you do not hold the requirements for who is deemed "socially liberal". It is sad to see anyone commit suicide. They are ridiculed in great part because the gay movement is so in your face. It is obnoxious. When you try to push something that is not natural, you should expect a push back.

    I am sick of this crazy arguement that being gay is the same as a race or gender. Gays cannot procreate. This is nature telling you it is not normal Not my opinion but rather science. What is wrong with being with the oposite sex like we are supposed to? If you have some alternative desires, fine. Do it in the privacy of your home. This is your poragative as long as you are not hurting others. Imposing this gay agenda on society is hurting the society. If everyone was gay, our race woud become extinct.

    Let me please hear your defense to that…

  247. Moral Idealogue

    Is it possible that someone can hold the belief that the act of homosexuality poses potential health issues, so much so that they believe it should not be practiced nor promoted, not because of hate but of love? To make the question more clear, if I believe that smoking cigarettes could potentially kill someone by putting them in a greater position to get lung cancer than those who do not smoke, is it a matter of hatred that I disagree with the promotion of smoking? "IF" it is true that engaging in such activity does put you at greater risk for ill-health then wouldn't it be less loving to promote the activity?

  248. Brenda Wooten

    Hey David, perhaps you give them too much credit…they ARE football players…perhaps they didn't UNDERSTAND the pretty letters and just read from a prompter what their handlers told them to read like "good little puppets" cuz "this'll be good for your career, don't worry about it, it's a PSA i don't know..bullying i think, just do it"

  249. Brenda Wooten

    actually shatorie, there are MANY documented cases of homosexual activity between animals hon. perhaps you should research before you make such bold emotional statements…i say emotional because it definitely is NOT factual

  250. Jack Casarez

    Well put! Culliver is a coward for apologizing for being honest about how he feels. I personally do not condemn gays, however I am very opposed of gays trying to force people to accept them. Obama was elected the first "black" president because he did not take the usual black path of pulling the race card and throwing a fit about how blacks are not treated as equals. He simply assumed he was an equal and went about his business as if race has nothing to do with anything. If gays would just be gay, stop flaunting their lifestyles in the manner they do, and stop going on the warpath everytime someone is honest, more people would accept them sooner. The fact is a huge number of people who claim to support gays truly do not, however they claim to support them simply because there could be repurcussions for them that could affect their careers and futures. It is very sad that people cant be honest these days.

  251. Brenda Wooten

    it still amazes me to no end how people feel threatened by what total strangers do in their own bedrooms. psychologically it makes me wonder what they are really afraid of. maybe too many glances at the gym? worried about those fantasies you engage in when your girlfriend isn't home? the "bi" porn you watch so in case anyone catches you there's at least a woman in there somewhere…lol typical ignorant, scared men

  252. Gerald Thomas

    Interesting attitude, John. I'm an atheist and I agree with you about the bible. Some pretty good stories (some of them verging on pornographic), a bit of good advice, the odd cautionary tale, but it's been endlessly reworked, distorted, and fabricated. Today's bible bears no resemblance to the original, which didn't even exist until about the 5th century AD. Marshall – you and I appear to be about the same age, I was raised in the South, in the 1st Baptist church, I recited the Beattitudes, and am proudly straight. Your attitude is most un-Christian. Pray the gay gay, huh? I suggest you do so if you think that will make you feel better.

  253. Gerald Thomas

    Gary Thomas -Judge not, lest ye be judged. Was unaware that the bible REQUIRED you to multiply. Despite your statement you DO have a problem with gays. I'm a straight guy who had a vasectomy in 1982 because I Don't Want Kids! Made tons of money photographing them; didn't want to spend tons of money raising them. Last Days? You don't remember that the world ended in 2001? The bible "said" it would happen. The millennium referred to in the bible was the 1st millennium (the year 1000 AD). Oh, and WW II was supposed to be Armageddon. You bible thumpers are all so self righteous and sanctimonious. Don't you have anything better to do with your time? Could I have your address? I want to mail you a stone, as you are so eager to cast the first one? Can you stand before god and claim to be without sin , so that he may bless your action?

  254. Jan McNair

    WHO cares? And all of this talk of gays being a "bad inflience on society"? People do not CHOOSE to be the most hated segment of Society, do they? I wouldn't….and have some very very nice gay friends who would be herer for me in a New York second!

  255. Anonymous

    Once again, gays show their bigotry.things don't go their way and they get all was not even a commercial for gay is a newsflash for you bigots.yes it is 2013 but not everyone is gay.and everyone that is not gay is not hiding in the closet.not everyone supports gay marriage.anyone that does not agree with it is hateful bigots.bigotry is a intolerance to a different view point.non gays are entitled to their just as you are entitled to your opinion.i have gay friends but we don't discuss their lifestyle or their guys are doing the same thing your not asking straight people not to do.there is no school that educates don't want our view points shoved down our your throats, don't shove your yours to us.we are not forced to accept your lifestyle.

  256. Anonymous

    not everyone that does not like gay people is gay.normally people that defend gay people is gay

  257. Earl Ray Shelton

    You have trouble reading huh? The her that I am talking about is @Shatorie Stanford. If you read this in context you would never come to your conclusion but anyway.

  258. Lesley DeCant Casey

    My point is that a Super Bowl ad is millions of $$ & I think its horrible that this message won't be heard because of players fears that they will be ostracized in the NFL (which is sad and a whole other discussion regarding perception & people's close minded mentality IF you support an LGBT cause. I am in a very conservative area but worked for a multi-national corporation…it took YEARS for a LGBT network was formed (we had 8 other networks /clubs for asians, blacks, women, etc…) because people feared the stigma :(

    I grew up in Taft where a resent school shooting occurred & my brother was friends with the poor boy who hung himself in Tehachapi because of the bullying he received for being gay so this issue hits close to home for me. I am upset the ad is being pulled & if the issue was that it was aimed at LGBT, then I wish the promo would have either included other marginalized groups (short, fat, poor, gay, different) so the ad would be seen and it may touch 1 kid who is contemplating bringing a gun to school or harming themselves…I don't blame the focus on the non profit, my point was that the message is the key and if changing it got it on the air waves, it may have saved lives and it all makes me incredibly sad because I wish these fears and stereotypes would go away but until that day we need to save these marginalized kids :( thx for the post, I appreciate the work it gets better is doing :)

  259. Erin Hannon

    I'm sick of the Heterosexual agenda getting pushed on society. '

    How do you know being gay is a choice? I don't think anyone would chose to have so much backlash based on who they fall in love with and want to marry.

    I don't look at myself any differently than anyone else, I consider myself a human deserving of the same right to marry the one I love as any other human deserves.

    I also think it's perfectly okay to inform the public of the damages of "gay bashing" because there are very serious consequences for it, such as suicide.

    If you don't like hearing about the "gay agenda" during the Superbowl, think of the parents that lose their children every day due to suicide, I'm sure they aren't in the best mood on Christmas or their child's birthday. Have a little compassion and try to think before portraying yourself as a selfish being that doesn't want their lives interrupted by real world issues.

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