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Georgia Mom Gets Tased At Atlanta Metro Mall: Video Goes Viral

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A trip to the Atlanta Metro Mall results in a taser gun firing and gay slurs being hurled by toddlers. Two mommies of “out-of-control” children engaged in a confrontation with a security guard that turned violent. A video of the Georgia mall incident went viral.

Darren Long is a security guard at the inner-city Atlanta Metro Mall. Although nasty language flying out of the mouths of babes might be an extreme example of mall interactions, Long noted that he faces similar issues on a daily basis, The Blaze notes.

The mall security guard was attempting to keep some unruly children from going back inside the building when all the trouble began. Young children reportedly shouted gay slurs at Long, and the mothers got involved in the fuss. When he was apparently no longer willing to tolerate the escalating verbal and physical abuse, he used the taser gun on one of the women.

After the woman Atlanta Metro Mall mom dropped to the ground, a man who may have been the childrens’ dad tried to stage a fight with Long. The security guard kept the angry may in check by threatening to use the taser gun on him as well.

The Atlanta mall reportedly routinely plays host to shoplifting gangs, drug dealers, and folks selling stolen items. Darren Long had this to say about the troubles he faces during his mall work shift:

“I’m always outnumbered, that’s why I have the video camera. I’m always concerned with my safety, but no to the point where I won’t act.”

Darren Long’s Atlanta Metro Mall videos are reportedly posted online frequently. Are you ever concerned for your safety when browsing at the local mall?

WARNING: Videos contain graphic language.

[Image via a video screenshot]

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11 Responses to “Georgia Mom Gets Tased At Atlanta Metro Mall: Video Goes Viral”

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