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CNN To Ann Curry: No Deal [Report]

Ann Curry

Ann Curry will not be getting a prime time gig on CNN according to several news outlets, and she may have to “settle” for continuing to collect a huge paycheck from NBC News for the remainder of her contract.

The conventional wisdom had it that new CNN honcho Jeff Zucker couldn’t wait to put her in the anchor chair on that network in some capacity but that apparently is an incorrect assumption.

According to London’s Daily Mail, the Ann Curry-to-CNN move simply isn’t happening:

“However, a source told MailOnline confirmed that while new CNN boss Jeff Zucker is a fan — he does not want to hire her, adding: ‘Jeff won’t pay $10 million for Ann. There is a lot of resentment now at NBC that she had her moment, she had her pity party — but she’s taken things too far’ …

“The source added: ‘Jeff is a fan, but there is no anchor role for Ann at CNN, there’s nowhere for her to go and she’s much too expensive.’ “

TMZ sources provided similar confirmation that Ann Curry is not going to CNN anytime soon:

“Well-connected network sources tell us … reports that Zucker is courting Curry to be the next CNN star couldn’t be further from the truth. Fact is, Zucker doesn’t believe Curry is the answer to CNN’s problems and is continuing the search elsewhere.”

The TMZ source insisted that Curry can’t carry a prime time broadcast and that may be why Zucker is allegedly not interested.

Last week, a report emerged that NBC News suits won’t allow Ann Curry to conduct live interviews and that all her on-air reporting must be prerecorded.

Do you think NBC News correspondent Ann Curry has been throwing herself a pity party after being ousted from the Today Show?

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10 Responses to “CNN To Ann Curry: No Deal [Report]”

  1. Anonymous

    I think NBC should put Ann Curry back on Dateline NBC as anchor. Ann did a good job on Today and Dateline.

  2. Bonnie Farmer Herdman

    I think NBC made a huge mistake in ousting her from the Today show which just continues to slide in the ratings. I heard on the evening news that Steve Capus has resigned, wonder why that happened…….could it be from the very unwise decision to get rid of Ann?

  3. Alicia Cusinga

    We still miss her terrible. I myself can not watch a whole episode of the today show. Is a pity for all of us. The new girl is so phony.

  4. Bobbie Nakamura

    CNN/Other Networks: Never render false hopes; it is misleading and not honest!
    Capus' resignation is a result of KARMA, although he will deny it, for his devious and ill mannered way he dismissed Ann Curry! Bell is already gone! Therefore, it behooves Lauer and others who were involved w/the devious and negative debacle, and don't deny it, to make amends immediately w/Ann Curry and your viewers. Your viewers are your best and worst critics; listen to them! No one get away w/humiliating a Child of God, who merely did her job! Again, man may try to fool man but man cannot and will not fool God! Therefore, be honest and forthright in all of your dealing!
    OR continue to experience Karma not only individually but w/the Show and network itself!

  5. Kay Pool Cummings

    It looks like the Network is still blaming her for what they did. They are acting like little kids that don't want to admit that they have made a mistake. They are black balling her in payback for something. But what could she have done? I think whatever they are blaming her for does not exist. The ratings are falling and it is her fault? No one likes them and it is her fault? They look like idiots and it is her fault? Grow up and start treating her right. That is the only way out of this mess you have made.

  6. Janet Crowther

    I abandoned the Today show after watching for years as soon as Ann Curry was fired in such a humiliating manner. I now watch CBS this morning and just love it. However, I would watch Ann again if ever given the chance. May abandon all NBC news after all.

  7. Mary Ann Watt

    Ann Curry was the best of what was and I emphasize WAS the Today Show. I too abandoned NBC news top to bottom after her dismissal. Shame on you guys…. Look how they are treating Robin Roberts at ABC and take lessons. Don't know a great thing when you had it…

  8. Doris Chen

    NBC did a terrible, rude and injustice to Ann. Of course she deserves a pity party. NBC should just do the right thing of either letting her out of her contract without any retributions or just put her back on Dateline or Rock Center until her contract is finish. She did a wonderful job with those at least. Why blame everything on her as if all of NBC's failings are her fault? Somebody needs to do something at NBC or they are going to go even down in the "Nasty" scale.

  9. Anonymous

    Throwing herself a pity party? Ann is not allowed to say anything about the Today ousting. It's people who see through the NBC smoke screen who have come to her defense.

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