Preppers: Take A Look Inside The Life Of An American Prepping Couple [Interview]

The prepping movement continues to grow in America. The reasons thousands (perhaps more) households engage in preparedness activities are as varied as the people themselves. The popular Doomsday Preppers series is sometimes credited with attracting more folks into the “stock up and be ready” lifestyle.

Some preppers may not have truly realized they actually were preppers, until the label became a common phrase. Many Americans, particularly those who reside in rural areas, have always kept necessary items on hand. Items needed during weather-related emergencies or for hunting and personal protection are routinely found in many rural homes. Hundreds of thousands of American still live three mailboxes passed the dirt road at the end of a gravel street. Living in such beautiful yet remote surroundings, often prompts a more self-reliant mindset.

“Mr. and Mrs. Ppost” created, a popular Pinterest-style website for preppers. The couple shared what the life of a prepper is really like, with The Inquisitr.

IQ – Why did you and your wife decide to become preppers?

Mr. and Mrs. Ppost – The decision to become preppers wasn’t really a light bulb moment, in some respect we have always been preppers. There has always been an abundance of food and everyday necessities in the house. After all, you never know when someone is going to lose a job, get injured, or have a spur of the moment party for 60+ friends.

IQ – How did the change in habits impact your overall lifestyle?

Mr. and Mrs. Ppost – The prepper life style is not a new one to us, we grew up with parents and grandparents who always had yummy things in mason jars just waiting for the grandkids to show up, an established neighborhood clothing bank in the garage that seemed to never close, or a freezer full of enough goodies to open a small grocery.

IQ – How did you embark on prepping? Did you attend programs, search online for information, or join a prepping group?

Mr. and Mrs. Ppost – When we decided to get serious about prepping we started to do online research and found it very difficult to find revenant information. With the start of the Doomsday Preppers show, prepping info became more mainstream. Just like any other trending topic, information became very plentiful.

IQ – How do your prepping habits compare with those shown on the popular series, Doomsday Preppers?

Mr. and Mrs. Ppost – The people they feature on the shows are in some respects, shall we say, over the top. The idea that you have to have thousands of things stashed away in your basement or acres of veggies to be prepared is scary and not doable for most Americans. Would I like to have all that already done, of course. But in truth, to be a prepper is really about buying an extra can of soup or bag of rice each time you go to the store. The budget for prepping can be huge, you can order a year’s supply of food or budget small and set a goal of 3 months, then 6 months, then 1 year and so on.

IQ – Do your friends and family know you are preppers? Their reaction?

Mr. and Mrs. Ppost – Some of our relatives know what we do and some friends know. Are they prepping, no sadly they are not. Like most preppers, you are usually alone in your quest. So for that reason, we have set goals to be able to sustain 10 adults and 10 children for a year’s time. This will obviously change as we become better supplied. The best laid planners had better have a plan 1, plan 2, plan 3 – but life can change your best plans very quickly. So you don’t suffer, or have to allow loved ones to, do what all preppers do … make a list and check it twice. To quote the prepping theme, plan for the worst and believe for the best!

What do you think about being prepping for a man-made or natural disaster?

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