Tickets For Charity

Taylor Swift, Usher, And Other Grammy Winners And Nominees Team Up With Tickets-For-Charity has teamed up with 2013 Grammy nominees and past Grammy winners from the past to raise money for more than 100 worthy charities.

Among the list of 2013 Grammy nominees and past winners participating in the charity program are The Black Keys, Carrie Underwood, Usher, John Legend, Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, Eric Church, Matchbox Twenty, Linkin Park, Widesspread Panic, Zac Brown, Toby Keith, James Taylor, Katy Perry, and James Taylor.

Here is how the Tickets-for-Charity program works:

“Fans are able to buy the best seats to concerts in every city of the tour, pay the same or less than sold elsewhere, with a portion of the price going to charity — great seats to help great causes where everyone becomes a Fanlanthropist.

“Any fan can shop at and buy premium tickets — only email sign-up required to become a Fanlanthropist. The ticket prices are the same or less than sold elsewhere — but seats are always in the first several rows so fans can finally get to see their favorite performing artists and bands up-close! Additionally available are tickets for exclusive VIP events to meet the stars, bands and teams!”

The charity takes money earned from ticket sales and splits the proceeds between 110 charities that are selected by fans and the artists who support the program.

Using proprietary software, is able to show customers exactly how much money they spent on the concert and how much they can claim as a donation for tax purposes.

Visit the company’s website to receive a full list of participating music artists.