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Mark Grace Sentenced To Prison For DUI

Mark Grace has been sentenced to four months in prison for a DUI.

According to the Big League Stew, Grace was given the sentence after he got his second DUI within a 15 month span.

The former Chicago Cubs pitcher pleaded guilty on Thursday and was given a four month sentence.

According to USA Today, Grace will have to serve four months have work-release jail time and three years of probation. Grace will also have an Interlock device installed on his car and will not be allowed to leave the state without permission.

Fox Sports reports that Grace got off relatively light. He was facing up to four years in prison after he was arrested on four counts of aggravated DUI in August.

In addition to his court sentence, Grace also lost his job as a TV analyst with the Arizona Diamondbacks because of his DUI.

At the time, Grace said:

“They had no choice … One thing I try to teach my children and I expect from myself and I expected from my teammates is accountability. The Diamondbacks didn’t do anything wrong, I did…it’s all on me, nobody else.”

Grace’s prison sentence will begin on February 10.

Do you think Mark Grace’s prison sentence was fair?