'God' Receipt Waitress Fired

‘God’ Receipt Waitress Fired, Tells All On Reddit

A scandal this week culminating in the “God” receipt waitress being fired from Applebee’s has captivated (and predictably divided) the sanctimonious hordes on social media, with most appalled at the woman known as Chelsea’s work fate — but a few suggesting the worker should not have posted the controversial image online, thusly deserving her termination.

The “God” receipt waitress is also known as Reddit user gateflan, and, to her credit in the aftermath, she has not deleted her account — instead using it to update users and the media of developments in the case. (Normally and unfortunately in circumstances like these, the unwitting viral star is forced to pull a “scorched Earth” on their social media life, which as it becomes more interlinked with our daily lives, often means the loss of irreplaceable contacts and content, often due to a situation out of their control.)

But the “God” receipt waitress has posted several Reddit updates, even in the last few hours. And as calls for an Applebee’s boycott heat up on Twitter, Chelsea explained 19 hours ago that she is grateful for the amount of interest in her plight — but that the situation has also gotten a bit out of hand.

She says:

“I would like to stress that this was not my table, and I was not the server that missed out on the tip. I represented myself as the server and I purposely described the note writer incorrectly so that everyone would have the right to their privacy. I wanted to protect the identity of everyone involved, and just make a joke on reddit. I never thought this would get personal, let alone popular. However, this person has since decided come forward here and you can read all about that there … While I appreciate the offers of money to make up for the tip, I am not the person who lost the money.”

Not long after, the “God” receipt waitress replied in video form:

Chelsea also reassures concerned internet citizens that the waitress who was actually stiffed by Alois Bell retained her job, saying:

“Yes she did [not get fired from Applebee’s.] I made it very clear that while I could see their reasoning for my firing, firing anyone else would be a highly unprofessional move on their part. To the best of my knowledge no one else involved has been terminated.”

Another user posted a “God” waitress-inspired receipt, below, for which Chelsea thanked him or her:

i give god 10 why do you get 18

Finally, in response to the removal of Alois Bell’s personal information, the “God” receipt waitress replies:

“I think the decision you made as the moderator to remove the post was a good one. I didn’t know things would get so out of hand.”

Do you think Applebee’s was right to fire the “God” receipt waitress?