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Pot In KMart Store In Seattle Surprises Workers, Is This The Green Light Special?

pot in kmart store

Workers got a sticky icky surprise in Seattle, where pot in a KMart store delivery prompted the question — is this some sort of move to entice shoppers back into KMart, or are Washington State’s new pot laws just that permissive?

Neither, it turns out, as the pot in the KMart store on North Aurora Avenue was traced back to what appears to be a mis-shipment. The accidental bust yielded 10 pounds of bud, cops confirm.

Police said the pot wound up at the KMart store after being shipped from Los Angeles (where marijuana is legal in some circumstances, under state but not federal law) to Philadelphia (where it is not legal under both state and federal law.)

But whoever shipped the dope listed a return address of the KMart in Seattle, which is how the store got the ganja shipment. Police spokesman Jonah Spagenthal-Lee said:

“Delivery information on the package indicates it was originally shipped from Los Angeles to a Philadelphia address, but never made it to its intended destination in Philly … Whoever sent the package listed the address of the Seattle Kmart on the return label, for some reason.”

Seattle Weekly adds:

“Kmart employees from the 132nd and Aurora Avenue N store had opened a box that was mysteriously delivered to their store only to discover the aforementioned treasure – 10 pounds of strangely wrapped ganja that was supposed to end up in Philadelphia.”

kmart black friday sales 2009

Interestingly, the fate of the pot in the KMart store would have been different had it happened a few days later. The location is one of the chain’s outlets set to close imminently, and will permanently shut its doors on Sunday.

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39 Responses to “Pot In KMart Store In Seattle Surprises Workers, Is This The Green Light Special?”

  1. Gavin Riegel

    So here you have a group of people who are set to lose their job by monday. Then 10 lbs of bud show up and they call the cops! Stupid, they could have either enjoyed unemployment a little better or could have sold some of that.

  2. Merilee Joy Patterson

    Smoke some and you will see blue lights…..come on Dave…..

  3. Brian Jensen


  4. Kimberly Barnett


  5. Jon Donham

    SO what you have is some dumbass who mailed a bunch of weed and used kmart as a dummy address and when the shit got intercepted they delivered it back to walmart trying to bust somebody , chances are the shipping address was a vacant house and the truer recipient was just supposed to check the vacant porch for the packaage.

  6. Mehul Patel

    How in the hell do you mis-ship 10lbs of pot? I bet that was UPS…I had few of them from UPS but never had thought about 10lbs of POT…if it was then it's non returnable…

  7. Nick D'Antico

    David…even if you have never smoked weed in your life or even seen it, there is a huge picture of weed under the headline. How does a person miss that reference?

  8. Nick D'Antico

    I kinda thought they did already in Washington. I'm confused why the cops got called. It seems to me that a bunch of people about to lose their jobs could use a little extra money in their pocket or something to smoke on Monday while they are home watching shitty daytime tv.

  9. Happy Bud

    Yoooo Kmart Cop Dudes, Sorry bout that….uhhh! Dudes…. I thought you said it was legal in Washington…my bag.
    Any chances you could just send it back? Seriously Dude…that was a lot of hard work?

  10. Thomas Henderson

    lmao when I ship weed to cal/wa st, I allways put a diffrent return address. This way if found by the wroung people wont fall back on me… But they allways get, not had one that said it did not come. PS Back to buffing^^ go WA ST.

  11. Deb Jackman

    Many years ago, my mom worked for K-Mart. She always came home really hyper–now I know why…

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