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Eating Champ Charged: El Wingador Gets Wings Clipped After Cocaine Arrest

Bill “El Wingador” Simmons, a former Wing Bowl eating champion, was indicted this week for distributing cocaine.

According to, the 51-year-old eating champ was charged with several counts of possession, manufacturing, and distributing cocaine.

Simmons, who won five Wing Bowl eating championships, was arrested on June 15. At the time of his arrest, El Wingador had more than $8,000 worth of cocaine and $4000 in cash in his possession.

Following his arrest, he told the judge that he was not a bad person.

Simmons said:

“I know I’m not a bad person … just a big dummy, and I’m asking not to be judged by this one thing.”

The Daily Mail reports that Simmons’ indictment comes on the eve of the annual Wing Bowl where Simmons once ate 162 wings in 32 minutes.

Wing Bowl founder Angelo Cataldi said that Simmons played a major part in making the annual eating contest a popular event, but, due to Simmons current legal situation, the Wing Bowl would be downplaying his championship eating skills.

Cataldi said:

“We all owe a debt to Bill for what he has done for our event … But I think for his benefit that his role be downplayed while he’s working things out with the courts.”

Here’s a video of El Wingador setting a meatball record.