Lance Armstrong Sings Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ To Oprah [Video]

Either Lance Armstrong has just created the weirdest one-man tribute band of all time, or YouTube user Matthis Vlot is way too good at this video-editing malarkey.

Vlot, who seems to excel at these “supercut” videos, has just released his latest effort in which disgraced cyclist Armstrong stammers his way through Radiohead‘s 1992 hit “Creep”.

The result, viewable below, is hilarious and even oddly touching. Oprah’s interjection for one of the chorus lines is especially welcome.

Armstrong conducted a now-infamous sit-down interview with Oprah last month in which he confessed to doping his way to seven Tour de France victories.

Vlot saw that as an opportunity to slice and splice Armstrong’s words to a piece of classic miserablist rock, a decision I applaud him for.

“Creep” is probably the most famous of Radiohead’s weighty back catalogue and almost certainly the most commercially successful. It also neatly fits Lance Armstrong’s new role as victim in the mess he created.

Watch Armstrong explore his sense of teenage alienation in the clip below (which has swear words, sort of):