Jane Krakowski Crying

Jane Krakowski Couldn’t Stop Crying Over ’30 Rock’ Finale

Jane Krakowski said she couldn’t stop crying over the end of her hit sitcom 30 Rock as she said goodbye to her longtime character, Jenna Maroney.

The show came to an end on Thursday after a seven-season run, and fittingly it featured that cancellation of the show-within-a-show, the Saturday Night Live-styled sketch comedy The Girlie Show.

“It was a very tearful goodbye,” Jane Krakowsk said during a visit to the Today show. “It sort of didn’t set in as a reality until we got to the final episode. Then there were so many tears from the read-through on. I cried so much I became known as the John Boehner of 30 Rock. I could not stop crying.”

Jane Krakowski added that there would be more crying when the cast of 30 Rock met on Thursday night to watch the finale together.

“Tonight … for the series finale, we’re all going to get together and watch it together,” she said.

Unlike many other sitcoms, 30 Rock’s finale chose to unravel its characters rather than provide cut-and-dry closure, The Associated Press noted:

“This last yahoo of “30 Rock” after seven brilliant seasons took delight in tracking the unraveling of its characters as the show-within-the-show, “TGS,” came to an end with its own final broadcast. After that, of course, its producer, Liz Lemon (Tina Fey), its stars, Jenna Moroney and Tracy Jordan (Jane Krakowski and Tracy Morgan) and other members of the “TGS” staff will have to leave the cozy, kooky nest of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. The prospect of doing that terrifies them all.”

The comedy series was well-loved by fans and sparked many catch phrases and cultural references. Judging by reactions on the internet and from fans, Jane Krakowski isn’t the only one crying over 30 Rock‘s departure from television.