Gay dog rescued

Elton The ‘Gay’ Dog Rescued From Certain Death In Tennessee

Jackson, TN – A Tennessee dog owner sent his pup to be euthanized because the dog was allegedly “gay.” Though the pup was scheduled to be put down at 1 pm today, he was rescued just in time.

The original story went like this: After seeing his male pit bull/American bulldog mix “humping” another male dog, the owner turned the pup over to the Jackson Rabies Control Animal Shelter because he didn’t want a “gay” dog. Jackson Rabies Control is a high-kill shelter, so, if you wanted your “gay” dog smote from the face of God’s green earth, that’d be the place to send him, according to The Huffington Post.

A Facebook campaign launched to save the “gay” dog from being euthanized, calling for the immediate intervention by a gay animal rights sympathizer in the area.

“This guy was signed over to RC, not bc he’s mean or bc he tears things up, but because … His owner says he’s gay! He hunched another male dog so his owner threw him away bc he refuses to have a “gay” dog! Even if that weren’t the most assinine thing I’ve ever heard, its still discrimination! Don’t let this gorgeous dog die bc his owner is ignorant of normal dog behavior! He’s in kennel 10L and he WILL be put down tomorrow bc there is no room at the inn!”

Horrible spelling and grammar aside, the Facebook campaign was a success, as the “gay” dog (oddly but deliciously named “Elton”) was adopted by a woman named Stephanie Fryns before he could be put down, who is affiliate with the animal rescue group Woof Connections. She announced her intention to adopt the dog on the Facebook page yesterday.

“I am adopting this big boy first thing in the morning,” she wrote. “He will be neutered/ htwm tested/ and vetted. He will be temperament tested and then places in a rescue verified and approved home.”

“[Elton] was pretty friendly so far,” she told ABC News. “He’s pretty scared of everything, which is understandable. But he loved the car ride.”

I don’t know why, but this story is as hilarious to me as it is touching. I’d quickly note that it’s only okay to laugh because the “gay” dog was saved, but, as someone who willingly migrated to Nashville, Tennessee to live, I’m endlessly entertained by the surreality of some of the stories coming from my state.

In any case, congratulations to Elton the “gay” dog and Stephanie Fryns, his savior. Also, props to the Facebook group for getting attention to the story. I’m very relieved to report that Elton was rescued after all.