New Man of Steel image

‘Man Of Steel’ Image Shows Amy Adams As Lois Lane With An iPad [Photo]

Like anything tied to Christopher Nolan, information regarding Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel Superman reboot isn’t easy to get. That’s why many media outlets are happily reporting with some reservation on the below image which apparently is our fist look at Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

In the black-and-white pic posted below, Amy Adams as Lois Lane has gotten a seemingly mixed response from online outlets. Even though Snyder’s adaptation is meant to update the Superman character and bring him into the 21st Century, MSN opined that “it’s still a bit jarring to see” the character of Lois Lane “looking chipper and intelligent and holding…an iPad?”

“Perhaps she likes ‘Angry Birds’?” they quip.

Indeed, the iPad has attracted the most interest and attention from Geek publications like Bleeding Cool, which wrote, “Of course, we saw Amy Adams in the trailer so this is hardly the big revelation but… er…here she has an iPad.”

Is the inclusion of the iPad really a big deal? Slashfilm writes “the new image doesn’t reveal much in the way of new plot detail, unless you were dying to know whether the Daily Planet is Team Mac or Team PC. (The former, it turns out).”

To me, the most striking thing about Amy Adams as Lois Lane is her hair. I know, I know, nerd alert, but the comic version of her has black hair. Not that her hair color matters all that much, but Adams looks more like teen Superman love interest Lana Lang than Lois Lane proper. I’m sure I’ll get over it.

Here’s the possible image of Amy Adams as Lois Lane, yes, holding an iPad.

Lois Lane with an iPad

Here’s the trailer for Man of Steel, which hits theaters June 14, 2013.